Help Lynda Thyer from persecution NOW!

You know someone, probably several people, with one of the many forms of cancer that have become rife in these end times. Cancer ‘research’ has become a colossal money-pit. Worthy, trusting people commit themselves to all sorts of taxing activities and lost time away from their families to raise more and more money for front organisations  stooges  energy launderers charities claiming to aid cancer-research charities. What if there is already a powerful safe remedy that has already saved thousands? What if this treatment’s success is exposing the lethal criminal activities infesting the cancer industry and many other similar creaming and depopulation activities set loose and protected by bent and possessed agents at every level?

“GcMAF is the body’s way of curing cancer; it was discovered in 1980; and the government, the MHRA and their predecessors have killed two million people, over 25 years by concealing GcMAF from the public. If put in the NHS now, GcMAF would save the lives of 120,000 people a year…and it is this Southwark court, and the MHRA that are preventing these people from having their lives saved.”
– David Noakes, in a statement after the court case brought to statutorily steal his assets that was cancelled at the last minute.


“Lynn Thyer fight for justice. Today’s guests are Aaron Johnston and David Noakes. Aaron Johnston is a truth seeker and spiritual healer who is passionate about fighting injustices and corruption within society. We discuss the Lyn Thyer case which David Noakes himself is involved with and relates to charges against both for alleged crimes which that of aren’t true. Lyn is currently in a UK jail after being kidnapped over a week ago and illegally held with her human rights taken from her. David and Lyn are linked with the cancer treatment GcMAF which has been hidden from the public for over 24 years and since then they have been persecuted and their lives have been made hell because they want to help cancer patients access life saving treatment on the NHS. With the corruption all around us we have no media coverage speaking out against the treatment that Lyn and David have been receiving and both await court on Thursday 8th August where they will try and extradite Lyn to a French jail unlawfully, based on trumped up charges using the European Arrest Warrant as a cover.”



Recently business man David Noakes was released from prison having served six months following his conviction on four charges relating to the manufacture, sale and supply of an unlicensed medicine.
(This article originally published on Republished in full with permission.)

Noakes pled guilty to all charges, including one of money laundering. This is something the MHRA and the mainstream media (MSM) have been very keen to highlight because it casts Noakes as a ‘real criminal.’

Money laundering is an automatically levied charge if anyone ever sells an unlicensed ‘medication.’ Pleading guilty to selling an unlicensed medication automatically makes you guilty of so called ‘money laundering.’ David Noakes is no BCCI executive.

Over 6 years Immuno Biotech made £7.6 million selling GcMAF. Out of that they paid a staff team of 27 including 4 research scientists, 7 doctors, 2 ultrasound staff, 4 nurses and admin staff for 6 years. They paid for the laboratories, staff travel (a significant expense) and accommodation. Any additional revenue they pumped back into GcMAF research and development. The CEO of GlaxoSmithKline earns approximately £6 million every single year.
GcMAF and the Persecution of David Noakes, Lyn Thyer & Immuno Biotech



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