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Pink Floyd – Coming Back To Life (1994)…..

Divining Ddraig: Gwal y Filiast…..

Concerns about existing wireless technology and the planned 5G roll out…..

The Richie Allen Show – Tuesday April 9th 2019…..

WHO Is Lying About Measles Impact On Children – To Expedite Compulsory Vaccination…..

Evil Archaeology…..


Nigel Farage Labelled Antisemitic For Appearing On Infowars…..

These 100 secret societies prove who really rules America…..

Musical Cult Control ~ 432 Hz vs 440 Hz 🎶…..

Phenomenon Radio – Winston Keech…..


In through the Out Door – Neurology’s Visa to Otherworld Vistas…..

High Aluminium Levels Contaminate Brains of Autistic Children…..

Awesome Catch by Del Bigtree: Cowardly Reporter Knows the Truth!…..

Visioning the Faeries: Magical Ointments and Seeing the Unseen…..

Strange Real Encounters with Invisibility Cloaked “Predator” Entities…..


Live at Earls Court, London:


A video for the Song of Ffraed blog that documents a healing journey, a pilgrimage, following a dragon* through 3 counties, innumerable prehistoric sites (which include 4 abbeys, 65 extant and documented medieval church and chapel sites, and a cathedral).

This video takes us briefly out of this world to the liminal environs of the wonderful Gwal y Filiast.

The mighty dragon, Ffraed, slipped easily across the stone bridge that crosses the River Tâf at Llanglydwen, I’d passed this way before with Her and now here I was again. She, on the other hand, had never been away. Gliding smoothly up the steep winding hill, past (and through) the Peny Bont Inn till She pulled away from Her former course from Whitland Abbey, and instead, set Her face towards the village of Login…and then She did it again. But this time, at 500 feet, She shimmied west, into a vibrant wooded valley of flowers and birdsong, drifted down towards the bustling Tâf, and poured through a standing stone somewhere along the track, before rising again to melt through another. We were only yards now from the extraordinarily evocative dream chamber, Gwal y Filiast.

* “Dragon”: A primeval weaving energy system. Not a ley line.


This paper gives an overview of the problems and dangers of current wireless
technology use and the even more dangerous 5G which is rapidly being rolled
out along with links to many research papers and sites that people should be
aware of but are not informed about by the mainstream media. The information
here is important to your life and the life of those around you and I would urge
you to take the time to review, research and then share.
The paper is split into nine sections:
1.0 Current Position
2.0 The issue with Government and Industry Guidelines and
the PHE/AGNIR Safety Standards
3.0 Conflicts of Interest
4.0 Health effects of RF radiation and biological mechanisms
5.0 Exposure Guidelines
6.0 5G, an even greater threat
7.0 Catastrophic Harm to Wildlife and Pollinators
8.0 WiFi in Schools
9.0 What’s Wrong with the Green Arguments/Smart Meters
10.0 Call to action
Concerns about existing wireless technology and the planned 5G roll out


Richie is joined by the brilliant Fleet Street journalist and Sunday Times best-selling author Christine Hart and the legendary Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente. Powerful celebrities and their private backers, want to impose a draconian new regime of press regulation in the UK. We re-visit the story of Fleet Street journalist Christine Hart. The campaign group Hacked Off and would-be press regulator Impress alleges that when Christine herself was receiving treatment in The Priory (treatment centre), she spied on celebrities and was paid by the Sun to do so. Christine believes that these allegations against her and the Phone hacking scandal generally, are in fact a false flag operation by the deep state to justify censoring and ultimately destroying the free press. Gerald Celente is the most accurate Trends Forecaster in the world today. wwww.trendsresearch.com Gerald discusses the coming censorship of the internet, the death of free speech, the cashless society, chaos in the Middle East and next years US Presidential election. Don’t miss him.


I woke up to more press coverage of the measles vaccine today. The gist of the stories, which have been appearing in our papers every day for nearly three weeks, is that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is really worried about the decline in measles vaccine uptake. You’ve been following this right? UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has gone from demanding that Social media firms delete anti-vaxxers (that was two weeks ago), to confirming that he will not rule out introducing mandatory vaccination for the UK’s children. Hancock declared that those of us who question vaccine safety “have blood on our hands.” Nice guy. Not a peep from the press. I won’t bore you with my explanation of so called herd immunity.
WHO Is Lying About Measles Impact On Children – To Expedite Compulsory Vaccination.


Heather Lynn tells us all about evil images and figures in the archaeological record!


SONG FROM THE ALBUM LIFE by Broken Home..written by DICKEN singer and guitarist from the …ORIGINAL “MR BIG”:


Nigel Farage has been accused of discussing conspiracy theories linked to antisemitism during a series of interviews with Alex Jones on Infowars. Farage has been appearing with Jones since 2009. There’s nothing new about that. The interviews have been seen by tens of millions of YouTube users. According to The Guardian, Farage repeatedly used phrases such as “globalists” and “new world order”, when speaking with Jones. Laughably, The Guardian claims that these terms are associated with antisemitism, or that they are known antisemitic tropes.

What monumental bollox! Was George H. W. Bush referring to Jewish power when he talked about the New World Order in the weeks before the Persian Gulf War? Of course not. Bush was speaking back then about the agenda for global governance or a one world government, with Washington pulling the strings. Remember what he said? He said; “There is no substitute for American leadership” and “Now, we can see a new world coming into view….A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. The Gulf war put this new world to its first test.”
Nigel Farage Labelled Antisemitic For Appearing On Infowars




John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe interview British tech wizard, Winston Keech. Subjects covered include plasma, advanced materials and tech, secret agendas and much more:


Meneghy: The old names within these islands for this time of year were Calan Mai (Welsh) and Beltane (Irish) These festivals honoured the fertility and new beginnings of spring and of the coming summer.Over a couple of evenings i went out into the woodlands and creeks to be amongst their own particular energy to sit and soak it up.The word ‘Meneghy’ comes from the Cornish/Kernewek for ‘sanctuary’ These places i go to are hugely important to me and give me more than i could ever give back,a sanctuary of sorts to myself.I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all you folks that have subscribed to this channel and have taken the time to watch my videos of which i’m still very much on a learning curve! I haven’t made a video for seven months due to ill health in the family but i hope to start uploading more now as things are better….


Dan Green: There is the argument that the taking of drugs is an effort to shortcut the way to either mystical or visionary experiences, and, perhaps, spiritual. Some argue it is a cheat, sidestepping personal effort, and therefore laziness. Ironically, the word acedia (also accidie) pronounced ‘acid-ia’ as in ‘acid’ as in LSD, means a spiritual sloth, once noted as a problem amongst and other ascetics maintaining a solitary life. Others may choose other inroads such as meditation, fasting, depriving themselves of sleep, drumming, dancing, confining themselves to long periods in darkness. Surprising then, we learn, there may be no need to do anything as it may just spontaneously do itself. Is it therefore necessary to take drugs at all?
In through the Out Door – Neurology’s Visa to Otherworld Vistas


U.K. researchers found the brain tissue of deceased autistics contained high levels of aluminum. This begs the question, are vaccines the source?
High Aluminum Levels Contaminate Brains of Autistic Children



A common motif in European folklore is that of the faeries being made visible to a human through the application (accidentally or on purpose) of an ointment or salve to the eyes (Aarne-Thompson Motif Index 235.4). Often, the story is completed by the faeries discovering the human has used this magical technique to observe them, and blinding the protagonist, either totally or partially (Aarne-Thompson Motif Index 362.1). These motifs do not always go together, but there is a definite folkloric correlation between the two that seems to be based on the concept of magical vision, a clairvoyant ability to see metaphysical faeries, which is often resisted by them to the extent of taking away the ordinary sight of the observer as a punishment, or simply to prevent them from further perception of the faerie realm.
Visioning the Faeries: Magical Ointments and Seeing the Unseen


I’ve recounted encounters I’ve had in the past with ‘cloaked’ entities. Here’s an article on those seen by other witnesses:

Encounters with strange entities and creatures can really run a range between the almost plausible to the flat-out absurd. From time to time there appear out of the blue such bizarre cases that they seem to be without any precedent or reason. Among these must surely be those reports of beings or entities that seem to have some sort of invisibility technology, and which appear to be something very much akin to the cloaked aliens of the popular Predator movie franchise, with which they are often compared. And so here we take a look at the very weird world of strange entities which seem to be able to make themselves invisible, and which skirt around past our ability to comprehend them.
Strange Real Encounters with Invisibility Cloaked “Predator” Entities

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