Weekender 9th & 10th March 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

On 24th March 2019, I will be speaking again at the Probe International conference:

The title of my talk is: DIVINING DDRAIG: Adventures with a Welsh dragon

A richly illustrated presentation and brief of the dragon’s journey so far. An odyssey through otherworlds and this one; dramas, histories, mysteries and discoveries.


Sanctity, Sanctuary, Sacred sites, Portals, Ways, Sacred art…and a cast of characters that include, Ghosts, Demons, Gods & Goddesses, Saints, Cryptids, Elementals, Entities, Elves and Fae.



23rd & 24th March 2019


Details here

St Alban’s Rd, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 1XD



Fourth Annual International

Cryptozoology Conference (CzCon2019)

26th -28th April 2019

Clarion Hotel Airport
1230 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04102
United States

Details here




Chicken Shack – I’d Rather Go Blind…..

Was This a UFO Sighting in 14th Century Ireland? Exploring Otherworlds…..

The letting fees ban is finally happening…..

‘Yellow Vest’ protesters march through Paris for 17th week…..

Tear gas and clashes hit Paris for 17th week in a row…..

Yellow Vests call for new protests in Paris…..

Incubus, Succubus & Nightmarish Encounters…..

‘My dad abused me at Satanic paedophile cult rituals where I was tied to a cross – but I forgive him’…..

Westminster cover-up of child abuse from retired senior police officers on oath 10/3/19…..

Deputy Assistant Secretary To George H.W. Bush Says Bush “Groomed & Played With” Little Boys…..

Black Sorrows – Chained to the wheel – Original 1989 video…..

Cutting Out The CANCER …..

Neturei Karta – Jews against Israel and Zionism…..

John Hutchison The Hutchison Effect – Seattle Presentation – May 29 2008…..

Persecution & Suppression by Big Pharma … i.e. Revenue Protection…..

Cold Chisel – Forever Now (1982)…..

Endangered Gray Wolves Are About To Be Issued A “Death Sentence”…..

The Richie Allen Show – Thursday March 7th 2019…..

The CANCER of SCIENCE…Killing YOU Softly…..

Cold Chisel – Khe Sanh (1978)…..



Chicken Shack: The singer is Christine Perfect before she changed her surname to McVie following her marriage to John McVie of Fleetwood Mac:


Bealtaine Cottage: Our past is held within the stories, myths and legends from long ago, yet, more often than not, historians dismiss these as being of no relevance in our eternal search to understand the present, instead insisting on “proof” in evidential form…interpretation is shunned! Little wonder then that we feel adrift in a foreign place and time.


Shelter Blog: Mark 1 June 2019 in your calendars, folks.

Almost three years after the ban on letting fees was first announced, in Autumn 2016, the government has finally approved the Tenant Fees bill – which would ban letting agents and landlords charging ridiculous letting fees.

On Wednesday 23 January 2o19, parliament approved the bill, which bans all upfront fees to tenants – things like reference fees, credit checks, administration fees and contract renewal fees.

Government analysis suggests private renters could save £300 on average every time they move house.
The letting fees ban is finally happening


Global News: “Yellow Vest” protesters marched through the streets of Paris for the 17th week in a row, protesting against the government of Emmanuel Macron’s policies.


ODN: Hundreds of protesters from France’s ‘yellow vest’ movement marched in Paris for the 17th week in a row to maintain pressure on the government to reverse reform policies.

Armed to the teeth Dark-clad French people make war on their countryman on behest of the Beast. If they refused to ‘only follow orders’, the people could soon have their country back.



Note the ‘helpful’ note from Youtube to let us know that RT is partially funded by the Russian government. Would that be like the partial funding of the BBC and ABC etc, in fact, covertly, all the Western media? Just in case YT are attempting to imply some Russian involvement in the protests…rather than the French people have had enough of the Dark Macronic diseased government,its agents and its masters. ~ Ellis


On the development of the Incubus and the Succubus, St Augustine, a noted philosopher and Christian theologian, who was born in 354 and died in 430, commented on this issue.  Kevin Knight, in an article titled “Whether the angels have bodies naturally united to them?” quotes the words of St. Augustine: “Many persons affirm that they have had the experience, or have heard from such as have experienced it, that the Satyrs and Fauns, whom the common folk call incubi, have often presented themselves before women, and have sought and procured intercourse with them. Hence it is folly to deny it.” As this particular extract demonstrates, the term “Incubi” was around millennia ago, as was the connection between the Incubi and sex. Such things were also being talked about more than a thousand years later.
Incubus, Succubus & Nightmarish Encounters


From the outside, no one could tell there was anything amiss in my family.

We lived in a large, plush house full of antiques and set in 30 acres of land.

My father was a businessman who was seen as an upright member of society, a Mason who belonged to the yacht club. But behind closed doors, we were all terrified of him.
‘My dad abused me at Satanic paedophile cult rituals where I was tied to a cross – but I forgive him’


Jon Wedger: Retired senior police offices giving testimony on oath of a Westminster cover-up of child abuse. Almost all of this was unreported in the national media. This was recorded as a screen recording following the independent enquiry into child sexual abuse last week in London from 4.3.19 to 8.3.19 live streamed on YouTube from the iicsa live stream.


It was 2006 when Congressperson Cynthia McKinney exposed the prevalence of trafficking women and children within the US government. Today, this information is continually leaking out and, as a result, the global elite have deemed it a ‘conspiracy theory’ without ever addressing all of the information and evidence that’s emerged.

In regards to McKinney, she grilled Donald Rumsfeld on DynCorp’s involvement in the trafficking of women and children. (source)  This is why it wasn’t much of a surprise when I came across the fact that James Grazioplene, a high-ranking retired army general who worked in the Pentagon as the Vice President of DynCorp, was charged with raping multiple children. Since 2016, there have been 10 current and former U.S. Mayors accused of child sex crimes.
Deputy Assistant Secretary To George H.W. Bush Says Bush “Groomed & Played With” Little Boys


The Black Sorrows:


Ian Crane:


Jamie Busby, David Icke.com: Neturei Karta means “Guardians of the City” in Aramaic. They’re a group of Orthodox Haredi Jews that was formed in 1938 in Palestine while it was still under British control. They’ve spread out around the world with branches in the UK and America. They’re also known to hold controversial views on the Holocaust and associate themselves with controversial people. More on that later.

Motto – “Jews united against Zionism” – A concise yet very clear description.
Neturei Karta – Jews against Israel and Zionism


Check the Evidence:


Ian Crane: David Noakes, Lynn, the too potent a treatment for Big Pharma to allow, Gc MAF, extradition and jail.
Lyn Thyer is facing extradtion to France … for the heinous crime of developing an EFFECTIVE CANCER TREATMENT!:


Cold Chisel: Cold Chisel’s promo-video for the hit single ‘Forever Now’ (April, 1982), taken from the 1982 album ‘Circus Animals’.


Conservation groups were up in arms Wednesday after the Trump administration moved to strip federal protections from gray wolves.

“This disgusting proposal would be a death sentence for gray wolves across the country,” said Collette Adkins, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The Trump administration is dead set on appeasing special interests that want to kill wolves.”
Endangered Gray Wolves Are About To Be Issued A “Death Sentence”


Richie Allen: Richie is joined by Peter Gregson and Dr. Toni Bark MD Peter Gregson is a Labour activist and Trade Unionist. Peter was expelled from the GMB union late last year after he was accused of antisemitism. Peter had started a petition against the Labour Party’s decision to adopt the IHRA antisemitism definition. This is a must listen. Dr. Toni Bark MD graduated from Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois in 1986. She then went on to New York University and the University of Illinois for residency programs. Toni discusses NHS England and whether mandatory vaccination is coming to the UK soon. Toni talks about herd immunity, vaccinating In Utero, how vaccines are indelibly linked to autoimmune diseases, a 1980’s class action that demonstrated that a vaccine caused cancer and more. She’s brilliant.


Ian Crane:


Cold Chisel: Cold Chisel’s promotion-video for the classic ‘Khe Sahn’ (May, 1978), taken from the 1978 album ‘Cold Chisel’.



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