23rd & 24th February 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

On 24th March 2019, I will be speaking again at the Probe International conference:

The title of my talk is: DIVINING DDRAIG: Adventures with a Welsh dragon

A richly illustrated presentation and brief of the dragon’s journey so far. An odyssey through otherworlds and this one; dramas, histories, mysteries and discoveries.


Sanctity, Sanctuary, Sacred sites, Portals, Ways, Sacred art…and a cast of characters that include, Ghosts, Demons, Gods & Goddesses, Saints, Cryptids, Elementals, Entities, Elves and Fae.



23rd & 24th March 2019



Details here

St Alban’s Rd, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 1XD


A ‘Dragon Aurora’ Appeared in the Sky Over Iceland, and NASA Is a Little Confused…..

Ansty reveal 2016 crop circle…..

Trailing the Hounds of Hell – Black Dogs, Wish Hounds, and other canine phantasms…..



You condemn the world with your silence……

The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written (Australian Aboriginal)…..

Measles, Back In The Days Before The Marketing Of The Vaccine…..

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing…..

The war on Venezuela is built on lies…..

Friday FARcast — Live with E. Michael Jones — The Return of Logos…..

The full story EDWARD HEATH Feb 21, 2019…..

Dolphin Square scene in first Culture Club/Boy George Hit Video…..

Woman Of Heart And Mind…..

Both sides now [1969] – Joni Mitchell (lyrics)…..

Dave McGowan Laurel Canyon Conspiracy on The Electric Pyramid…..

Complete Western Media Blackout! Paris Week 15…..

Through Ancient Eyes – ‘Crowd Fund Documentary Introduction’…..

New Year’s Eve With(out) Arthur Guirdham…..

At a waterhole in outback western Australia…..

Leavings – A brief history of the defections and resignations in the British Parliament…..

Cave Filled with Hundreds of Witches’ Marks Suggests People Used Magic to Counter Disease, Death, and Other Evils…..


A gargantuan green dragon hisses in the sky over Iceland. Either “Game of Thrones” really upped its production budget for its final season, or the sun belched a barrage of charged particles into our atmosphere again.

As much as any of us would like to see a real dragon breathe flames into the winter sky, buzzkill NASA blames solar activity — as usual — for the writhing, “fire-breathing”- aurora that loomed over Iceland earlier this month.
A ‘Dragon Aurora’ Appeared in the Sky Over Iceland, and NASA Is a Little Confused


This is the creation of the 2016 Ansty crop circle (c) matthew williams. strict copyright circle (c) Dene Hein

Ansty 2016 crop circle


There stood a foul thing, a great, black beast, shaped like a hound, yet larger than any hound that ever mortal eye has rested upon. And even as they looked the thing tore the throat out of Hugo Baskerville, on which, as it turned its blazing eyes and dripping jaws upon them, the three [men] shrieked with fear and rode for dear life, still screaming, across the moor.

~   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Hound of the Baskervilles

The monstrous canine star of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous Sherlock Holmes novel would be terrifying enough if it were wholly fictitious. Incredibly, however, Conan Doyle’s inspiration came from reality – generations of sightings and lore concerning a black-furred phantom dog known locally as the Black Dog of Hergest on the English-Welsh border. Moreover, many people do not realise that there really is a Baskerville Hall, near the Welsh border village of Clyro, to be precise – at which Conan Doyle stayed, and where he heard tales of the ominous Black Dog.
Trailing the Hounds of Hell – Black Dogs, Wish Hounds, and other canine phantasms




Janet G – New Horizons Extra:


You condemn the world with your silence.

David Icke has been refused entry into Australia:
Conspiracy theorist David Icke hits back after Australia revokes visa


Ever since news of the first footing in Botany Bay, on 29th April (a 33 and Icke’s birthday) 1770, reached Threadneedle Street, Australia has been a social engineering project – for its own and the world’s populous…and a petri-dish for human exploitation and subjugation trials. Australia’s origins and history are soaked with contempt,  injustice, corruption, iron chains, manacles and brutality; nothing has changed except the blatant blacksmiths’ jewellery. Australians have never been free.

Despite David Icke’s attempts to appease Australia’s rotten government (criticism of the blackguards was noticeably subdued in the run-up to now) it turned on him and those that support both of them (audience and forced-electorate and tax-payers – in all of its stripes), clearly a vicious and calculated timing to draw the most blood. This compromised tyrannical puppet regime acted precisely as it inevitably would do. That it allowed David Icke to stir up its cash cows ten times previously is the only amazing thing about it. Anyway, the blacksmith’s hammer came down on his anti-war, anti-terror, anti-discrimination, pro all human awakening and empowering, trance-breaking, all is consciousness, healing messages to the tune of, “We ain’t havin’ it sunshine! You can’t fly, dinky DI!”:

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.” – Matthew 6:24 (Not Flinders)


They weren’t free either but the archetypical, She’ll be right, True Blue, Fair dinkum, Stand by your mates, Fair go and No worries Aussie has all but gone; except for a very few, who are mostly far out in woop-woop, beyond the black stump. They vanished with the generation born in the first third of the last century…and I’ll tell you what…Fuck! I’m proud of them.

I’m proud of all of the generations of every human being around today. It is due to their triumphs over tyranny and hardships, their resilience, that we are here at this crucial time for this planet. We are the distillation of Ages; the champions of our ancestors’ dreaming and our childrens’ bright futures.


She won’t be right Australia, not this time, if you stay silent and subservient. Whether you like it or not you are the nominated trial population for global experiments and schemes – what you accept, what you do now, matters, literally. If you take this blatant attack on truth and free speech then you condemn not just yourselves but the rest of the world.

Despite the natural inclination human beings have for kindness and compassion, most people are so indoctrinated and diverted that they don’t really care about much outside what they are allowed to really; very few check out what is presented to them as facts even to the point where they ignore what is so obviously something to be concerned about or deception in many of its guises.

I doubt there’ll be any change, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

~ Ellis


Measles, Back In The Days Before The Marketing Of The Vaccine:


5G: Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor gives her testimony regarding 5g technology dangers specifically involving electromagnetic radiation. She says: “Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period.”


John Pilger: Travelling with Hugo Chavez, I soon understood the threat of Venezuela. At a farming co-operative in Lara state, people waited patiently and with good humour in the heat. Jugs of water and melon juice were passed around. A guitar was played; a woman, Katarina, stood and sang with a husky contralto.

“What did her words say?” I asked.

“That we are proud,” was the reply.

The applause for her merged with the arrival of Chavez. Under one arm he carried a satchel bursting with books. He wore his big red shirt and greeted people by name, stopping to listen. What struck me was his capacity to listen.

But now he read. For almost two hours he read into the microphone from the stack of books beside him: Orwell, Dickens, Tolstoy, Zola, Hemingway, Chomsky, Neruda: a page here, a line or two there. People clapped and whistled as he moved from author to author.
The war on Venezuela is built on lies…..


Robert Phoenix:


John Wedger: The full story of former prime minister Edward Heaths’ paedophilic activities. Michael Tarraga goes into detail about meeting Uncle Teddy. And what it means to him to write his book and finally have his story told. He explains where he wants the profits from the book to go. He talks about how he managed to turn his life around and how he wants to help other victims of child abuse to do the same. Recorded Feb 21 2019:


Dolphin Square scene in first Culture Club/Boy George Hit Video:


“Ladies Of The Canyon” contains “The Circle Game,” a well-known song at this point in time, something sung in youth group, as well as the trifle “Big Yellow Taxi” which has become famous for its couplet “They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot,” but the heart of the album is much deeper, and once again, darker. Be sure to listen to “Rainy Night House,” especially on a rainy night, it’s like Joni is speaking just to you, that was part of her magic, she wasn’t playing to everybody, just somebody, and “The Priest” is equally haunting but the killer is “The Arrangement.”
Woman Of Heart And Mind


Both sides now [1969] – Joni Mitchell (lyrics)

J asks is this song predicting Chemtrails, their debilitating effects, the puzzling blindness some people have to them – if they notice them at all, and their attitude to anyone pointing out such things?


Dave McGowan:


We are change: In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what is going on in Paris France for week 15 of sustained resistance against the establishment.


Neil Hague: Over Eight hundred years ago, the Occitanie region of France was the back-drop for an epic and devastating period in European history. It is a story covering the plight of the people of that region, but also the plight of humanity as a whole. The narrative for this unique documentary is based on Neil’s unique perspective as he ‘story tells’ and guides us through the symbolism, castles and lands once walked by the Cathars or ‘Cathari’. We meet Artist and Author Neil Hague as he embarks on a journey across the Cathar lands of South West France. The documentary covers the spiritual and esoteric work of the artist and illustrator, Neil Hague as we travel with him over seven days in the mysterious and magical lands of the Cathar. The documentary will be shot in the Languedoc-Roussillon and Aude (Occitan region) of France.


Floria Thames: Sometimes years after years and decades after decades seem to pass and lead to nothing much, the Spinner of the Years stubbornly refuses to say “Now!” and you wonder, what on earth were you born for? So let’s put it this way: if my only achievement on this 3D planet would have been to discover and read all Arthur Guirdham’s books, this in itself would have redeemed the void, the absurdities, the pain and the disasters. Of course, Faith is also required. Love too. But for me, I need more than love and faith to be able to hold on. Like the Cathars, I must have the Gnosis.
New Year’s Eve With(out) Arthur Guirdham



Brent Swancer: One very prevalent fixture of fairy tales and modern fantasy films and fiction is the all-powerful presence of the mighty dragon. Immense, unstoppable, and truly terrifying, these terrible lizards are like something out of a nightmare, and one may feel comforted that they exist only in the world of the imagination. Or do they? For centuries there have been numerous accounts that treat these fierce monsters as very real, and from back in the dark corners of time all the way up to the present there are those who claim that the dragons of lore are much more than just legend and myth.
A Strange History of Real Dragons


At a waterhole in outback western Australia ..a yet to be identified species of aquatic animal was seen and was shot on a phone camera , it was said to be the rainbow serpent or Bunyip that is said to occupy lagoons and waterways according to local Aboriginal legends. Earlier in the week it was said to have eaten a horse . What do you think?
At a waterhole in outback western Australia


W Stephen Gilbert – Off Guardian: Tony Benn used to say that he grew more radical as he got older. As in many things, Benn was unusual. People are generally apt to grow more reactionary as they get older. This is particularly true of MPs of all persuasions. For all its timid and marginal reforms of itself, the Palace of Westminster is still more like a traditional gentlemen’s club than any other institution. MPs are easily lulled by the comforts and the rhythms of the House.
Leavings – A brief history of the defections and resignations in the British Parliament.


Originally written off as graffiti, experts have now declared that the hundreds of markings of squares, letters, mazes, and lines in an English cave system are actually witches’ marks – apotropaic marks that were used as a sort of protective ‘magic’ to ward off evil or bad luck. And it seems these worries were still rampant in the East Midlands, central England less than 200 years ago.
Cave Filled with Hundreds of Witches’ Marks Suggests People Used Magic to Counter Disease, Death, and Other Evils


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