31st October 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Apologies for the long absence. Multi-levelled attacks have been incessant and they take time to deal with, but they are being. Videos only today.


How We Are Controlled. Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure Livestream…..
How We Are Controlled Part two. Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure…..
Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!…..
Richard Baldwin – Captain Mark Richards – Richard Dolan – Kerry Cassidy Update October 26th 2018…..


Two brilliant, absolutely must watch and listen closely, video chats by Richard Dolan. He puts the current state of humanity’s plight in such an easily understood way that even the most indoctrinated amongst us have a good chance of noticing how they are being played, and what is being done to this world, and to us. Watch them both…really!:


See my article: Destiny or Destination?


Another brilliant, brave…and so necessary video from theJuiceMedia.


See my article: Probe International (P.I. – π – 22/7): the mysteries keep coming.



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