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John Mack Memorial…..

Filer’s Files #39 – 2018 The UFO Crashes in 1947…..

3,500 Year Old Metallic Hand Leaves Deep Fingerprint In Swiss Criminal Investigation…..

Are the Black Madonnas found around the World intentionally so?…..

Why The Left Is Losing Against Kavanaugh, U.S. China Tensions Dangerously Rise…..

Body Language: FBI Report Dianne Feinstein & Chuck Schumer Press Conference…..

The Richie Allen Show – Thursday October 4th 2018…..

The paranormal as a tool for warfare…..

When Supernatural Creatures Feed On Us…..

Rare Banksy Girl With Balloon picture self-destructs in shredder seconds after selling for £1m…..

William Roache an exclusive interview on his Spiritual views On The Moore Show…..



In special reports, this week’s files cover: Russian Cosmonaut Claims UFOs Are Real, The UFO Crashes in 1947 and Antarctica: Newly found entrance to Interior.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, and Tennessee.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, and England in the United Kingdom.
Filer’s Files #39 – 2018 The UFO Crashes in 1947


The Lakota tribe of the Sioux people are vivid in the world’s imagination as buffalo hunters and warriors who fought the U.S. Calvary from horseback in feather bonnets on the Great Plains and Wild West. It may be a surprise to learn the Sioux were first woodland people who lived farther east in the Great Lakes region

The Lakota people and their Sioux cousins are survivors of one of the worst historical events in the Americas and the Caribbean. European colonists arrived in the 15th century and soon they began stealing land and killing Native Americans, both intentionally and through the spread of disease. But the three Sioux groups—the people who speak Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota—fared better than some native groups and they still survive.
Lakota Tribes Inhabited Two Rich Wildernesses, Both were Stolen, But The People Resisted


Last October, a 3,500 year old bronze hand with a golden cuff was discovered by two metal detectorists near Lake Biel in the Bernese Jura, about 28 miles (45 km) northwest of Bern, Switzerland. Now, a criminal complaint has been filed against the finders as they are suspected of having “grave robbed” the site.

Archaeologists have never seen anything quite like this metallic hand and are currently “at a loss” to explain its original function or purpose, according to a Canton de Bern  press release .
3,500 Year Old Metallic Hand Leaves Deep Fingerprint In Swiss Criminal Investigation


‘Black Madonna’ is a term used to describe depictions of the Virgin Mary (usually statues or paintings) that have dark-colored skin. In such images, the Virgin is often shown with the infant Jesus, who, not surprisingly, is also represented with dark skin. The Black Madonna can be found primarily in the Catholic Church. As the Virgin Mary is commonly depicted with fair skin, the Black Madonna may be considered to be an oddity, and various theories have been put forward in order to explain this phenomenon.
Are the Black Madonnas found around the World intentionally so?




Richie welcomes Pippa King and Meria Heller to the show Pippa campaigns against intrusions to children’s privacy in education. http://www.pippaking.blogspot.com Why are children being fingerprinted by their schools? How will facial recognition technology impact on civil liberties? Pippa discusses these topics and reports on new technology designed to prevent cyber-bullying, an interface that will interrupt children when they are writing emails, to tell them that the recipient(s) of their email might find it offensive! Meria Heller is a brilliant broadcaster. Check out Meria.net. Why are Donald Trump’s supporters ignoring his links to Jefferey Epstein, Orgy Island, The Clinton’s and the Jesuits? Meria also talks about The Franklin Credit Union Scandal and much more. Begins with Allen discussing the Russians did it nonsense.


A foreign country is planning to use a nuclear bomb to wipe out not only New Delhi, the capital of India, but also large parts of northern India. Fortunately) , India has received advance information and is in a position to not just foil the attack, but also deliver a telling blow to the rogue country. How was this possible? Through psychic spies who, using their paranormal powers, kept crucial details of enemy planning at every stage flowing to the authorities who were “controlling” them. Does that sound far fetched? This imaginary scenario and other similar ones may not sound that farfetched in the near future.
The paranormal as a tool for warfare


“Dan,” of Barstow, California, had a very disturbing encounter with two Shadow People in early 2011 (the Shadow People being silhouetted figures that terrify and taunt people in the dead of night). A no-nonsense, tough biker, Dan is hardly the kind of person who is easily intimidated or scares. But, the shadow-things that intruded on his sleep—as he slept in a tent on the slopes of Mt. Rainier, Washington State in the summer of 2011—had Dan in a state of near-hysteria. An enthusiastic outdoorsman, Dan spent four days hiking around the huge, 14,000-foot-plus high mountain. He would live to regret doing that. It was around 3:00 a.m. when Dan woke with a start and with an unsettling and intense feeling of being watched very closely. He lay still, holding his breath and clenching his fists. Something was definitely afoot; of that much he was sure. That’s an understatement. In seconds, Dan was “rushed” by two spindly, shadowy monsters that were humanoid in appearance.
When Supernatural Creatures Feed On Us


A world-famous Bansky artwork was destroyed in a shredder at an auction moments after it was sold for over £1million.

The “Girl With Balloon” canvas had an estimate of £200,000 to £300,000 when it went up for sale at Sotheby’s in New York City.

But, once the hammer went down on a winning bid of £860,000 – worth £1.04million when a buyer’s premium was added – the piece was shredded by a mechanism hidden in the frame’s base.

Stunned art lovers gasped as the piece was destroyed, with parts of it emerging in strips from the frame.

Horrified Sotheby’s bidders watched as the work was destroyed and Banksy reacted saying “Going, going, gone”
Rare Banksy Girl With Balloon picture self-destructs in shredder seconds after selling for £1m



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