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Roger Waters: White Helmets is a deep rabbit hole…..
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) – Mother – LIVE 2018, HQ sound + HD video……
NHS staff who refuse flu vaccine may be banned from treating patients…..
Fascist Dickheadism…..
Probe International (P.I. – π – 22/7): the mysteries keep coming…..
Watch: Strange Creature Spotted Swimming in English River?…..
The Crypto Realm, Areas of High Strangeness…..
Military Bases and Strange Encounters With Supernatural Entities…..


A combination date of 999 and 911


Some 40 years on, the groundbreaking music of Pink Floyd sounds fresh and deep, and the lyrics of Roger Waters are as relevant as ever. How hard is the balancing act between music and politics? We talked to the legend himself – Roger Waters, musician, activist, and co-founder of Pink Floyd.



Doctors and nurses who refuse to have a flu jab this winter could be banned from working with patients, the NHS regulator has warned.

Health chiefs announced on Friday that frontline staff who fail to get the vaccine will be forced to explain themselves and may be “redeployed” away from wards.
NHS staff who refuse flu vaccine may be banned from treating patients



I needed a break from quite an intense few weeks and the Probe International Conference, in St. Anne’s, Lancashire, seemed just the ticket. Sam Wright, the organiser, had invited me several weeks previously and though I hoped to go I wasn’t sure that I could get away.

Anyway, I could.

I picked up my mate Ben Emlyn-Jones on Friday morning and off we went, oopNorth. Ben would be a speaker on the Sunday. We are both extremely fond of the Probe conferences with their unique, warm and friendly, family atmosphere, fascinating attendees, and mix of interesting speakers…not to mention the strangeties that so often occur there.

The journey was uneventful though we were followed by a large black car for a long way, which seemed to be hanging back sometimes behind other cars in the middle and inside lanes. It only overtook us at the M6-M55 junction and at the same moment that a blue car rapidly careered its way into a gap by the side of us, from a slip road, almost causing an incident.
Probe International (P.I. – π – 22/7): the mysteries keep coming


An odd piece of footage out of England seemingly shows some kind of sea serpent swimming in the famed River Tyne. Kevin Burton was enjoying his morning coffee on a pier in the town of Tynemouth in early August when he spotted the mysterious creature. Puzzled by what he was watching in the water, the curious witness fortunately managed to capture some footage of the perplexing scene and posted it to YouTube, joking that perhaps he’d had the first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster outside of Scotland.

Watch: Strange Creature Spotted Swimming in English River?



When it comes to the paranormal, there seem to be certain places that are well-suited to or seem to draw the most activity. Old abandoned places, ruins, graveyards, dilapidated houses, these are the usual suspects for haunted places, but there are always exceptions to this, and certainly one of these would be military bases, and these locations also have on occasion drawn to them strange stories of the unexplained. It seems that the men and women stationed here would already have enough to worry about besides ghosts and ghouls, but here we will look at some very curious accounts of encounters with strange entities from beyond our understanding at military installations.
Military Bases and Strange Encounters With Supernatural Entities

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