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Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Original Version)…..
Jacques Vallee: The Software of Consciousness and the Secret (Psychic) History of the World Wide Web…..
Jacques F. Vallee: J.B. Rhine Address to the 61st Annual PA Convention…..
World’s largest animal study on cell tower radiation confirms cancer link…..
Elusive – Fell Wanderer the Wild Camper…..
Conspiracy Theorist’s Computer ‘Wiped’ After His Mysterious Death…..
The Stranglers – Duchess From the Album The Raven…..
Are “alien abductions” real? Maybe…..
Tony Buck East Anglian UFO Presentation…..
Some people seem to be immune to damaging Alzheimer plaques in the brain and now we might know why…..
The congressional hearing on weather manipulation – another ‘conspiracy theory’ turned into fact…..
BOMBSHELL! Berezovsky’s Daughter: British Intelligence Eliminated My Father To Prevent Him Leaking secrets?…..
Michael Bentine – When I Get To Heaven…..
Christmas Spirits : The physical mediumship of Minnie Harrison…..
The Troggs – Love Is All Around – HQ full export…..


When it comes to the dawn of the modern computer age, most of us think of rebel visionaries and college dropouts working out of their parents’ garage; whiz kids who became billionaires before turning thirty, by tinkering with clunky prototypes that held the promise of revolutionizing the world in ways previous generations could not even dream of.

All the multinational companies that were born out of those success stories are all too happy to uphold this romanticized version of history for their clients. But like ALL versions of history this one is also woefully incomplete, because it leaves out a key element in Silicon Valley’s past that those tech giants are either unaware of, or just too embarrassed to acknowledge — it leaves out PSI phenomena.
Jacques Vallee: The Software of Consciousness and the Secret (Psychic) History of the World Wide Web

A very, very important presentation (as you will realise):


Scientists call on the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-evaluate the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation after the Ramazzini Institute and US government studies report finding the same unusual cancers

Researchers with the renowned Ramazzini Institute (RI) in Italy announce that a large-scale lifetime study of lab animals exposed to environmental levels of cell tower radiation developed cancer. A $25 million study of much higher levels of cell phone radiofrequency (RF) radiation, from the US National Toxicology Program (NTP), has also reported finding the same unusual cancer called Schwannoma of the heart in male rats treated at the highest dose. In addition, the RI study of cell tower radiation also found increases in malignant brain (glial) tumors in female rats and precancerous conditions including Schwann cells hyperplasia in both male and female rats.
World’s largest animal study on cell tower radiation confirms cancer link


I met up with Youtube’s British wild camper ‘Fell Wanderer’ to investigate the spooky Harwood forest where the British bigfoot has been seen, heard and left footprints! – Chris Turner


In a rather curious development, it has been revealed that the computer of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers was ‘wiped’ by authorities following his mysterious death. The revelation reportedly came during a pre-inquest hearing held in his native England as part of a slowly unfolding investigation into the researcher’s sudden passing while visiting Poland in July of 2016. Spiers’ surprise demise left many wondering if something nefarious had occurred as he was said to have vomited a considerable amount of ‘black liquid’ prior to his death and had also allegedly texted his mother claiming to be in trouble.
Conspiracy Theorist’s Computer ‘Wiped’ After His Mysterious Death

I never heard Max Spiers say anything that had not been said already for donkey’s years, by others. As tragic and horrible as his death was I suspect he died as a result of drug taking. That said, I always viewed him as an agent (most likely an unwitting one – at least until recent times), mind-controlled, who was increasingly giving himself and his connections away with his body language. Wherever you are I wish you peace and healing. – Ellis



I’ve pretty much written off the experiencer sagas – alien abduction tales – as psychological/neurological anomalies, many the cathartic release of repressed childhood abuse (sexual and otherwise).

But in reading Albert S. Rosales’ Human Encounters books, particularly the 1930-1949 Volume, I find “abduction” accounts, such as that on Pages 194-195 from Constance Clear who provides a detailed (remembered) event from 1942 in Texas, and I come away thinking there may be another explanation.
Are “alien abductions” real? Maybe



This gives us hope.

The damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease are thought to be partly caused by the build-up of protein plaques in the brain, which break down neural connections. But not everyone with plaque build-up develops Alzheimer’s – and now we might know why.

A team of researchers has identified a protein signature in the brains of people with accumulated plaques but no dementia. This signature seems to stop plaques gumming up the crucial communication channels between neurons.

That’s as far as this research goes – we don’t know how this mix of proteins comes about, or why it stops plaques from interfering with the brain’s synapses – but it’s another piece of the Alzheimer’s puzzle that could help to push research and treatments forward.
Some people seem to be immune to damaging Alzheimer plaques in the brain and now we might know why


In Brief

The Facts:Geoengineering (weather modification) is hitting the mainstream hard as a potential response to climate change. Congressional hearings and more are all taking place, but there is evidence to suggest that spraying has already been happening.
Reflect On:All of the evidence showing it’s been happening for a long time. Are they really spraying to combat climate change, or could there be some other reason these programs are taking place? The article goes into more detail.
Geoengineering is becoming a common term within the mainstream. We’ve covered the topic many times over the past 10 years. The last article we wrote on the topic was about a Harvard Professor explaining how spraying heavy metals in the sky could possibly kill or contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands of people every single year. Prior to that, we wrote about an experiment at MIT where they were going to spray toxic particles into the sky to reflect the sunlight away from Earth, and before that, we covered the then CIA director’s comments regarding his support for Geoengineering. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Discussions about it have been ongoing for a very long time, and there are dozens of examples to choose from when conveying this information to the public.
The congressional hearing on weather manipulation – another ‘conspiracy theory’ turned into fact


Did MI6 kill Boris Berezovsky? – I doubt it. He wasn’t going back to Russia, but he was going to Israel.

Part One of Three. A special programme presented by Bishop Richard Holloway in which he discusses aspects of life with noted guests. This edition focuses on the life and times of comedian and writer Michael Bentine.
Michael Bentine – When I Get To Heaven  Parts 1  2  3



Not a bad download in a 5 minutes bath soak Reg. Bless you mate, you brought loads of joy.


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