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Tree bark generates a weird force that defies gravity…..
The Purging of Reason…..
The war to destroy Alex Jones…..
Keeping conspiracies under control…..
An ‘absolutely stunning’ Roman gold ring is unearthed in England…..
MR BIG. “GEORGIA” A song from their 4th Album BITTER STREETS…..
Tudor Golden Angels head to Oxford as Ashmolean gains glittering Asthall Hoard…..
In Pictures: A closer look at the angels and dragons of the Asthall Hoard at the Ashmolean…..
Gary Numan Interview Graham Norton show Funny…..
Gary Numan: ‘My Asperger’s is an absolute advantage’…..



Trees are ubiquitous around the globe. Everyone knows that a tree grows up from a seed in the ground. It’s a normal occurrence.

But in order to do so, the tree needs to work against gravity – and now researchers have figured out the secret that allows them to do this. Spoiler: It’s bark.
Tree bark generates a weird force that defies gravity



Rivers of elite revenge are flowing.

THEY are out to get him and drive him into oblivion.

He, and his huge website, Infowars, stand as a threat to the empire they are building, where free speech is a thing of the past and only correct speech that supports THEIR objectives is permitted.

Monday, the coordinated war against Alex Jones escalated along several fronts, within a space of about 12 hours, according to infowars reporter Paul Watson:


“Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest clamped down on content by Alex Jones Monday.”

“Apple confirmed on Monday that it had removed five out of six podcasts, which includes Jones’ infamous ‘The Alex Jones Show’ as well as a number of other InfoWars audio streams.”

“Facebook and Google made similar decisions later on Monday. Facebook removed four pages controlled by him, while Google removed the official “Alex Jones Channel” on its platform. The YouTube channel for InfoWars, the media company owned by Alex Jones, still remains live. Pinterest also removed the InfoWars board.”

I just saw a report that YouTube has taken down Jones’ channel altogether. That would mean tens of thousands of videos of his past shows are gone from that platform. Here are links you would go to, to listen to his show now:
The war to destroy Alex Jones Part 1


If you are worried about the state of the world and the way it is going, reading Nick Redfern’s controversial new book will not provide much relief, if any, although it is very readable, well-written and thoroughly researched. It provides plenty of food for thought about hidden influences behind recent world-changing events, and what they may be leading to. While I believe that it is important to consider all possibilities with an open mind, the main issue I have with this book is its pessimistic viewpoint. Redfern offers neither hope nor strategy for avoiding his worst-case scenario of civil unrest and violent uprisings.

For some, the title alone will indicate ‘conspiracy theory’. That phrase, now highly pejorative, often provokes a dismissal of any further discussion or consideration of the available facts. However, it is facts, not opinions, that matter when sorting out what is true from what is false. With complaints of increasing cases of ‘fake news’ appearing in the mass media, and in the alternative media, that task is often confusing. Redfern maintains clarity and credibility, for the most part, in his handling of difficult and murky subjects by presenting the facts, as far as they can be known from reliable sources, and forensically weighing up the evidence.

The author’s premise is that the world is run by an elite…..
Keeping conspiracies under control


An amateur treasure hunter has made a ‘stunning’ find from the Roman era in the south-west of England.  With the help of a metal detector, the man discovered a golden ring at a site being investigated by local archaeologists. The find is being hailed as very important and one of the most significant finds from the Roman-era in the area in recent years. This discovery has kindled a new excitement regarding the importance of the location where it was discovered and illustrates once again the significant role amateur archaeologists play in unearthing the past.
An ‘absolutely stunning’ Roman gold ring is unearthed in England



The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford took delivery of an early Christmas present today (December 6 2010) in the form of a spectacular hoard of golden angels.

The hoard of 210 English gold angels and half-angel coins dates to the Tudor period and was found in the nearby Cotswolds. It was secured by the museum after it raised more than half of the hoard’s asking price through a mixture of private and philanthropic contributions, together with grants from government and public sources.

Bridging a timespan between 1470 and 1526 and covering the period of the Wars of the Roses to ten years before the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the hoard is the largest intact assemblage of its kind. It also contains some rare pieces, most notably from the second reign of Kings Henry VI (1470-1471) and of Richard III (1483-1485).
Tudor Golden Angels head to Oxford as Ashmolean gains glittering Asthall Hoard


Historians at the Ashmolean Museum are still speculating about the meaning and function of the Asthall Hoard of Tudor coins. Some say they were believed to have magical and kingly healing powers, others that their distinctive liveries of angels defeating dragons denote the rise of Tudor power in the Wars of the Roses.
In Pictures: A closer look at the angels and dragons of the Asthall Hoard at the Ashmolean



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