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Swansea UFO Network

Robert Hulse


28th AUGUST 2018
SA4 4PE.
Commencing at 8 pm

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Phoenix Probe International

15th & 16th Sept 2018
St Alban’s Rd,
Lytham Saint Anne

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Cornwall UFO Research Group

21st UFO Conference

Saturday 13th October 2018
Truro College
Fal Building
(Lecture Theatre)
College Road,
Cornwall TR1 3XX.​

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Michael Bentine… From the Ridiculous to the Paranormal…..
New Sci-Fi Movie Inspired by Famous UFO Incident: Exclusive Interview with Director…..
The Richie Allen Show – Thursday August 2nd 2018…..
Tricks of the Sceptics…..
TruthSeeker or Gatekeeper? Aussie Max Igan…..
More Anomalous Big Cats Seen and Filmed Across the UK…..
Freeman Fly Mummies, Cloning, Akhenaten and Michael Jackson 1/2…..
A rare look at the Vatican Library’s treasures…..
The Ancient Ones – Millions of Years Before the Anunnaki – clif high…..
The Fake, Demonic, Meta-Reality Overlay In Which We Are Extensively Blanketed…..
Police visit Brian Harvey to tell him there’s a serious threat to his life…..
Was the police attendance to Brian’s house a psychological operation . If so by who?…..

Thoroughly entertaining and absorbing, extraordinarily informative – and chock full of fascinating anecdotes and very useful cautions and confirmations:

A talk given by Michael Bentine about his paranormal experiences and investigations into mediumship to the Wrekin Trust on 29th October 1989


When the trailer for UFO dropped last month, sci-fi fans sat up straight. The forthcoming movie re-introduces X-Files star Gillian Anderson to a subject her iconic character, Dana Scully, rolled her eyes at for the better part of a decade.
New Sci-Fi Movie Inspired by Famous UFO Incident: Exclusive Interview with Director

Gillian Anderson is a fabulous actress. I look forward to watching this one day.


Richie chats with actor and screenwriter Isaac Kappy. Isaac made headlines all around the world this week after he claimed that some of Hollywood’s most famous directors and actors are members of a paedophile ring. And journalist and geopolitical analyst Wayne Madsen returns to the show. Wayne has analysis of the latest claims against the Trump administration and the investigation into Russian collusion. Don’t miss this show.


This blog has been running now for eight years and published over 600 items in that time. During that period I would like to think I have gotten a good handle on the debating tactics of that class of Nessie naysayers commonly known as “sceptics”. Quite likely you will hear them before you see them as they loudly go forth proclaiming the inerrancy of their ways and the perfections of their thoughts.

Like a crowd of wannabe Spocks they practise the raising of the right eyebrow and the parting of the fingers, but they have no desire that your monster theories will live long and prosper. I long ago grew used to this logical posturing and the shallowness of much of their argumentation. Today I would like to present to you some of the tactics they use in the pursuit of doing whatever it takes to rid themselves and the world of these meddlesome monsters.
Tricks of the Sceptics


Thoughts from after an argument with Max Igan months ago, and indeed all the “troofers” and public figures who refuse to see the current reappraisal of settled “science” . . . obviously for what they perceive to be their own benefit. Nothing has changed since, but… it’s time


Anyway, the latest UK anomalous big cat sightings come out of Hawick, Scotland and Warwickshire county, England. In Scotland, retired detective Andy Suddon, 78, of Hawick spotted a large anomalous feline earlier this week when presumably sneaking downstairs for a midnight snack. As Suddon happened to peer out of his kitchen window in the early morning hours, he saw a familiar sleek black shape moving silently through the nighttime darkness:
More Anomalous Big Cats Seen and Filmed Across the UK


Freeman Fly returns as a guest to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to talk about Stem Cell Research, Akhenaten and Michael Jackson.


Who made the Anunnaki? Where there Humans on earth before them? Expanding Earth Data, Yellowstone, Antarctica, Extreme Weather, Heat Waves, Flooding and Earthquakes. Grand Solar Minimum, Binary Star, Weather Modification, Swamp Gas?


A friend recently related to me that he was having brief hallucinations that kept periodically intruding on his everyday reality for a few minutes. Out of an abundance of caution, he had a neurological exam and nothing untoward turned up.

He said that he was seeing an “atrocious” reality, an extensive demonic network that maintains a false, fabricated, fake reality in order to feed off of our human energies, vampire-like.

I told him that in my opinion he should not fear that he is losing his mind, but that quite to the contrary, it sounds like, in fact,  he is on the verge of finding his mind.
The Fake, Demonic, Meta-Reality Overlay In Which We Are Extensively Blanketed



Police visit Brian Harvey to tell him there’s a serious threat to his life.


The two blokes seem genuine to me…but that doesn’t mean this action was as benignly motivated as they believed.



She notes that mining and elevator companies were making a lot of money during a period of massive construction of underground bases and how a subscriber of hers, who she describes as being “Really deep in the Texas business community,” swore that all of the offshore drilling of GHW Bush’s company, Zapata Oil “Had nothing to do with the oil…it was all missile silos – which makes sense, what a perfect cover.”

Zapata, which was also co-founded by former CIA chief, Allen Dulles is notorious as having been an unprofitable offshore oil drilling business that was in reality a front for covert activities. All Zapata records and SEC filings between 1960-1966 are missing, with 1,000 boxes having been pulped just prior to Bush 41 taking office as Vice President in 1981.

Fitts also says there’s a “Perfect symmetry between all this money that is disappearing,” and the infamous $21 trillion missing from the US Government Federal Budget. She deadpans, “I really believe what they saw on Voyager scared them to death and that’s when the financial fraud just went nuts.”
Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts on How Underground Bases Are Collateral for Pension Funds


One thought on “6th August 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hey Ellis trust you are well mate. Viewed the max Igan vid. If nothing else watching that dog running in the ocean made me feel so alive and I wanted to be him or her. That dog has the right mindset we should strive to be like that beautiful dog enjoy life to the full regardless of what your master is. Saying or doing grin 😎

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