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Phoenix Probe International

15th & 16th Sept 2018
St Alban’s Rd,
Lytham Saint Anne

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Cornwall UFO Research Group

21st UFO Conference

Saturday 13th October 2018
Truro College
Fal Building
(Lecture Theatre)
College Road,
Cornwall TR1 3XX.​

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* Email problems again. The latest weez with the gremlins that roll out email problems is for those I’ve sent to not reach their destinations – weeks later I receive notifications of non-delivery.  If you’ve written and not received a reply please let me know. – Ellis


John Pilger on a hidden history of women who rose up…..
The English Language in 67 Accents & Random Voices…..
Lovely weather to metal detect where it causes damage!…..
How to Reverse Dementia…..
Stonehenge: follow the money – or lack of it?…..
What shadowed me in those bushes? And the Medway Werewolf encounter?…..
Jean Skinner Interview…..
Suspicious Minds: Mingling with wariness and wonder at a conference devoted to “Ancient Aliens.”…..
Who’s destroying England and Western Europe?…..
Diabetes Health Talk…..
How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally…..
David Wilcock leaving GAIA over “LUCIFERIAN” agenda…..
Mike Love on the Secret History of the Beach Boys…..
Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world…..


Today is Meghan Markle’s Day Mary Magdalene’s Day


Like all colonial societies, Australia has secrets. The way we treat Indigenous people is still mostly a secret. For a long time, the fact that many Australians came from what was called “bad stock” was a secret.

“Bad stock” meant convict forebears: those like my great-great grandmother, Mary Palmer, who was incarcerated here, at the Female Factory in Parramatta in 1823.

According to nonsense spun by numerous aunts – who had irresistible bourgeois ambitions – Mary Palmer and the man she married, Francis McCarthy, were a lady and a gentleman of Victorian property and propriety.

In fact, Mary was the youngest member of a gang of wild young women, mostly Irish, who operated in the East End of London. Known as “The Ruffians”, they kept poverty at bay with the proceeds of prostitution and petty theft.

The Ruffians were eventually arrested and tried, and hanged…
John Pilger on a hidden history of women who rose up



Dozens of new sites have appeared in the heatwave, prompting this excited response by The Searcher detecting magazine: “Time to dust off that drone!” But by their nature, newly discovered sites are yet to be scheduled so when The Searcher encourages readers to detect on them surely it is voicing a new variant of the oikish mantra “hurry, it might be damaging, but for now it’s legal, innit!”
Lovely weather to metal detect where it causes damage!



Last year, Highways England  sought advisors on  private finance for ‘project delivery’ of the A303 Stonehenge Tunnel and the Lower Thames Crossing projects.  Project Manager Derek Parody has claimed that potential contractors are nervous about the risk of tunnelling at Stonehenge.
Stonehenge: follow the money – or lack of it?



It was barely two hours into Day 1 of AlienCon and 500 years of accepted history and science were already being tossed out. Three thousand people had gathered inside the Civic Auditorium here for a panel discussion featuring presenters from “Ancient Aliens,” a History Channel documentary series.

Everyone had questions: about whether we were alone in the universe; about what our government really knows; about humanity’s very origins.
Suspicious Minds: Mingling with wariness and wonder at a conference devoted to “Ancient Aliens.”

One of the biggest mysteries these hacks could write about is how come people with no experience of subjects such as these get to write about them, critique them, and get paid, by supposedly intelligent newspapers. – Ellis


Jean Skinner is a spiritualist medium who has the rare gift of transfiguration in trance. This is a form of physical mediumship in which ectoplasm from the body of the medium forms immediately over the medium’s face like a mask. In this interview she describes her career and insights.


As the “British Exit (Brexit)” stalls in the UK, Italy picks up the torch of resistance…
Who’s destroying England and Western Europe?




David Wilcock leaving GAIA over “LUCIFERIAN” agenda – I’m no fan of Wilcock’s but Mike Adams seems a good sort.



Short interview with Mike Love of the Beach Boys. During 15th minute he talks about Dennis Wilson and his experiences with Manson.


As the Australian bureaucrats double-down on their de-facto forced vaccination schemes (see ZeroHedge’s latest article “Australia Will Now Fine Parents Twice a Month If They Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids”), I’m re-posting this piece I wrote in March as a testament to all those throughout the western world who fight for health freedom…

And, for all the latest on Australian medical tyranny and more, it’s imperative you go to Cazzfiles.com. The talks from “The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference – The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia” are now posted there (see here and here).
Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world


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