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Phoenix Probe International

15th & 16th Sept 2018
St Alban’s Rd,
Lytham Saint Anne

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Cornwall UFO Research Group

21st UFO Conference

Saturday 13th October 2018
Truro College
Fal Building
(Lecture Theatre)
College Road,
Cornwall TR1 3XX.​

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Adam Bandt on Genuine Satire – brilliant speech…..
Honest Government Ad – Visit the Northern Territory!….
Early Irish Astrology: An Historical Argument…..
The Fabrication of ‘Celtic’ Astrology…..
Andrew Collins: The Cygnus Key – The Denisovan Legacy, Göbekli Tepe, and the Birth of Egypt…..
The Last of His Tribe…..
Making Sense of My Crop Circle Experience…..
Japan Executes Aum Shinrikyo Cult Leader Shoko Asahara and Six Cult Members…..
Bright Skies…..
Vandals Attack Crop Circle Exhibition and a Paranormal Website…..

Adam Bandt, Member for Melbourne, Victoria on the “Genuine Satire Bill” – aka: Criminal Code Amendment (Impersonating a Commonwealth Body) Bill 2017 – brilliant speech


Honest Government Ad – Visit the Northern Territory!…get fracked!


In all histories of western astrology there is a curious omission. There are no references to early Irish, nor – indeed – ancient Celtic, astrological practices. In fact, the only serious scholarly study on Celtic astrology was published in a French academic journal in 1902. [1] This dissertation, in the light of modem research, is open to debate.

The major reason for this neglect of the subject, at least during the last fifty years, has undoubtedly been the insidious influence of Robert Graves’ The White Goddess (1949). This book has done singular disservice to those who seek to study the realities of Celtic cosmology and, especially, the practice of astrology. Graves was not a Celtic scholar. His highly imaginative inventions of the so-called ‘tree calendar’ and ‘tree zodiac’ inspired an outpouring of books purporting to be on ‘Celtic astrology’. Graves and his acolytes have, unfortunately, seized the popular imagination but their ‘tree zodiac’ has nothing at all to do with the realities of the ancient Celtic world.
Early Irish Astrology: An Historical Argument


The Celtic ‘tree zodiac’ fabrications, the direct result of Robert Graves’ invention of a tree calendar’, have become an almost insurmountable barrier to any serious study of the forms of astrology that were practised by pre-Christian Celtic society. For fifty years, from the time Graves’ published his book The White Goddess (1946), a veritable industry has been built up among his acolytes, which preach artificial astrological ideas based on Graves’ spurious arguments. Some have even published books on what they fondly term ‘Celtic Astrology’, manufacturing a completely artificial ‘astrological system’.

It has hitherto not been my practice to directly criticise Graves nor his acolytes. As a novelist and poet, Graves’ work is much to be admired and his two-volume study of The Greek Myths (1955) is highly regarded. There is even much in The White Goddess that is praiseworthy. It can be said that Graves’ work is a fascinating attempt at an anthropological and mythological study which, had he had some scholastic advice, might have resulted in an interesting contribution in the mould of Joseph Campbell’s work.
The Fabrication of ‘Celtic’ Astrology


Who are the Denisovans? Are they the true founders of human civilization? Are they the giants of legend? Evidence of the emergence of high culture in the form of musical instruments, advanced stone tool technologies, bone needles, precision finished jewellery, advanced calendrical systems, swan shamanism, and even horse domestication has been linked to an extinct human population recently discovered in southern Siberia. Known today as the Denisovans, there is every indication that 60,000-70,000 years ago they were the most advanced human species on the planet. Legends from southern Siberia regarding this population suggest that they were the first to built bridges, irrigation channels, and even megalithic monuments. By way of an introduction to his new book The Cygnus Key, Andrew Collins reveals the true impact of the Denisovans on everything from Gobekli Tepe to the birth of Egypt’s Pyramid Age, and the spread worldwide of a calendrical system based on eclipse cycles that was almost certainly invented by the Denisovans. He will also show the Denisovans profound knowledge of sound and sound acoustics that eventually finds expression in the construction of the earliest and most accomplished enclosures at Göbekli Tepe.


…from NBC part release of their archive shows.Billy Fury – Just Because Newly discovered footage…from 1961 with the Blue Flames in a London night club,The show was called the Dave Brinkley Journal. The theme of this particular show will be the world’s four top rock singers.This incredible video off Billy Fury – singing Just Because , Just look at the fans,the manic excitement on the faces of the girls in the audience tells you everything, look at Billy’s moves, Johnny Hallyday is in there to…

…and the brand new synthesizer!!


The story of Ishi, the last survivor of the Yahi Indians of California.


I was born and raised in England—home to the world-famous agricultural “alien” graffiti known as crop circles (or, more accurately, crop formations). Despite being a lifelong UFO nut, I had never personally set foot in, or even seen a real crop formation. Every summer, the clear majority of them have been appearing in the fields of South West England, particularly in Wiltshire, a county steeped in myth and legend. Rarely do they show up outside of this region.
Making Sense of My Crop Circle Experience


Shoko Asahara is dead. The leader of the Japanese death cult Aum Shinrikyo was hanged along with six of his followers after 22 years of imprisonment following the Tokyo subway sarin gas attacks in 1995. By the time Aum Shinrikyo had killed 13 people and injured thousands, the cult claimed tens of thousands of members and, according to estimates, was worth over $1 billion.
Japan Executes Aum Shinrikyo Cult Leader Shoko Asahara and Six Cult Members


Harry Mason became embroiled in investigating the Australian connection to this, and after his on-the-ground research, wrote about it as part of his Bright Skies articles – which he sent to me to publish. Harry also presented his research at a Revelations’ lecture in Perth.

The Banjawarn Event   Other Fireball Events    The Perth Event   Silent Fireballs

My [Harry Mason] research into this subject began about two years ago in early 1995. A geologist colleague and friend, John Watts of geo-science consultants Mackay & Schnellman and Associates, asked for my opinion of earthquake risk in an isolated area of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. John knew of my long experience in the region, conducting geological and geophysical field exploration surveys there for gold mineralisation – hence the approach to myself for scientific advice.


Whilst visiting a small underground gold mine John Watts had noticed a “Kalgoorlie Miner” newspaper article dated 1-06-93 attached to the barracks kitchen fridge door. This reported that on 28-05-93 at 23.03 hrs. a meteor fireball was seen by several observers flying from south to north between Leonora and Laverton. This was immediately followed by a significant 3.9 richter scale earthquake – picked up by 23 seismic receivers around Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Ed Paul – a geophysicist at the A.G.S.O. Mundaring Seismic Observatory near Perth – had received several telephone calls from the public, has had the Laverton Police. Ed had reasoned that there was a possible connection between the meteor fireball and the quake due to an impact with the ground.
Bright Skies


Video (6 parts): Bright Skies – Harry Mason at Revelations: Geologist and geophysicist, Harry Mason presents his ‘Bright Skies’ research to the ‘Revelations’ audience near Perth, in Western Australia in early 2001. Unfortunately the picture quality (old video tape) is not the best but the audio is ok – mind you, it’s the information that matters and this is first class.

Does anyone know where Harry is? I’ve tried over the years to contact him, without success. Harry went off-line during a period when other Australian-based researchers of his vintage, such as R. Lewis and Joe Vialls, did.


This is why we can’t have anything nice. The organizers of a crop circle exhibition in (where else?) England are going ahead with the show next week despite losing some expensive cameras and other equipment during a recent burglary. Meanwhile, Whitley Strieber, the well-known author of The Wolfen, The Hunger and Communion, had his under-construction website hacked, delaying its implementation and costing needless time and money. While it would be fun to imply that these crimes and attacks were the work of the Men in Black or some belligerent aliens, there’s no mystery as to what species is probably behind them.
Vandals Attack Crop Circle Exhibition and a Paranormal Website


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