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Dave Hodrien & Tina Bird


Thursday 12th July 2018

Hot Shots Snooker Club
100 Crosswells Road
Birmingham B688HH

Price: £5.00 members £5.50 non-members


Phoenix Probe International

15th & 16th Sept 2018
St Alban’s Rd,
Lytham Saint Anne



Cornwall UFO Research Group

21st UFO Conference

Saturday 13th October 2018
Truro College
Fal Building
(Lecture Theatre)
College Road,
Cornwall TR1 3XX.​



Why have David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned?…..
Economic Conflict Begins Between China And The United States…..
Sunday View On richieallen.co.uk For Sunday July 8th 2018…..
Bad Moon Rising…..
Interview Nightmare ~ Bob Newhart ~ (should have read his book!)…..
Wolves, jackals, coyotes, and some very unusual ‘hill foxes’ – exploring Britain’s unofficial canine fauna…..
Dogman’s Literal Run-in…with a Truck…..
The beast of Gévaudan – wolf, man…or wolf-man?…..Have You Ever Considered the Possibility…?…..
Bagoll the Traveller: Warrior, Mystical Earth Poet and Dream Traveller: Live at Oxford Talks…..
A Twist On Charles Dickens: He Was A Public Health Pioneer Too…..
Caribbean Mid Life Crisis…..
Planet Xtra ELLIS TAYLOR Shaman for the Modern World 05 01 2017…..
Nik Hayes (Quest for the Invisibles) interviewed on Paranormal Radio…..
Nik on Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader…..TIME ADJUSTMENT see the item below.
Bases 88 Part 3 The Physics of Psychic Warfare…..
Bases 88 4 Tim Rifat Physics of Psychic Warfare…..

Here we go…the old tactic…force a general election…the party that is going to win offers its bag of bribes and sweeteners for the media to push into the face of ballot-believers  with little and no mention of the hidden price. In this case the sugar pill will disguise a second Brexit election – which, of course, will be fixed, along with votes from greedy bastards, and the pro-you-rope hoi poloi who have no idea of what they are paying homage to, and no thought-processes active enough to realise they are being had. – Ellis

Why have David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned?

…or for that matter that the government has lied and lied too about the Porton Down Salisbury poisonings.




Although I am fully aware that currently there are strong arguments suggesting that the manned Apollo moon landings never took place as described, for the sake of clarity I will ignore them and proceed on the assumption that moon landings are an incontrovertible fact. Based on this premise, as we shall see there are some strong possibilities that not only has the moon been inhabited for some considerable time, but it is being prepared for a purpose that beggars belief.

Since the Earth was formed, it has always had company, a smaller, mute sibling that patiently circles the planet bearing witness to all that has befallen its larger relation. We tend to accept the presence of this huge satellite as a given, never thinking that there may be other forces at work here, therefore it may be timely to consider other ideas regarding the purpose and function this apparently dead world…the moon. It is by convention that we believe man visited the moon for the first time in 1969: of the three astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, while Collins the command module pilot remained in orbit, his two companions, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Eugene ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, both former fighter pilots, actually landed in a tiny ‘LEM’ or Lunar Excursion Module and walked on the airless, dusty surface of the moon.
Bad Moon Rising



Whereas Britain’s unofficial feline fauna has attracted immense attention from the media and the general public (albeit rather less so from the scientific community) for several decades now, its equally unrecognised canine contingent has received far less notice, yet is no less intriguing and controversial. To redress the balance somewhat, therefore, here is a selection of UK crypto-canid cases that I have investigated and documented down through the years.

Quite a variety of British mystery dogs have been reported, including some extremely large beasts with decidedly Baskervillian overtones (comparable to the controversial Beast of Gévaudan that terrorised France during the mid-18th Century – click here for my extensive analysis of this highly contentious case). They have often blamed for savage killings of sheep or other livestock.
Wolves, jackals, coyotes, and some very unusual ‘hill foxes’ – exploring Britain’s unofficial canine fauna


Time and time again, Michigan dogman sightings seem to center around the mid-Eastern area of the state, near the huge Manistee National Forest. Some of the best known sightings in that area include those near Reed City and Big Rapids featured in the TV show Monsterquest, and in nearby Luther, where owners of a family home returned from vacation to find canine claw marks in the house’s siding seven feet off the ground, and large canine prints on the ground.

Shelby, a small town in Oceana County that lies halfway between Ludington and Muskegon, is only a couple of miles from the western edge of the forest, and six or seven miles from the Lake Michigan shore. In February, 2009, at about 11:30 pm, recently retired law enforcement officer Laura Love was a passenger in a car headed north on Highway US-31 near the West Webster Road overpass. Her friend,“C,” was driving. In Laura’s own words:
Dogman’s Literal Run-in…with a Truck


Between June 1764 and June 1767, a hideous series of killings, as grisly as they were plentiful (somewhere around 80 to 113 human victims, plus many injured survivors), occurred in a village-speckled district of Lozère, southeastern France, called Gévaudan. Their perpetrator became known as the Beast of Gévaudan, but more than two centuries of speculation have failed to stem the controversy regarding its precise identity. Just what was this Beast? An animal? A man? Or something more?
The beast of Gévaudan – wolf, man…or wolf-man?


One of his best:



In London, there’s a museum dedicated to Charles Dickens, housed in his old, lovingly preserved home near the King’s Cross rail station. There are over 200 museums in London. This one wasn’t anywhere near the top of my list.

I hated the compulsory Dickens assignments in high school. To teenage me, slogging through the unremitting hopelessness of Great Expectations was absolutely agonizing. Bleak House? I couldn’t get past the name. And as for the 743 pages of The Pickwick Papers? I was so traumatized by the other novels that I skipped the book and went straight to a study guide.

No Dickens Museum for me!

But in May it opened an exhibit called “Dickens, Man of Science.” (The exhibit runs through November 11.) The idea that Dickens was interested in science was surprising enough that I figured I’d give the exhibit a chance. And I learned from the exhibit and from Dickens scholars that this bane of high school students was not just a Man of Science, but a committed and effective public health activist with a strong eye for general medicine as well.
A Twist On Charles Dickens: He Was A Public Health Pioneer Too



Lot of people are now complaining about their output being suppressed and censored. Welcome to the club, which now includes those who have been doing it to others themselves.

Looks like the much-missed PlanetX radio’s channel has gone from YT. Someone has, thank goodness, re-uploaded the shows. Here’s the second interview I did with them – the first one mysteriously went walkabout:


Nik Hayes (Quest for the Invisibles) interviewed on Paranormal Radio Interview begins at 07:07.

Nik will be on the Midnight In The Desert Radio Show tonight (10th July) 10pm – 12am Pacific Time & to listen live  in the UK BST: 11th July, 6 am -8 am



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