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Telepathic Hypnosis SPR Lecture 2018…..
Bases 88 1 Gridkeeper Intro Tim Rifat…..
Jon Ronson Interviews Tim Rifat…..
Incident on Salisbury Plain…..
American military helicopter blamed for destroying huge area of Brecon Beacons…..
The Sinclairs, the Templars, and DNA…..
The wicked witches of the west…..
(1992) David Bowie+Mick Ronson+Queen+Ian Hunter / All The Young Dudes ~ Heroes…..
The most Canadian way to get rid of bears…..



Tim Rifat has had a “colourful” close association with the Rothschild’s and the Elite. Here Gridkeeper, Duncan Davis gives a heads up on Tim, the raid on his flat earlier this year, and the Artificial Intelligence Gone Rogue:- AIDA. This, and the how the Illuminati, Satan, Lucifer and Hollywood and the Brit Awards are ritual magic in plain site. The new human has been made. Transhumanisation has been completed to the next stage of our existence, the rest of us just have to die off into history.


Jon Ronson Interviews Tim Rifat, Ivan Fraser, Robert La Mont, John Beveridge, and Tim Matthews.


I remember this from Jon King’s marvellous, and much missed, magazine, UFO Reality:

With all the sightings of triangular craft that continue to be documented, I delved back into a book that I had purchased when it was first published in 1998. The book includes a significant number of triangular craft accounts. This one in particular – of an incident that occurred on Salisbury Plain involving a group of British soldiers on night manoeuvres – contains some disturbing details.
Incident on Salisbury Plain


A US military helicopter has been blamed for a huge grass fire at a British beauty spot which destroyed a mountainside the size of more than 200 football pitches.
American military helicopter blamed for destroying huge area of Brecon Beacons


Nobody likes a party pooper.

Even with so much written about our family’s connections to the Order of the Temple, I had always been doubtful. After all, no one could find a single piece of definitive physical evidence – written or in stone – to absolutely, inarguably prove it. Since we started this DNA study in 2004, many people assumed we could use DNA to solve the question of a Templar connection. “After all,” they would argue, “there is so much other proof.”

“Steve, what about the 2 men on the horse in Rosslyn Chapel?” – The truth is, it’s one man on a horse and another behind the left flank of the horse.

“But Steve, Hugh de Payens, founder of the Templars, was married to Catherine St. Clair.” – No, actually he was not married to a St. Clair. This is a recent invention.

“But Steve, Dan Brown named your family in his famous book.” – Right. You’ll find it in the fiction section of your local library.

This lack of evidence is enough to lead many skeptics towards total cynicism. Not me. I kept an open mind, and this paid off.
The Sinclairs, the Templars, and DNA


WITCHES could be stalking the streets of rural Wales – if calls to Dyfed Powys Police are to be believed.

The force, which covers Mid and West Wales, has received 86 reports of witches in the last five years.

The force’s police incident log reveals details of the calls. One caller reported “that one individual is a witch and had attended at the house to put salt around the bed”.

A caller in January last year claimed he had been fed a “fur ball” during a witchcraft ritual.

Following a call from Llanelli, police recorded: “Caller, who was drunk, who rang regarding a gang of witches who want to sacrifice him.”
The wicked witches of the west


Performed at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness, Wembley, Easter Monday, 1992:




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