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The EU’s GDPR, lies for General Data Protection Regulation and, in the ancient tradition of unwritten vowels, stands for G*D P***R – ‘God Power’. You only have to say it does. Which god? A good god? Are you joking with what the EU (**) is? We should have left EU by now m’duck? M*rd*k? This is false imprisonment.

Australia completes world’s largest cat-proof fence to protect endangered marsupials…..
Scandal of ‘killer’ wood burning stoves and the question – is the political class’s obsession with global warming rotting their brains?…..
Dr Rima Laibow Exclusive: “I Believe That Dementia Is In Fact The Late Onset Of Autism!”…..

The world’s largest cat-proof fence has been completed in central Australia, creating a 94 square kilometre sanctuary for endangered marsupials.

The 44km fence – made of 85,000 pickets, 400km of wire and 130km of netting – surrounds the Newhaven wildlife sanctuary, a former cattle station that has been bought by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Endangered species such as the bilby, the burrowing bettong and the mala (also known as the rufous hare-wallaby) will have a chance to replenish their populations inside the massive sanctuary, safe from Australia’s feral cat epidemic.

Feral cats kill a million native birds every night across Australia and have caused the extinction of 20 native species since they were introduced by the first fleet.
Australia completes world’s largest cat-proof fence to protect endangered marsupials


The Government earned plaudits from the green lobby yesterday for its new plan to crack down on the craze for wood-burning stoves.

As the Mail reported on its front page, the stoves chuck out lethal pollution, particularly from wet wood, and contribute to thousands of early deaths from lung and heart disease.

But hang on! One reason Britain burns more wood than it has done for decades — a 2016 survey found 7.5 per cent of households in London burn wood — is that only recently, the Government and the greens told us burning wood to heat our homes was the best thing we could do for the environment.

Wood is ‘sustainable’, we were told. It gives off less CO2 than any other heating. It will help us save the planet and meet CO2 reduction targets under the Climate Change Act.

As a result of these persuasive arguments, about 1.5 million British homes have wood-burning stoves and 200,000 more are sold every year.
Scandal of ‘killer’ wood burning stoves and the question – is the political class’s obsession with global warming rotting their brains?

Phew!! Good job the British military doesn’t fire wooden bombs…just think how toxic and dangerous they would be.


Dr Rima Laibow: I have evidence for the deliberate causation of autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s by ingredients in vaccinations that damage the blood-brain barrier – Vaccinations are a major part of the depopulation agenda:

“Every single artificial sweetener is deadly.” In the UK, due to a sugar tax, there has been a massive increase in sneaking artificial sweeteners into food and drinks, in many cases replacing only some of the sugar. Please read the ingredients before purchasing any food or drink, and always take notice of the ‘after-taste’.

This has come about by the usual means of pretence that what the government is doing is for the good of the people. Get it into your heads, nothing Deep State overseers, like your government, do is aimed at improving life for human beings.

The government allows endless toxic foodstuffs into your country that’s ingredients and provenance are not labelled. It must know that vaccines, GM, artificial sweeteners, and fluoride, to name only a few, are lethal to humans, the environment, and other life-forms.

More important than ever: wherever you can grow your own and always pick fruits etc, and buy local produce, from sources that have earned your trust.


Beverage companies have responded to the planned tax by reducing the sugar content of their drinks.
The U.K.’s Coming Sugar Tax Is Already Working

Australia: Sugar tax: why health experts want it but politicians and industry are resisting


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