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Gari Jones & Caz Clarke

The Pentyrch Incident

Thursday 17th May 2018


Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B688HH

Price: £5.00 members, £5.50 non-members



British Cryptids Conference

A conference dedicated purely to the mysterious British Cryptids, Bigfoot, Lake monsters, Werewolves, Fairies, Owl Man, Alien Big Cats, Dragons, Wodewose, Kelpie and more. Four of Britiains top Cryptid researchers and authors lecture on different subjects.

27th May 2018

Fusiliers Museum,
Bury, Lancashire




Uffington White Horse DRONE 2018 4K…..
True Fairy Stories? Nineteenth-century Irish fairylore…..
Do you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural…..
Couple Convert Van For Full Time Living And Travel in Australia…..
Pokin’ ’round Cliveden…..
The numbers guiding DAVID ICKE…..
In Search of Holy Wells & Healing Springs…..
Secret Sources: Friends Or Foes?…..




One of my favourite places in the whole world:


Let us start, as we mean to go on, with a true Irish fairy tale. A man in Tipperary, Ireland, is
kidnapped by the fairies, who leave a fake body in his place. His family are oblivious,
believing that he has died. After the body is buried, the father has a dream. The son appears
and explains that he has in fact been taken by the Sidhe (the Irish fairies).
True Fairy Stories? Nineteenth-century Irish fairylore (pdf)


For thousands of years, the sudden appearance of a ring of mushrooms was a sure sign of otherworldly presences. These rings would seemingly appear overnight, or travel from one location to another, with no clear rhyme or reason. Warnings of the dark forces that must create these abnormalities were passed down between generations, and the folklore of fairy rings was established.
Do you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural



It has been reported that Prince Harry’s Mary Magdalene, Meghan Markle,  will be spending the night before the wedding at Cliveden House:

Owners of Cliveden have been a politician, diplomat, poet, playwright, amateur chemist, gambler, satanist, adulterer and a murderer… and that is just one of them, the 2nd Duke of Buckingham who first had a ‘house’ built here beginning in 1666 (Year of the Great Beast and the Great Fire of London). It has close connections to Scotland and monarchy, especially the Stewarts.
Cliveden is pronounced Cleaveden. Purportedly it is named from the chalk cliffs that hang over the River Thames (Thames means Time – Cronos – Satan -Old Father Thames) at that spot. Clive means cliff. Why don’t they pronounce it like it’s spelt, Clive-den?

If we look at the El-ite pronunciation we extract Cleave-den: Cleave = Cloven. Den – a lair, a hideaway, a place of crime.
Lair of the Cloven?

This is only a thought, but it seems appropriate to a number of the owners of this large, oppressive feeling, secluded manor.
Pokin’ ’round Cliveden

A few points of interest on the distantly-related couple:

The wedding takes place in St. George’s Chapel, where the funeral ceremony of Harry’s great-grandmother took place a palindromic 5885 days earlier.
MM was born on the Queen Mother’s 81st birthday.
The name Meghan is derived from Margaret (meaning ‘pearl’ or ‘Child of Light’), the same as one of the QM’s ‘spirit’ (middle) names, ‘Marguerite, (French version).



Hello. I have spent over 30 years visiting many ancient and mysterious antiquities, but it is the holy well and its allied mineral spring or spa that I have found the most interesting, mysterious and perhaps least studied. My aim has been to record and rediscover such sites and are slowly working through various volumes of ‘In search of England’s holy and healing wells’ county by county. I have already published seven volumes of these researches:Holy wells and healing springs of Essex, Holy wells and healing springs of  Hertfordshire, Holy wells and healing springs of  Nottinghamshire , Holy wells and healing springs of Derbyshire , Holy wells and healing springs of Lincolnshire, Holy wells and healing springs of Kent and Holy wells of Middlesex and the city of London. If you click the titles you will be directed to Amazon where you can purchase these or alternatively drop me a line and I’ll send them off. More details on my essential reading page. The monthly details of my searches will be detailed in this blog. I have naturally been visiting springs in other countries and will detail these in the blog as well. Hope you find my accounts interesting and please feel free to contact me, make comment and suggest sites.

Exploring the folklore, history and mystery of the ancient water supplies:
In Search of Holy Wells & Healing Springs


More than a thousand years before the first European explorer reached Korea’s shores, the Persian Empire was writing love stories about Korean princesses.

It’s a little-known story that could change the way we see our history. Recently, historians took a second look an old Persian epic written around 500 AD and realized that, at the center of the tale, was the unusual story of a Persian prince marrying a Korean princess.

It’s an incredible discovery. Up until recently, we weren’t sure that the Persians of that time even knew Korea existed. This new revelation shows Persia didn’t just make contact with Korea – these countries were intimately connected. And it might just call for a total rewrite of history.
The 1,500-Year-Old Love Story Between a Persian Prince and a Korean Princess that Could Rewrite History


There can be very few people in the field of Ufology who have not been approached by sources with something amazing to say, but who are determined to remain in the shadows. Of course, the vast majority of those same sources have legitimate reasons for not wanting their names used in a book, in an article, on a TV show, or in a lecture. Indeed, anywhere. They may be worried about how such revelations might impact on their jobs ( I have spoken to several cops over the years who have had UFO encounters and who were reluctant to go on the record for that very reason). Or, how matters might cause problems at home. Might their kids be ridiculed by friends at school? The list of reasons why a person might not want to be publicly identified goes on and on. But, that’s not the category of “secret sources” I’m talking about today. The ones I’m talking about here are very different.
Secret Sources: Friends Or Foes?


2 thoughts on “15th May 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hi Ellis,

    What is the meaning of the duck egg or baby blue colour in occultism? The Queen wears it a lot, so did Diana, and Harry drove Meghan off in a duck egg blue E-type Jaguar after the wedding. What does it mean? Thanks.



    • Hi Matteus, as with all symbolism, context and communicants decide meaning; however with some common themes, such as ‘baby blue’ (again shade definitions are very often subjective) I suggest it represents such things as hope, promise, blessing, prayer, and spiritual embrace.


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