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Dreaming Saucers conference

12th & 13th May

The White House

38 Abingdon Road, OX1 4PD


Regretfully I have had to bow out of Ben’s Dreaming Saucers conference to focus my energies efficiently, best I can anyway, on healing work. I wish everyone involved a great conference. Enjoy the beautiful city of Oxford. – Ellis


Bank Of England who are the private shareholders…..
Gary Rowe SUFON Full Interview…..
Map of ‘Welsh Roswell’ UFO Flight Path Released to the Public…..


Beltane Wishes

Wishing every reader a wonderful season and the very best for the year ahead.




Gary Rowe a seasoned veteran of ufology gave SUFON an exclusive interview where he discussed his long interest and passion for investigating UFO’s.

Gary talks about the little-known UFO crash in West Wales where a vast amount of debris was strewn across four fields (shades of Roswell) and which left a trail of devastation through the adjoining woods, decapitating no end of trees. Contractors came in and removed all the debris from the fields, chopped down all the trees, removed the top soil and replaced it. Fortunately Gary and others got to the scene quite soon afterwards and found some debris stuck in the trees (the same ones that were all removed only days later) and in this video you will be shown what Gary found. Intriguingly the material cannot be shattered when struck with a hammer – so how did it break up into so many pieces? Metallurgists have looked at it and this material is very odd. Normally it is hidden in a secret and undisclosed location. Wisely, Gary dare not have it at home and never knows where it is kept. :


…and although also called the Welsh Roswell, this is another very intriguing case, with legs:

At 8:30 pm on January 23, 1974, a number of people living near the Berwyn mountains in the north of Wales reported seeing a UFO. A fireball streaked across the sky, appearing to crash into the mountains. This was immediately followed by a loud boom and shaking of the earth, leading witnesses to reasonably assume the sound had come from the fireball that, only seconds earlier, looked like it was about to cause a very loud noise in the Welsh countryside. An RAF team was dispatched to investigate and official reports indicate that they found no crash site of any sort—in stark contrast to the Gwynedd police department whose recorded logs mention “a large explosion in the area and a large fire in the mountainside.”
Map of ‘Welsh Roswell’ UFO Flight Path Released to the Public

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