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The REAL da Vinci Code

Mark Olly

After his most successful and fascinating presentation last year, Mark Olly returns to expose the true facts of the da Vinci Code

Mark Olly investigates the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, Creation & Evolution, Genesis, Fossil Discoveries, Giants, Noa’s Ark, Human Species & DNA, Exodus, Moses, Bible Codes, Jerusalem, Jesus, The Real Crucifixion, Burial, Tomb, Mary Magdalene, etc.

Far better and far more revealing than Dan Brown’s book.



Psychic Spies on CBS’s Sunday Morning…..
11 People Who Blew The Whistle On Information That Was Once Considered A “Conspiracy Theory”…..
What Yot Being Told About The Sinclair Broadcast Group…..
Mind Control Through the Airwaves…..
Elusive 1 and 2 and my online series…..
Spontaneous thought and the mysteries of the wandering mind…..
An Equinox Sunrise: Here be Dragons…..
Property Owner Reports ‘Lump’ on His Land – Archaeologists Find 4,000-Year-Old Burial Mound…..
Confessions of a fairy hunter…..
Bigfoot Is Not the Only Elusive Creature Said to Roam the Canadian Wilds…..
Creepy Unexplained Disappearances & The Drowning Men…..
Stanton T. Friedman interviewed by Gene Steinberg and J. Randall Murphy of the Paracast…..
Reg Presley (Troggs) ANDOVER CCCS conference 2003…..
The Troggs – Wild Thing…..
NEW Love Is All Around The Troggs HQ {Stereo}…..
Constant Lack Of Vitamin D Leads To……..
The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air…..

This Sunday morning CBS viewers were not given your typical sort of bland programming with their breakfast coffee and croissant: “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty took a look inside the controversial U.S. ‘psychic espionage’ program, and interviewed best-selling author Annie Jacobsen –who wrote about in her 2017 book Phenomena— as well as Dr. Dean Radin, who was a member of Project Star Gate, and whose upcoming book Real Magic promises to stir the materialistic pot of modern Science once it’s released next April:
Psychic Spies on CBS’s Sunday Morning

As some of those reading this page will know, or recall from personal experience, I have myself had some success at locating, or indicating where to look for missing people and objects.  It’s a very real skill and I was happy to hear Dean Radin describing this natural human ability in the same way as I have over the years. I’m probably no better than Sunday league level, in case you are wondering; nonetheless it could be one of the reasons why I have seemed to have been of interest and concern by shadowy forces all of my life. One example to do with this subject (ESP) was after I achieved 100% score on an internet ESP test that was on the late David Kingston’s website (University of Life)  and shortly afterwards experienced many strange incidents. Essential to success is to have absolutely no investment in the process or the outcome, no ego, no thought of reward (or punishment) or kudos, complete detachment. This is unfettered confidence and why tests and other such pressures can be detrimental to accurate performance – and explains why Geller baulked in the T.V. situation, something had knocked his confidence.

Psychic spies have always been used throughout tribal history; it isn’t anything new. In more modern times, John Dee was a famous Elizabethan example and it has been my suspicion for many years that Helen Duncan was used as such during WWII by the allies – which is why they locked her up, out of harms way.
That Angela Ford looks very familiar to me, by the way. – Ellis


When whistleblowers reveal classified information, it creates more transparency, and reveals the true intentions for secrecy under the justification of “national security,” a term that’s basically used now to conceal vast amounts of information.
Below is a list of 10 of the most important whistleblowers.
11 People Who Blew The Whistle On Information That Was Once Considered A “Conspiracy Theory”



We like to think that we have free will, and that the decisions we make and the thoughts we have are our own. Our sense of identity, free choice, and individuality are part of what makes us unique, and are an integral part of the human experience. Yet are we really as independent and possessed of free will as we would like to think? The thought that we could be under the influence of outside forces and subject to manipulation by mind-control against our will is a terrifying prospect that has been explored extensively in science fiction, but what if it is not merely fiction at all? What if we are being directly shaped and programmed by nefarious parties through the very TV we watch or the music we listen to? According to some, this is exactly what is happening, and has been for decades.
Mind Control Through the Airwaves



It’s happened to all of us. Someone is droning on about KPIs in a meeting, and your mind drifts off. I should really buy a new suit in case I get that job interview. But I probably won’t get it. But if I do get it, where will I park? Should I take the train?

Mind wandering, also known in neuroscientific circles as spontaneous thought, takes up a surprisingly huge chunk of our waking consciousness.

“The research says that we’re engaged in mind wandering between 30 to 50 per cent of our waking hours,” says Dr. Jennifer Windt, a lecturer in Monash’s philosophy department. “We’re doing this all the time.”

Spontaneous thought is any thought, memory, feeling, daydream or fantasy disconnected from ongoing tasks or sensory experience. Often, people mind-wander when engaged in repetitive tasks that don’t require all their attention. Sometimes your mind will drift off when you’re doing something difficult, or even doing something you feel is too complicated. The classic example: driving home from work, your mind wanders off, and when you arrive, you think, ‘How did I get here?’.

“Students apparently also do it a lot in lectures,” says Dr. Windt.

Our knee-jerk reaction is to label mind wandering as bad. In terms of driving safety, reading comprehension and learning outcomes, it seems to be the opposite of focused attention.

“There’s evidence that it’s associated with decreased wellbeing,” she says. “People initially had quite a negative view of it, labelling it as the opposite of mindfulness, the prized ‘here and now’ experience. That’s still a popular way of thinking about it.”
Spontaneous thought and the mysteries of the wandering mind



An Archaeologist at The Australian National University (ANU) has discovered a prehistoric Bronze-Age barrow , or burial mound, on a hill in Cornwall and is about to start excavating the untouched site which overlooks the English Channel.
Property Owner Reports ‘Lump’ on His Land – Archaeologists Find 4,000-Year-Old Burial Mound


The mere mention of fairies in academic circles can bring derision. Yet the field is a rich one that has much to offer open-minded, multidisciplinary scholars, writes Simon Young
Confessions of a fairy hunter


Canada has its own version of the Loch Ness Monster. It also has age-old legends and modern sightings of various other creatures—creatures often terrifying not only because they are mysterious, but also because they are said to be malevolent toward humans.

As with Bigfoot (known as Sasquatch in Canada), these creatures lurk on the periphery. Some people relegate them to the realm of myth, fancy, and attention-seeking hoaxes. Others maintain a strong belief in their existence and sightings are continually reported.
Bigfoot Is Not the Only Elusive Creature Said to Roam the Canadian Wilds



Recently legendary Ufologist Stanton Friedman announced his retirement from the stage. He’s 84 now and still very with-it. He sent any number of blackguards and “Noisy Negatives” into retreat with the force of his personality and evidence. He’ll be greatly missed on the conference circuit but he says he’ll still sit down at the mic fro radio shows.
Stanton T. Friedman interviewed by Gene Steinberg and J. Randall Murphy of the Paracast

In August 1998, I met and spoke with Stanton Friedman in Perth, Australia. Deep pockets must have financed a nation-wide tour because ads on the TV and radio stations were blitzing the waves, and it paid off. This and the previous year’s tour were sell-outs. I talked about some of my recent experiences at the time and showed him some photos. I found him a charming, interested and delightful man. Philip Corso is mentioned in the interview; it was Friedman who told me that he had just passed away.

During Stanton’s lecture I was astonished to see three tall willowy-armed shadow-beings, reptilian-looking facially and shape-wise, moving around him on the stage. The auditorium was dark but Stanton was in the spotlight at a lectern. I looked around to see if perhaps I was seeing shadows of people between the lighting-box and the stage, I wasn’t. I turned to the people either side of me and asked if they could see anything unusual around him. They couldn’t. The entities were around him for a while. – Ellis






…and from the Old Tech Department:

Within three years, the Pentagon’s non-lethal weapons lab hopes to have a direct energy weapon that can produce an effect like a haunted walkie-talkie or the biblical burning bush.
The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air


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