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Deborah Hatswell and Ben Emlyn-Jones talk British Bigfoot…..
What it is like to be a Witness in a “Fortean” World…..
‘100,000 orangutans’ killed in 16 years…..
Students at Florida School Shooting Report Multiple Shooters and Crisis Drill…..
Inside the Mind of Amanda Feilding, Countess of Psychedelic Science…..
Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story – the Making of the Models…..
Hackable software in the driver’s seat…..
You Need To Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling…..
FOIA strikes again…..
Magic into Myth: Avalon, Mystical Isle of Medieval Arthurian Literature…..
Surprising Stone Age Knowledge Revealed on a Mammoth Bone Bracelet…..
Beware of the Beastly Bunyip…..
Make Natural Recipes & Healing Remedies with Essential Oils. FREE Video series from 20th Feb – 1st March…..

Deborah Hatswell, of British Bigfoot Reports, and Ben Emlyn-Jones discuss British Bigfoot Accounts:

Deborah and Ben Emlyn Jones talk British Bigfoot


“The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”
― William Blake

Very wise words, and ones I hold dearly, opinions are useful, they make us look at things from another persons point of view, to try and see through the eyes of someone you are not. Like the marathon runner who runs a race, to be told they didn’t by a man in his kitchen 1000 miles away from the race seems absurd I know, but sadly its what many of the witnesses to British Bigfoot are told constantly day in day out. Like the runner himself, the uninformed man’s opinion doesn’t affect the runners race, or his effort and the work he put in, it is merely the opinion of a man who assumed, who feels his thoughts are truer than the feet of the runner on the track?
What it is like to be a Witness in a “Fortean” World.


More than 100,000 Critically Endangered orangutans have been killed in Borneo since 1999, research has revealed.
Scientists who carried out a 16-year survey on the island described the figure as “mind-boggling”.
Deforestation, driven by logging, oil palm, mining and paper mills, continues to be the main culprit.
But the research, published in the journal Current Biology, also revealed that animals were “disappearing” from areas that remained forested.
This implied large numbers of orangutans were simply being slaughtered, said lead researcher Maria Voigt of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany.
‘100,000 orangutans’ killed in 16 years


I have avoided posting about this latest mass shooting in Florida so far because I’m so sick of these stories but in light of Jake Morphonios’ excellent work, I think it’s worth reporting that in early on-the-scene interviews with several students at Douglas High School in Parkland Florida as shown here, they talked about a crisis drill coinciding with the attack and multiple shooters.

The witnesses reports are, of course contrary to the Lone Nut story about Nikolas Cruz, whose most recent adoptive parents never, ever saw this bloodbath coming.
Students at Florida School Shooting Report Multiple Shooters and Crisis Drill


Amanda Feilding, Countess of Wemyss and March, also known as Lady Neidpath, sits cross-legged on a bench on a tiny island at the center of an artificial pond in her English country estate, a 15-minute drive outside of Oxford. At her feet is a tiny pure-white cloud of a dog, which traipses around chewing on the grass, only occasionally coughing it up.

Feilding is 75 years old. She wears a black skirt and knee-high boots and grips a tan shawl around her shoulders, on account of this being a gray November morning. From her ears hang jewelry that looks like green rock candy. Her light brown hair is frizzy but not altogether unkempt.

In the distance, peeking over a towering hedge, is her castle, built in the 1520s. “In the ’60s we called it Brainblood Hall,” she says in a posh accent that periodically turns sing-songy and high, à la Julia Child. “We always saw it as the masthead from where this change would happen.”
Inside the Mind of Amanda Feilding, Countess of Psychedelic Science


Watch these lively and engaging Dutch artists, the Kennis brothers, as they produce life-sized models of a Neanderthal and an early Homo sapiens, modeled on likely candidates for the earliest Britons, although some speculate that these may have been members of Homo Erectus, whose remains have been found in the near- and far-east and which preceded both of the above and is a species of hominid. The archeological dig, underneath a £15-a-night caravan park in Norfolk, England would precede at least two Ice Ages, where Britain was alternately submerged and emerged above sea level.
Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story – the Making of the Models


Cars and computers have an increasingly close yet complicated friendship. Specialized software now connects to everything from the brakes to the steering wheel to the door locks to the radio. And in newer models, it likely connects to the Internet too.

So what are the chances that your car is going to get hacked? What kind of havoc could a car hacker wreak? And what are automakers doing to make their cars, including those designed to drive autonomously, more resistant to hackers?

Car manufacturers are doing more than they used to, but still not enough, says Stefan Savage, a 2017 MacArthur Foundation “Genius” grant recipient and a professor at University of California at San Diego who specializes in car hacking. That could put drivers and pedestrians at risk of injury or even death, he says. And in the meantime, it impacts drivers’ privacy.
Hackable software in the driver’s seat


I can’t get the vids to work…maybe you can:

Last November, The War Zone posted an exclusive story detailing a bizarre incident involving an unidentified aircraft that transited the skies of the Pacific Northwest in the early evening of October 25th, 2017. What started as a radar target moving at very high speed over Northern California turned into a series of eyewitness accounts made by nearby airline pilots traveling northward over Oregon. Even F-15 fighters were launched to intercept the mysterious intruder that quickly became invisible to radar.

Now, through the Freedom of Information Act, we present what could be one of the most insightful instances of official documentation surrounding such an encounter that had already been confirmed to have occurred by both the FAA and the USAF. These materials include fascinating audio recordings of radio transmissions and phone calls made as the incident was unfolding, as well as pilot interviews, and conversations between FAA officials made in the aftermath of the highly peculiar incident.
You Need To Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling

Journalist Billy Cox comments on the story: FOIA strikes again


The Isle of Apples, Isle of the Blessed, and the Otherworld. These titles have long been associated with the magical resting place of the early medieval king, Arthur Pendragon. A realm imbued with magic, mystery and mysticism, Avalon is as much a metaphor as a true metaphysical realm.

Its existence and the essence of Avalon had therefore varied from author to author. What was Avalon’s role in medieval literature, then? Was it magical or metaphorical? Was it both? Was it entirely unrelated to Arthur? Well, the last question is evidently answered with a resounding “NO”; but is there a question about Avalon that can be answered with a resounding “yes”? This work will examine the ways in which Avalon was depicted in medieval literature, how it was altered over time, and some of the literary and historical implications of the site’s supposed mysticism.
Magic into Myth: Avalon, Mystical Isle of Medieval Arthurian Literature


In Sivershchina, close to the village of Mizyn in Ukraine is one of the oldest and most unique settlements of humans – and it was discovered in a parking lot. The now well-known archaeological site, known plainly as the Mizyn parking lot, dates back 18-20 thousand years. In this spot two intricately carved bracelets made from mammoth bone were found, which led to the unraveling of a fantastic Stone Age discovery.
Surprising Stone Age Knowledge Revealed on a Mammoth Bone Bracelet


A creature believed by many to have supernatural origins, the Bunyip is a monster that lurks within the creeks and swamps of Australia, and which has been known to the Aboriginal people for centuries. Maybe even longer. As for its appearance, in 1845 the Geelong Advertiser told its readers: “The Bunyip, then, is represented as uniting the characteristics of a bird and of an alligator. It has a head resembling an emu, with a long bill, at the extremity of which is a transverse projection on each side, with serrated edges like the bone of the stingray. Its body and legs partake of the nature of the alligator. The hind legs are remarkably thick and strong, and the fore legs are much longer, but still of great strength. The extremities are furnished with long claws, but the blacks say its usual method of killing its prey is by hugging it to death. When in the water it swims like a frog, and when on shore it walks on its hind legs with its head erect, in which position it measures twelve or thirteen feet in height.”
Beware of the Beastly Bunyip


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