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I have amazing news!…..
Together again…..
New American Supernatural docs coming soon + Channel Updates…..
Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious?…..
Planet Xtra Ellis Taylor Shaman for the Modern World 05-01-2014…..
Ellis Taylor on Energy Harvesting…..
What role does the Paranormal play in missing people and unexplained disappearances?…..
Michael Tsarion on Race, Jordan Peterson, and Why Conspiracy Work is Spiritual Work |372|…..
Constructing Australia (2007) Pipe Dreams…..
Bigfoot: Tusked and with Backwards Feet!…..
New DNA Test Results on Peru’s Elongated Skulls…..
Brian Harvey reveals Paedophile Room at London Nightclub…..
The Strange Death of Michael Hutchence Part One–The Fatal Attraction of Paula Yates–The Mars Opposition…..
Robert Parry’s Legacy and the Future of Consortiumnews…..
Remembering John Anthony West — Friday FARcast…..

What Neolithic rock art can tell us about the way our ancestors lived 6,000 years ago…..

Amazing wonderful news!

For everyone who remembers my writing and speaking about this, in An Angel in our Midst I have some fabulous news for you: In December 1997 my darling little niece passed away, she was only 9. It was devastating of course for her parents and siblings, and the whole of our family. Tyff was an extraordinarily sensitive and caring little girl, and knowing how difficult her leaving would be demonstrated her continued presence by sending loving messages almost immediately, as well as foretelling the birth of a little nephew. Today, on the day that Tyff would have been celebrating her 30th birthday, an adorable little girl was born to one of her twin sisters. Together Again was her favourite song. I have only just got of the phone to my brother and he has shared two truly remarkable incidents that preceded this birth. I have just added these accounts to the end of An Angel in our Midst .

Never ever doubt it; life goes on.


Don Philips: Hi subscribers old and new, finally I’m back – this is an update on where I am and where I’m going with things. I’m back in the US in a few weeks investigating the most prolific Haunting’s. Joining me will be members of an American team who I shall reveal at a later stage. This year is about full feature documentaries and uploads to you people here on youtube. The DEMONS IN SEATTLE UNCOVERED doc released date set for April I know there’s a lot of people been waiting for this. I also have a back log of footage to be added to you tube throughout this year. It’s going to be an amazing year people on many levels. Thank you… Don Philips


As I’ve been saying:

Plants don’t get enough credit.
They move. You know this. Your houseplant salutes the sun each morning. At night, it returns to center.
You probably don’t think much of it. This is simply what plants do: Get light. Photosynthesize. Make food. Live.
But what about all the signs of plant intelligence that have been observed?
Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious?




What role does the Paranormal play in missing people and unexplained disappearances?


That’s a clip from the 2017 Oscar nominated movie, Get Out. It is a movie that approaches some of these topics of race, genetics, blood lines, in a rather new and novel way. But from my perspective, from the Skeptiko perspective of consciousness and extended consciousness, it just sounds like bullshit.

Alex Tsakiris: I mean, I’m just going to be really blunt. I’m looking at a picture of you and I’m going Irishman? Man, this guy’s pretty brown skinned, and then I’m reading your background and you say in your bio that your grandfather was this, kind of, famous Sikh, right?

Michael Tsarion: That’s right. I am Irish with Norwegian background and part of my family comes from Northern India. When you say Sikh, that’ll pretty much nail it for people because within Sikhism there’s several different castes and the highest caste, the philosopher caste, was called Jat, and my ancestors came from the Jat Sikhs. So, these are a philosopher caste. This is a caste that is known to be pure Aryan and pure Caucasian. So even though the tone of the skin maybe off-white, you know, darker because of the hot climate and that my ancestors moved over to India, they are, in fact, Caucasians. So, on both sides of my family, it’s Caucasian blood there, partly from Norway and then the Norwegians came over.

Alex Tsakiris: This history, the land, the blood. You feel like that’s important to you?

Michael Tsarion: Yes, it’s important to me, yeah.
Skeptico interview with Michael Tsarion: on Race, Jordan Peterson, and Why Conspiracy Work is Spiritual Work |372|



It was in 1868 that Franklin County, Mississippi received a most unwelcome visit from something ape-like and terrifying. The story was told in the St. Louis Dispatch on June 27, 1868. It all began when a group of men out hunting with a pack of dogs in the vicinity of the town of Meadville came across a number of large, human-like tracks, several of which seemed to suggest the feet of the creature faced backwards! As odd as it may sound, tales of backwards-facing feet abound in cryptid ape lore and can be found all around the world – as we shall soon see.
Bigfoot: Tusked and with Backwards Feet!


Read the comments too:
In the paranormal business, the cure for a slow news day is to see what’s cooking in Peru. Last week, we had the truck driver plowing his vehicle over the ancient Nazca lines, destroying portions of these famous and unexplained geoglyphs in the name of avoiding to pay a toll. It’s been a while since we heard anything about the three-fingered mummies but there’s nothing new to reports. Fortunately, the elongated skulls came to the rescue!
New DNA Test Results on Peru’s Elongated Skulls


As I tunneled down the rabbit hole, eight days ago, looking at the birth date of Michael Hutchence (1/22/60) and the strange case of his death (and life). As always, when the research starts, the mining process begins. At this point, I could probably write a small book on the death of Hutchence, Paula Yates, Bob Geldof and the death of Yates and Geldof’s daughter, Peaches. We’re talking Laurel Canyon, UK style. Instead, I”l break this down into a series, starting with Hutchence and the obsessive romance with Yates. That’s where it all starts
The Strange Death of Michael Hutchence Part One–The Fatal Attraction of Paula Yates–The Mars Opposition


It is with a heavy heart that we inform Consortiumnews readers that Editor Robert Parry has passed away. As regular readers know, Robert (or Bob, as he was known to friends and family) suffered a stroke in December, which – despite his own speculation that it may have been brought on by the stress of covering Washington politics – was the result of undiagnosed pancreatic cancer that he had been unknowingly living with for the past 4-5 years.
Robert Parry’s Legacy and the Future of Consortiumnews



The British and Irish countryside is often celebrated for its wealth of unique places of heritage, significance and interest. But not many people know that this heritage includes thousands of ancient panels of neolithic art, which are usually found out in the open for anyone to see.

Known also as “cup and rings”, these rock carvings were made by our Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ancestors between 6,000 and 3,800 years ago. About 7,000 carved panels are known about – occurring mostly in England (3,500 panels) and Scotland (2,500 panels).
What Neolithic rock art can tell us about the way our ancestors lived 6,000 years ago

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