Come together

There are, and have been, many people over many years doing their best to make a difference by holding talks and other events.

There is little to compare with meeting up in person, to exchange ideas and make real new friends and contacts.

In so many cases, despite doing everything they can, and can afford to do, organisers end up struggling to continue. Despite ignorant and darkly contrived allegations that they are ‘in it for the money’ this is not at all true for the vast majority. In fact, so far, presenting events that challenge orthodox programming has been one of the quickest ways to go broke. Most people put on conferences for the benefit of attendees, not for themselves, but events in our genres run on a shoe-string and very often end up losing money through poor attendance.

A major problem organisers face is in promoting their events both within and outside our spheres of interests. Advertising is expensive and from my own experience, and from those of other people I know, appealing for help with promotion from those in the alternative community most often falls on deaf ears.

Because people’s pockets are not anything like as deep as the corporate and academic worlds (frequently subsidised by taxes on humans), organisers, in most cases, cannot afford to pay for advertising, whether it’s with alternative or mainstream outlets. (Although I haven’t run a talk for a couple of years or so, from my experience mainstream and faux alternative outlets cannot be trusted to even publish paid adverts for alternative events.)

I really do feel that we should be setting an example by supporting those who give so much to provide these forums by attending the events that are put on, and also by doing what we can to let other people know about them.

We need real direct human to human conferences, conventions and festivals and we need to reach out to pique the interest of those who don’t (or rarely) venture outside mainstream propaganda and direction.

Writers and other content creators, through search engines, attract visitors by the subjects they are looking for, and though this is now being increasingly regulated and censored huge numbers of people land on sites and channels that they didn’t know about, and would never have known about otherwise. Most people, even if they have been perpetually conditioned to believe ordained facts do have inklings and personal experiences that challenge those shackles. Conferences and such provide opportunities for those who have thus far not voiced them to do so in an environment where their thoughts and accounts are respected. This is extremely important.

If something is clearly not a get rich quick scheme and is being offered, with no strings attached, to authentically benefit and inform I struggle to understand why any spiritually aware empathetic person would have a problem with helping out.

Posting a banner ad on a website or video, or a quick mention during a broadcast for free, costs nix in time and money and will help to expand human awareness and increase human beings’ confidence in themselves.

I’m not proposing that creative content should be stuffed with adverts neither am I saying that we should expect any productions to be free. Everything in life is cyclical and must operate in balance. In a healthy system what comes out must be nourished or matched by what goes in. In this case the system is humanity’s continued presence. We are a species lost and confused, predated upon and lied to.

We need insightful, inspirational, information and we need to come together. Attending conferences and like events are peerless ways for great numbers of people to achieve them both at the same time.

Thank you to all the people everywhere that have and are presenting the informative and orthodox-challenging conferences and other events that are such invaluable contributions to humanity’s awareness of itself and its presence in this world…and equally huge thanks to everyone who attends and supports them.



22nd January 2018


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