Real eyes in a see of lies

This is an article written for my Dragon-nature-human healing blog, which is why there are references to it at the beginning.


There is a gathering realisation that this world is not as it should be.

Darkness is exposed in the light of compassion; which is why we are being saturated with the false light of ever-increasingly powerful, invasive, and addictive technology, to attenuate and redirect meaningful awakening, stalling humans from being roused in enough numbers, together, to actually do something seriously effective about this world’s, and this planet’s critical state.

There are countless issues but fortunately we are a species with endless abilities, and so able to tackle every problem, and on every level. We are, with this particular Y Ddraig Ffraed project, helping to heal a connection that is primordial and beyond powerful, and in so doing, as well, we uncover countless issues on multiple levels, giving opportunities for their mending as well.

When I am out with the Dragon the consciousness of everyone who is drawn to follow Her story is with me too. Every step we take with Her is dissipating shadows of ignorance and suppression, and we encourage each other, and others, as we have been encouraged, to let loose the chains to express our own talents and passions; the divine gifts we are given to light this world, and keep well, this planet.

We can do it; they, the disciples of darkness, walk a precarious and fraying tight rope. Any one more injustice or imposition could be the match that sends them, and all of their machinations into ashes, and they know it, so they tread cautiously…

They also know that humanity’s return to consciousness is inevitable, and make more plots and plans for that eventuality; including, for example, wheeling in their long-prepared and made up saviour bots…like Oprah Winfrey, who has been there, is there, to capture the don’t look and it’ll go way, light-trippers:

Vital, before that fall, they and the more observant among us know, is that humanity becomes aware of who they are, how this realm really operates and what their responsibilities in, and to, this planet are; otherwise, all we’ll get is the same with another face.

Humanity must get to know its true past, has to. It is literally, vital; because behind that history is our un-corrupted innocence, when we were all that we could be, and still are, at the heart of every one of us. That real history won’t be found in any books, but it does lay hidden in the depths of our unconscious, or at least the paths to it are. Our imagination, intuition, our psychic senses – which is why imaginative art in schools and society is more and more restricted and machine art more promoted; why playgrounds are constantly reduced in size, or taken away, and sanitised into organised rules. Desolate places at night, green deserts, concrete and iron, haunts for the bored and discarded, enticed prey for demons’ ambitions. It’s why caring parents have been brain-washed into keeping their young kids indoors and, or, away from nature and their natural longings for risk and adventure; why homework has been introduced for the youngest of children, and is forever being increased. Why the slightest evidence of our inter-world and inter-species communication, and beyond time and space, abilities are treated with ridicule or suppressed in so many other ways. Anything and everything that challenges the drive of the regime and its credibility is attacked and buried; or it is misdirected and redirected by their un-savvy pawns and possessed agents. Even things that are so blatantly obviously there, and causes for questions and honest answers, such as chemtrails, UFOs, institutional abuse, and the treachery and sedition of their servants, they have managed to steer away proper attention from ‘the perpetually trained to fall in and move on’, through the mobilising of one after the other darkly calculated atrocities, or sponsored tittle-tattle and nonsense.


The success of every one of the Darkness’s inhuman activities is achieved through barricading off higher consciousness and its facilities (intuition, imagination, compassion). Through railroading everyone to concentrate on the intellect and subconscious (instinct level) aspects of mind they keep everyone in fear and focus upon their own survival – which is interpreted as success, comfort, security, and pleasure, by the instinct, which is forever communicating with the intellect (conscious mind). The instinct is then gratified and has no need, it thinks, to bother with any appeals from the higher mind faculties; so it does not relay any such messages to the conscious mind (which it is supposed to do).

Only when instinct and intellect are busy elsewhere, subdued, or resting, do those vital communications get through. This is not to denigrate the worth of intellect and instinct, they too are vital to the well-being and success of every human incarnation in this world, but they are only parts of the transmission system we call mind; and nothing works as it should, or lasts, if there are necessary bits missing, corrupted or sabotaged in an integral system, especially not in such a highly tuned one as mind. ¹

‘Subdued’ is the station where things like drugs, alcohol, and techno-frequencies have come in. These induce vulnerable states where people can be manipulated and mislead because also in such moments our higher conscious paths can be infiltrated by other forms of consciousness that recognise flaws in the mental state of ‘the traveller’. Fully integrated human beings have no need for drugs of any kind, but this world is saturated in them, whether anyone wants them or not; which makes it all the more necessary for people to become self-empoweringly, fully conscious, through distancing themselves from the Demiurge’s tricks, treats and dictates while restoring their mental connections, and thus their guiding paths to the Great Spirit, the Infinite, the Ineffable, Universal Consciousness, whatever anyone wants to call All That Is.²



7th January, 2018

1: The exclusive sole partnership of Intellect and instinct was known, by the Gnostics, to be the Demiurge’s prime weapon.  Jesus referred to it as Caesar.
2: “The way, the light and the truth”.


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