Human societies are stuffed like turkeys at Christmas with a constant stream of war-glorifying programming through TV, movies and other propaganda machines. There is nothing remotely glorious about wars.


Wars, the disgusting curse of blood-thirsty ritualised games of slaughter; pass-times devised by the Darkness Invisible’s psychopathic non-human agents and the human possessed. Contests to condemn and murder the most brain-washed human beings into settling demon-contrived lustful squabbles in full awareness that in adversity human beings are capable of extraordinary resourcefulness, comradeship, and bravery; riveting entertainment is assured.

The spoils of demonic victories ever blighting our world. There are no benefits, no better world for anyone else but those who the Darkness gives favour. There are no countries, no nations, no capitals, that have been decided and marked out, or even named by human beings. Patriotism is an anti-humanity, tyrannical propaganda device invented to prevent dissent and foment division and violence in the world. There are no monarchs, presidents, or prime ministers that haven’t been put there by the Darkness. No elections, legislation, calendars, currencies, corporations, religions, or institutions that don’t serve dark ambitions. Every nation is the treacherous product and contaminated fruit of wars; a mustering of indoctrinated humans to be summoned against other brothers and sisters who have had the same done to them. The vittles are toxic, the roots are rotten.

Still, human beings front up at cenotaphs and the like, at a time and a date decided by the Darkness, believing they are paying honour to those who have served and fallen. They hold their directed moments of re-minding silence unwittingly tuning into and recharging the ever energy-hungry batteries which will, as sure as eggs are eggs, be harvested to cause even more murderous mayhem.




You’d think that the First World War would have been enough for humans to wake up to the insanity of their deluded sacrifices and torment, but no, a mere 20 years later and they are offering each other up again. Shattered lives, and blitzed landscapes.






……and on and on it goes…still.

Even though the purposely degraded humans of today have been turned into hypocritical parasites and prefer to treat the world like a never-ending magic pudding and toilet, volunteering excuses for darkly-directed other human agents to treat them like scum, and very soon annihilate the species; but there’ll always be a few humans, at least while the possessed are still here. Real robots and Artificial Intelligence will take over just about everything, but machines smashing the wires and nuts and bolts out of each other won’t cut the mustard for their perverted cravings. It’s all being shown to us today who it is that will still survive, everywhere, in papers, film and on billboards; only a scant few young kids, gladiators and sluts of both genders. We’re a species that is being groomed.

The long and short of it is that while humans continue to support and serve all these blatantly corrupt, self-serving and vicious systems and institutions wars will never end. They succeed because we give them our permission.

We still have a choice: Refuse to…or refuse be.


7th December 2017



5 thoughts on “War

  1. Great post Ellis. It seems there are not enough who believe as you have shared. However, unless we take this stand we will never know how many there truly are. This is the time…there will be no other for me. Disclosure of our hidden master’s agenda is the next step to our climbing out of the mire…

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    • Thanks Michael, you’re right. Something I could have mentioned, that might give pause to maybe one or two, is that if people think that passing exams is going to save them they’d better start thinking again…and quickly. Jobs that require what thoughtless repetition rewards will be among the first to go. Re-kindling love, compassion, and care for everyone, everywhere is where attention needs to be focussed; coming together, not exclusivity, and falling like fools for the traps of status, fashion and acquisition at the expense of our brothers and sisters. Bread and circuses, and some-day…never, routines continue, even in this so-obviously gaining momentum extermination programme.

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