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Dragon sites 1…..
Dreaming Saucers…..
Australian Aboriginal symbols found on mysterious 12,000-year-old pillar in Turkey—a connection that could shake up history…..
Aeon Rising…..
Pictish Carving of Large-Nosed Warrior Found in Scotland…..
Pictish written language discovered in Scotland…..
Big cheetah-like feline captured in Pennsylvania…..
UFO, Helicopter, Or Something Else?…..
The 1938 War of the Worlds Psyop…..
What happened to the South Oxfordshire crop circles?…..
1925. Calon Lan (J. Hughes / D. James) – at Salzburg Fortress, Austria…..
Chris Norman – Crawling Up The Wall (Official Music Video)…..
Kieron Lee Perrin: Interview @ Probe International, April, 2017…..

The ancients recognised and revered the Dragon (Welsh: y Ddraig) currents that kept the harmony of the land and nourished their environment. On them they purposely built their significant edifices for such things as astronomy, teaching, divine communion, invigoration, and the restoration of body and soul. When these sites were commandeered by those who came afterwards many of them continued in those roles. Gradually though the sensitivity and awareness of most people declined until they forgot about the presence of their powerful Dragon allies until this essential knowledge was kept by a tiny few; it became secret. In October 2016 I began walking a major feminine Dragon current weaving its way through Pembrokehire, in south-west Wales. This short video is the first in a series that will show just a fraction of the Dragon sites I’ve discovered while walking this long road with Ffraed, y Ddraig. This one shows some of the sites that remain significant to humanity, and are marked on Ordnance Survey maps, and/or they are known to some archaeologists.

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Some readers who have been long-time visitors to my sites will recall that I used to run speaking events in Oxford, where I used to live. They were called ‘Oxford Talks’ and were studiously ignored and suppressed by the local media. Nevertheless they were successful and we had some great speakers such as Brian Allan, Mary Rodwell, Neil Hague, and Ann and Jason Andrews.
Well, my mate Ben Emlyn-Jones is attempting to wake up to wonder the populous of the city again with a two-day event, called ‘Dreaming Saucers’. Good on him.


Göbekli Tepe in Turkey is a 12,000-year-old megalithic monument complex, the origins of which have stumped archaeologists since its discovery about 20 years ago. It has caused archaeologists to rethink their understanding of “primitive” society at that time.

The sophistication of a society that could build such monuments—containing pillars weighing 45 to 65 tons and carved with intricate symbols and figures—far surpasses what most archaeologists thought possible for that period.

It may have been created by a society that was wiped out by a cataclysmic event.
Australian Aboriginal symbols found on mysterious 12,000-year-old pillar in Turkey—a connection that could shake up history


Neil Hague’s new book, the epic chronicles of the Battle for Atlantis Earth:

Construction on a road link in Perth, Scotland, came to an abrupt halt recently after workers hit upon an unusual archaeological find: a Pictish stone engraved with a large-nosed, weapon-wielding warrior.

As Alison Campsie reports for The Scotsman, archaeologists who were called in to examine the relic believe that it is around 1,500 years old. The carving shows a figure who appears to be clad in a cloak and shoes. He clutches a spear in one hand and what appears to be a club or a staff in the other. The spear is consistent with weapons used during the mid-first millennium A.D., according to Campsie.

Things start to get really interesting with the figure’s hair, which is shaved at the front—and the front only. Because parts of the carving have eroded over time, the figure’s face is partially obscured. But his nose appears to be quite substantial.
Pictish Carving of Large-Nosed Warrior Found in Scotland

Well, I can’t see a nose. To me it looks like he is wearing a mask. – Ellis


A new language dating back to the Scottish Iron Age has been identified on carved stones.

These inscriptions are believed to belong to the early Pict society living from ca 300 to 843 AD, in modern-day eastern and northern Scotland. The Picts, meaning “the Painted Ones”, were named by the Roman Eumenius in 297 AD and are renowned for having repeatedly repelled invasions from both Romans and Angles, creating a clear North-South division of the British Isles.
Pictish written language discovered in Scotland


Police say they captured a big African cat, resembling a cheetah, running loose through the streets of a Pennsylvania city.

Reports about the spotted feline started coming in on Nov. 3. When Reading officers tracked it down, they initially thought they’d found a cheetah.

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County says they got a call from the police department about the feline on Saturday.

When staff responded, they found a cat called an African serval in Reading, about 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia.
Big cheetah-like feline captured in Pennsylvania


According to a batch of files that the U.K.’s National Archive declassified a number of years ago, Dame Rebecca West, MBE, was inadvertently plunged into a very strange puzzle in early 1966. Incredibly, she asserted, some sort of unusual aerial object, had landed in the grounds of her home – Ibstone House. For its part, the files reveal, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) suggested that West had simply misidentified a helicopter seen under poor conditions (which may well have been the case). Whatever the truth of the matter, West’s odd experience became the subject of a fifteen-page file that attracted the attention of the MoD’s Defense Intelligence Staff.
UFO, Helicopter, Or Something Else?



What happened to the South Oxfordshire crop circles?

2007 saw the last crop circles in the previously very active area of south Oxfordshire around Garsington and the Baldons. I’d discovered a formation myself on a visit to the UK on St. John’s Day 1997 just down the road on the outskirts of Chiselhampton. The formation was flown by Steve Alexander some time afterwards but in-between someone had made some paths between the circles and stuck some ridiculous outgrowths on it. This was the first crop circle I’d been in and knew what it was. As a kid my friends and I noticed circles in the fields in this area a few times but didn’t think that much about them. They were just plain circles best I can recall. Anyway what struck me about the Richmond Hill circles was that they were on a very steep pudding hill and that the makers had so accurately shaped them to look like perfect circle from above or at a distance. How did they do that? It was as if a circular cutter had come directly down or up. The weather had been very wet and the route to the formation was thick Oxfordshire clay that you couldn’t by-pass, but there was no signs of mud in the formations. The other thing was that the circles were quite far apart yet there were no trails or footprints.

Anyway, back to the last of the crop circles in the area – very many of which were created on, or within yards of the Michael Line. I photographed two UFOs over crop circles in the area (as well as many military helicopters). I wrote during the last gasps of this activity how the energy had changed, seemed suppressed, since the Church of St. Mary (also on the Michael current) that looks across the vale, had been clad in scaffolding and iron. This Faraday cage does seem to have at least heralded, if not caused, the demise of crop circles in that area. Things took a darker turn too with a sign that may have been written in blood upon the corrugated iron of the church tower. On the face that looks out over the crop circle hot-spots (the west end) was written, ‘Christians, are you bleeding?’. A dilapidated old listed thatched cottage (two made into one), just up Toot Hill with glorious views over the area was sold at an auction; not many days afterwards it mysteriously burned to the ground. Nobody was surprised. Around this time too, a group including Linda Mouton-Howe, visited a flower-of-life formation just below the church to be over-aggressively attacked by a tribal farmer (who lives miles away) who waded like a maniac through his crop to shout threats at them. A Saturn-associated formation appeared at this time too, in an adjacent field. These two fields were amongst the vast backdrops of my childhood; streams, fields and woods where nightingales sang and golden cowslips carpeted the meadows as far as the eye could see. Where elms soared, and trees spoke to us in high-pitched witterings, where ghosts of all sorts whispered and wandered nonchalantly about…and a helicopter appeared from nowhere…did my friend and I want to go for a ride?  Much of this verdant paradise is built on now and greedy soul-less eyes fix intently upon the rest.

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Who remembers Chris Norman? He was lead singer of the band Smokie that were big in the 70s. Well, he’s still going and still sounding great. Here’s one from his latest album:

…and crikey!…he looks the spit of (the genuine) mind control target, Kieron Lee Perrin (you might recognise the voice of the interviewer):

Kieron Lee Perrin’s website: Chronicles of a mind control target




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