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Synchronizing Science and Religion? Why We Find Solar Observatories and Astronomical Features in Churches…..
Dogman Encounters Episode 173…..
Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer – Antarctica…..
Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?…..
What China Found on the Moon is the Most Astonishing Space Discovery Ever…..
Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas …..
Come on ref!! Red Devils and a Blue Jumper – David Icke sent off at Old Trafford…..


It is often assumed that science and faith are always at loggerheads with each other. This, however, is a common misconception, as there are numerous instances demonstrating the co-existence and co-operation between science and religion. One of these, for example, is the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and astronomy, in particular, the former’s installation of astronomical features in churches, as well as their use of these sacred spaces as solar observatories.
Synchronizing Science and Religion? Why We Find Solar Observatories and Astronomical Features in Churches


Tonight’s guest, Flinn, due to his past, knows how to defend himself and has been in a lot of situations most people would consider terrifying. Some of those experiences he’s had shook him up, quite a bit, but none of them came close to causing him to feel the fear he felt when he found himself merely feet away from a Dogman 20 years ago, in Wales. That wasn’t the only run-in he’s had with Dogmen in his life either. Other encounters were to follow. We hope you tune in and listen to Flinn talk about those experiences. Maybe you’ll think back on his experiences if you ever decide to go to the southwest part of Great Britain.


Linda Moulton Howe interviews Brian “S” Linda received an email from a now 61-year-old Navy officer who was in Antarctica – his C130 crew encountered high strangeness from 1984/85 to 1987. Several times he and the crew all watched silver discs darting around the sky. He said he saw an entrance to a human/ET collaboration base. Brian was told by his superiors that, “you did not see…”.


Most people who have the Rh blood type are Rh-positive. There are also instances, however, where people are Rh-Negative. Health problems may occur for the unborn child of a mother with Rh-Negative blood when the baby is Rh-Positive. This has led some to suggest that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin. Theories range from supernatural ones such as being of divine descent or membership in a divinely chosen people-group, to more scientific or pseudoscientific explanations such as interbreeding with extraterrestrials. The majority of scientists who have studied the blood type have concluded that it is most likely just a random mutation. This explanation seems to be the one most consistent with available evidence and the one that is most able to withstand Occam’s Razor.
Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?


What NASA (through its Apollo Project) actually discovered on the Moon, beginning just seven years later, has now been resoundingly confirmed (if not yet “officially” announced …) by the Chinese “Chang’e-3” unmanned lunar landing mission– A stunning validation of not only the ultimate reality of “the Apollo Program” itself (against all those who have claimed, against overwhelming evidence, that “it never really happened …”) — but what the Apollo astronauts actually found … all those years ago — which NASA then inexplicably, but relentlessly, suppressed: The still-glistening, crystalline remains of “an extraordinarily ancient, Type II lunar civilization.” Now, the Chinese government — almost a half-century after the American astronauts first quietly recorded them — has just as quietly published official … independent … stunning Chang’e-3 color images–


I haven’t posted to my blog for a long while, mostly because I didn’t really have anything pressing to say.

There is also the *grim* factor, in that things are becoming so execrable that it’s downright unpleasant to regularly write about what’s going on in the world.

But what I can say is that in recent weeks I have again drunk ayahuasca, the revelatory, Amazonian shamanic brew. My long-time readers know that my principle reason for originally coming to South America in 2010 was to embark on a shamanic vision quest. I am happy to report that the quest is ongoing! — and ayahasca has played, and continues to play, an integral role in my continuing process of self-inquiry and exploration of broader reality in every sense.

So it is that in recent weeks ayahuasca, in its considerable wisdom, has seen fit to impress upon me, yet one more time, just how fake and FALSE everything is. It has shown me hours of the most HIDEOUS, GHASTLY, HORRIFIC aspects of this world and this reality that one man can bear to take in. Every corpuscle and fiber of my organism automatically reacted in instinctive revulsion and I was reduced to repeated rounds of vigorous retching and deep sighing as I repeated over and over and over: “It’s so false. It’s all so false!”
Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas …


Tis that ol’ 17 again. David repeating (yet again) what you’ve heard a zillion times before, by him and countless others for millennia. He’s mostly right too but I doubt this could be put down to the Labour M.P.’s Party affiliations; she’s clearly an attack dog for far more sinister anti-human ambitions. Anyway, this won’t do the Labour Party much good but it’s good publicity for him and he’ll milk it. The goalie won’t let this one go by him. Next!

One thought on “18th November 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Hey Ellis
    Just an observation – Brian S does not sound 61? He sounds a lot like the blogger ‘Richie From Boston’. Quoting Corry Goode and Buzz Aldrin makes me doubt the validity of this interview as I don’t believe that we went to the moon in the 60’s. Just saying 🙂


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