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I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and the Internet connection where I stayed developed a fault which will entail Telecom groundworks. Through the help of others I managed to get one or two posts out but little else. For those who don’t know, my time and prime focus now is on the Dragon current that I’m tracing and assisting to heal so posts on here will inevitably be sporadic anyway. Please be patient if responses to your messages take a while. – Ellis


The Invisibles…..
Andrew McGrath Beasts of Britain Cryptids in the British Isles 1/2…..
The Price Of UFO Contact Tony Topping On Off Planet Radio USA…..
2017 world series mystery – is time travel involved?…..
10 signs a demon is haunting your house…..
Strange Cases of Mysterious Unidentified Body Parts from Nowhere…..
The Saga of Ireland’s Ghostly Animal-Man…..

Nik Hayes is a UFOlogist with a difference. Most of the objects he detects cannot be seen with human eyes and can only be detected with special cameras.

Great that Ben took the time to film Nik and give his ground-breaking research some good exposure.


Andrew McGrath, author of “Beasts of Britain” is a veteran Cryptozoologist who investigates Bigfoot Sightings, Lake and Sea Monster sightings, Big Cat Sightings, Loch Ness Monster, Menehune, water monsters and Flying Cryptid (including Pterasaur) among other cryptids in the British Isles, discusses his findings over the years. Andy McGrath, a Crypto ‘Enthusiast’ with over 25 years of researchand obsession about the unknown creatures living right under our noses here on this tiny island in the North Atlantic.Water Monsters, Bigfoot, Mystery Big Cats and UFC’s (Unidentified Flying Cryptids) are largely ignored or used as newspaper fillers to entertain us.

I met Andy at Probe a couple of weekends ago. Very nice guy with lots of fascinating research.


Tony Topping, the UK CE5 experiencer/disclosure UFOs/targeted individual, joins us for an at-length discussion on the real life experience of a UFO contactee living in the UK, disclosure of contact: with the Nordic ET,; the components of contact experiences that connect to mind control operations and targeting of UFO contactees/abductees; the Yasmat Paradox, Mysterious calls from so called spooks regarding triangle craft and A.I. communications with the triangle craft, the orb beings/craft; remote viewing UFOs; filming the triangle craft over Yorkshire; Tony’s communications with a German intelligence agency over his sightings; and deep personal insights into the phenomena of UFO contact experiences.in one of his most outstanding interviews to date.

Looks like Tony is having encounters with mysterious ‘Indian-looking’ women as well.


Grays Sports Almanac.

That book tells the future. It tells the results of every major sports event until the end of the century – football, baseball, horse races, boxing. The information in there is worth millions.

And maybe, just maybe, it actually exists.

I don’t really follow sports, to be honest. I got this tip on Twitter, and it’s a pretty interesting case that has the gambling community scratching their heads.

You see, there’s this mysterious Eastern European gambler out there who bet on and won six of the seven 2017 World Series games, raking in a total of $14 million.
2017 world series mystery – is time travel involved?


Ghosts might be one thing, but demons are something else entirely.

A demon is a fallen angel. A supernatural and malevolent entity that exists in many religions around the world, under different names. In the Bible, they’re described as angels who were hurled down to Earth along with Satan, whose sole purpose now is to revolt against “God’s plan” and his people.

In the New Testament, Jesus was said to have driven out many demons.
10 signs a demon is haunting your house


As far as murders go things tend to be fairly straightforward for investigators. You have a corpse, a big piece of the puzzle, and you identify it, analyze and inspect it to look for clues to what has happened, how they died, and possible peeks into their history that may have led up to this grim demise. While indeed forensic science is not as simple as that, it can get a lot more complicated when you do not have a whole body to work with, and on top of that don’t even know who the victim is. There have been a few bizarre cases of body parts that have turned up that seem to belong to no one, and which have stirred intense bewilderment, hot debate, and heated discussion all without providing any real answers. Here are some of the weirder of these cases of human body parts appearing out of nowhere almost as if to taunt all who would seek answers.
Strange Cases of Mysterious Unidentified Body Parts from Nowhere


Back in the 1930s, a strange and sinister story surfaced of a diabolical beast rumored to haunt an old Irish castle. According to two ghost authorities of that long gone era, Marchioness Townshend of Raynham and Maude Ffoulkes (in their book True Ghost Stories), “…the truth of this story was vouched for to Mr. Reginald Span by the Vicar of the Anglican Church, Arizona, as it happened to some friends of his when they once rented a picturesque castle in the South of Ireland.”
The Saga of Ireland’s Ghostly Animal-Man


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