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THIS WEEKEND: Probe International October conference details – 21st/22nd October 2017


Ophelia~The First Real Test of Goddess Permaculture Planting!…..
Hurricane Ophelia: UK faces more storm disruption…..
Review: Watling Street…..
1ts & 0s & Conscious custodianship…..

Sorry I didn’t get to post anything else yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me with good wishes for Ophelia’s visit. All is good here, no damage, the holy well is fine, and the little birds are flitting about busily in the hedgerows.

Beltaine Cottage more than survived too, by the looks of it. Such a beautiful garden.

What she said.

The atmosphere feels so much clearer and cleaner this morning.

Sadly three people lost their lives in Eire and my thoughts are with their loved ones, and also now with our northern kin in the NW of England and in Scotland. All the best to you all.
BBC: Hurricane Ophelia: UK faces more storm disruption


Mysterious Watling Street, a road that I’ve had at least 3 very strange experiences on whilst travelling it.

This is a Daily Grail review of a new book written by John Higgs:

On my first overseas holiday, in 1998, I was amazed by the depth of human history in the locations I visited. In England I boggled at pubs that were centuries old; then in Turkey sites were a couple of millennia old; and finally in Egypt I was looking at monuments constructed close to 5000 years ago.

The reason this made such an impact on me was that, coming from Australia, I was not used to such visible evidence of long-time human habitation. Which is ironic, as Aboriginal Australians have been walking this land for likely more than 50,000 years. But given the vastness of Australia compared to the population, and the partly nomadic Aboriginal culture, it is not often that you are visibly reminded of this fact – such as when you are lucky enough to view some of the amazing indigenous rock art found in locations around the country. And European settlement of Australia didn’t occur until the late 18th century, so there are few older ‘western’ buildings with centuries-deep history attached to them.

So I was fascinated by the new book from one of my favourite authors (full disclosure: and someone I also count as a friend), John Higgs.
Daily Grail: Review: Watling Street


1ts & 0s & Conscious custodianship

Some things have had their day, and there’s no going back, unless Creation decides it will. Fundamentally we, humans, are not he’s or she’s, we are its, made up of lots of its and that combination of its is too just an aspect of other its and their make-up is all dependent upon the whim of the one IT, Consciousness.

Running through this creation, our environments – many worlds, are mostly invisible (to the majority of humans now) currents of energy that are present to maintain every its’ shape, existence and vitality. By their very  nature they as well serve as lines of communication. When they flow smoothly then ‘life’ for the individual its and ‘beings’ does too, everything is harmonious and inter-supportive. When they don’t individual elements become chaotic and in turn they destabilise others.

Humankind’s role in this ground-floor of this creative assembly, granted physical agility and mobility, and versatile mental acumen, is to be the custodian of the much bigger it, Earth, and all of the other its that are physically sharing this it’s specific energetic accumulation. As regulators humans are designed to be conduits to all the other dimensions (worlds). Although everything, every single it, is connected to every other it in Creation (by and through myriad streams and levels), the finishing touch, humankind, was introduced to coordinate through its senses every other it‘s concerns and conditions by its integrated fast-track communications through the many aspect-ed currents present from the first day.

This is why the originals lived as they did, built where they did, all in respect of harmony. A pristine mechanism of balance and beauty.

Why are we exchanging IT for I.T.?

12th October 2017




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