Casino Royal – Vegas and Monarch: Saturn calling

Las Vegas shooting attack kills at least 58, more than 500 people injured…..

Monarch Airlines goes into administration: Flights cancelled as huge repatriation effort begins for 110,000 stranded holidaymakers…..


A gunman in a high-rise hotel overlooking the Las Vegas Strip opened fire on a country music festival late Sunday, killing at least 58 people and injuring hundreds of others in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

The gunman, identified by police as Stephen Paddock, was later found dead by officers on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a news briefing Monday.
Las Vegas shooting attack kills at least 58, more than 500 people injured


The UK’s biggest peacetime repatriation operation has been launched to bring home 110,000 holidaymakers after Monarch Airlines was placed into administration.

A total of 300,000 future bookings were cancelled as result of the firm’s collapse,  the largest to hit a UK airline, and Monarch passengers were told not to go to airports because there would be no more flights.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it was working with the government to secure a fleet of more than 30 aircraft, flying to more than 30 airports, to bring the stranded tourists back to the UK.
Monarch Airlines goes into administration: Flights cancelled as huge repatriation effort begins for 110,000 stranded holidaymakers


Although seemingly unrelated, in the matrix, these two incidents are connected. In their own ways they are devastating assaults on humanity. Both occurred on 1st October 2017, and are only the beginning. My prayers are with everyone who is suffering and for every human to wise up to the evil that is calculatedly behind the insanity that is besetting this world and the futures of our children. This is a time for courage and outrage at those that are so soaked in darkness that they have lost their minds to serve a skulking evil that is set upon destroying us all. We have to stop complying with them and their ilk, it is all we have to do, no violence required or desired, and then they will just wither away.

Just quickly:

They both have connections to number 3. Three is the number that associates to air.

The date – 1/10/2017 Numerologically is 1-1-1 = 3


Monarch is an Airline.

Note the newspaper report, 3s again:

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it was working with the government to secure a fleet of more than 30 aircraft, flying to more than 30 airports, to bring the stranded tourists back to the UK.

Las Vegas, Numerosymbologically gives 58 and 80. Added the number comes to 3.


Note too that the number 1 is prevalent in both. This is also an ‘air’ number. The amount of people who are stranded with the Monarch grounding is reported as 110,000. Not only are there 1s present but even the date is emphasised – 110,000: 1-10.

The shooting, it is reported, began at 10p.m. – another 1.

Stephen Paddock, the alleged (dead) shooter was 64-years-old. 6+4 = 10 = 1, Paddock worked in the aircraft industry.

Reportedly he opened fire from the 32nd floor – is that the 33rd level when counting the ground floor?

The name, Monarch adds to 17 and then 8, Numerosymbologically. The name Paddock is also an 8, but is also an Intensified Number – 44. See Quo Vadis 2017?

Stephen means ‘crown’…Monarch (Airlines)anyone. Monarch mind control (air-lines)…possibly.

Going through my mind regarding this Monarch situation is how it ties in with thoughts I’ve had recently, that, and we are talking about Consciousness field manipulations here. The numbers of chemtrails have increased dramatically around where I live. I’ve been sensing that this has been aerial spraying of flu germs – flew, flight, air. The Monarch situation is a statement in the matrix that the operation has been completed. The germs are now at ground-level. Emphasising this is the full name, Monarch Airlines, which totals 22, the all, completion and beginning over, cycles, rings. It is the same number as ‘Stephen Paddock’ totals Numerosymbologically.

Telling us that these are ‘field’ operations and more is the alleged Las Vegas shooter’s name, Paddock, a small field (for horses). (In Australia, incidentally, all fields are called paddocks. This may be an oblique clue to something planned – possibly Victoria or Queensland.)


We can also look at the triple 1s in the date. 1 in the Tarot is the Major Arcana Magician. That there are 3 of them is significant too – 3 being the number of deception and distraction, which, of course, are the tools in trade of a stage magician.

The triple 1 occurred in another major event for America this year, 41 days ago with the solar eclipse of 21 August, 2017 – Numerosymbologically 21+ 8 = 29 = 11 and then 2017 = 10 = 1  – 111. On that date Americans had another crown. In Numerosymbology, number 41 is capital O,  ring that could also be described as a field. In Hebrew it is the 16th letter of their alphabet and the 10th (1 again) of their ‘simple letters, ayin. Ayin refers to the ‘spiritual eye’, the all-seeing-eye. O refers to all or nothing, light or dark. The eclipse portrayed a golden crown around a dark field – a dark sun – Saturn (rings). Saturn is associated with the Tarot Trump, the Emperor (monarch), the 4th card of the Tarot. Numbers mentioned in this brief that relate to 4 are 58 and 22.

16 days after Saturn (119) consumed its NASA child (15/9/2017 = 16), when Cassini (equals 1) flew into its rings brings us to 1st October 2017. Cassini – Casino. Mandalay Bay (16),  where so many people were killed, wounded and traumatised, from at a Route 91 Harvest music festival, is owned by Circus Circus Enterprises. Circus – circle – O – ring.

91 = 1, Route 91 = 16, Harvest = 119 and 11. Route 91 Harvest = 315 = 9, 3×3 (the same numbers make up the name of the two towns, of the same name, different states, that he lived in, Mesquite (a prominent ‘q’) – 135. All familiar numbers through this and many atrocities, and sickening.

There’s bound to be more, but that’s more than enough for me.

2nd October 2017







3 thoughts on “Casino Royal – Vegas and Monarch: Saturn calling

  1. Funny how all we can do is sit and wait to be butchered, because there’s no solution, and never has been, and never will be. Maybe humanity brought this unto itself? I’m done with grieving for mankind as so many ‘people’ actually enjoy being evil and have no intention to change. Seems to me that the two incidents you refer to in your article were sacrifices to keep Prince Philip alive, or offerings to prepare his journey in the after-life, as was the case for Egyptian monarchs. In Africa, subjects were forced to “accompany” a dead king by being burried alive with him. Prince Philip was born on 10 June 1921, and thanks to your teachings, Ellis, his first name attracts attention as it means ‘Lover of horses’.


    • I’m sure many people feel the same despair Cirie, I do sometimes, but every day humanity still shows much more kindness than it does the other thing and that is cause for hope and perseverance. The light hasn’t gone out. Prince Philip crossed my mind too Cirie, with the ‘horses’ reference, you could be right. I was also wondering whether he, or the Vegas incident, represent, in some way, one of the four horses of the apocalypse.


      • You got it spot on, Ellis. The fallen vulture are trying to bring about the Apocalypse: the end of hope and the death of light in man.


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