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My daughter with Down’s syndrome went on The Undateables – here’s what happened next…..
An Impeccable Sense of Taste…..
Remembering Trevor Beer – From Exmoor Beasts To Wolverines…..
Bases Live from Dublin…..
Bases Ireland Awakens Live from Dublin…..
Mum’s outrage after spying X-rated drawing on kid’s TV show – but most people think she’s overreacting…..





When Bekki Maddox opened the door to her daughter’s bedroom, she expected to find her reading or listening to music.
Instead, Bethany, then 18, was sitting in front of her mirror with tears trickling down her face.
Bekki sat down beside her and, sweeping Bethany’s long brunette hair from her shoulders, she wrapped her up in a big hug. She knew exactly why her daughter was crying.
Over the past year, Bethany had become increasingly insecure about her appearance.
Like many teenagers, she had self confidence issues, but for Bethany, there was an added insecurity – she had Down’s syndrome.
My daughter with Down’s syndrome went on The Undateables – here’s what happened next


This is what it’s like to live in a world where light tastes of smoke and the number nine is cheeky and a bit shy.

Synaesthesia is a very niche superpower – I taste words and colours, see and feel some sounds, and feel emotions as colours. Other people with synaesthesia might view time as a spatial map, perceive numbers as having personalities, or experience others’ pain. Most synaesthetes are born with it; mine developed as a symptom of migraine. It’s always there now – thundering or glimmering, depending on where I am in the migraine cycle.
An Impeccable Sense of Taste


In June 2017, I was greatly saddened to lose one of my oldest and dearest friends in cryptozoology, when the award-winning Exmoor naturalist and veteran British mystery cat researcher Trevor Beer MBE, aged 80, passed away, following a short illness. Within the realm of cryptozoology, Trevor was well known and well respected in equal measure for his longstanding and outstanding Exmoor Beast investigations, his classic book on the subject, and his own significant, first-hand sightings of a very large black pantheresque cat on the moors, but in the wider world of Westcountry natural history he was an absolute colossus.
Remembering Trevor Beer – From Exmoor Beasts To Wolverines




Chances are, if you’re a parent, you’ve had to sit through several episodes of your child’s favorite programmes.
Most likely several times over.
If you have access to Netflix US, you may have encountered Maya the Bee, and have patiently watched it while your little ones sit, enchanted by Maya’s adventures as she leaves her hive and makes new friends.
Whether you love it as much as your child, or secretly loathe it with every fibre of your being, one thing is clear – it’s decidedly kid-friendly.
Most of the time, that is.
Mum’s outrage after spying X-rated drawing on kid’s TV show – but most people think she’s overreacting

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