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Probe International October conference details – 21st/22nd October 2017
Cornwall UFO Research Group Conference details – 7th October 2017


A Face to Face Interview with Dr Judy Wood – 24 Aug 2017…..
Project Chameleo + Skinwalker Ranch…..
Jon Ronson’s For the Love of Time Travel…..
A Different Perspective with Kevin Randle – Guest: Carol Rainey…..
Howling Against the Moon: The Last Wolves of Ireland…..
Would you get your travel card implanted into your HAND? 3,000 Swedish commuters are now using microchips to pay for their journey…..
The Haunting of Donald J. Trump…..
Katy Perry, The Illuminati, and the Death of JonBenet Ramsey…..
5 Incredibly Creepy & Unexplained Events Caught on Camera…..
Public Asked to Help Hunt for Witches’ Marks…..
Oxford Rock…..
Repcon 2016 – Ellis Taylor and James Bartley lectures…..

In August 2017, I visited Dr Wood in South Carolina, USA and took the opportunity to record an interview with her. Though I managed to lose one of my cameras while travelling, and the other camera didn’t record everything properly, the rest of the interview is here. We discussed how we came into contact with each other and I also asked her some questions which interested people (some came from members of the 911 Faceboook group I administer:


From more than six hundred anomalous incidents on Skinwalker Ranch that have been investigated, documented and catalogued since 1994, a small number of events stand out for the brazen use of invisibility and “cloaking” technology deployed during daylight hours.

As Skinwalker Ranch scientists and researchers investigated these incidents and “war gamed” how they may have been perpetrated, inevitably the “us or them” question arose. Were humans (us) capable of pulling off this incident or was a non-human intelligence (them) responsible? This “us or them” conundrum has existed at the heart of “UFO-ology” since the 1950s and is a major contributor to the confusion and lack of progress in the field for decades.
Project Chameleo + Skinwalker Ranch


Jon Ronson’s For the Love of Time Travel (1997):


Carol Rainey is a writer and filmmaker who has produced, written, and directed award-winning PBS and independent documentaries on medicine and science. She was awarded grant funding for fifteen documentary films from the National Institutes of Health. Once the films were complete, Rainey developed marketing and distribution strategies for the new products. Her narrative short film, “Momma Gets Her Ready,” won a National Endowment for the Arts Regional Fellowship and toured European museums with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits. Married to artist and UFO researcher Budd Hopkins from 1996 to 2006, Rainey co-authored with him the non-fiction book Sight Unseen: Science, UFOs and Transgenic Beings (Atria, 2003). In Sight Unseen, paranormal experience is used as an entrée into complex and startling breakthroughs in such fields as transgenics, bioengin-eering, neurobiology, and quantum physics. Rainey was a featured speaker at Cosmos and Consciousness VI, 2008; at the International UFO Congress, 2004; and has appeared in radio satellite tours on Westwood One and ABC Radio. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


The man followed the tracks through the snow. His hound sniffed eagerly, almost pulling the leash from the man’s grasp. The wolf was not far ahead of them.
Through a break in the clouds a full moon appeared momentarily.
The man shivered and shook his shoulder, allowing the strap of his gun to come loose.
He released the hound and raised the barrel pointing it towards the furthest trees.
From the darkness of the woods came a terrible howl.
Was that my dog or the wolf, the man wondered, slowly stepping into the shadow of the forest.

Although we can’t be certain, records show that the last wolf in Ireland was killed by a farmer, John Watson, and his wolfhound on Mount Leinster in County Carlow. Surprisingly, this took place in the year 1786, almost five hundred years after the last English wolf and over one hundred years since the last wolf was shot in Scotland.
Howling Against the Moon: The Last Wolves of Ireland


In a new BBC interview it was revealed that 3,000 customers use the service
The firm does not microchip people itself, and they must have it done elsewhere
But several companies in Sweden already offer the service to their employees
Would you get your travel card implanted into your HAND? 3,000 Swedish commuters are now using microchips to pay for their journey


There is a ghost who lives in Donald Trump’s childhood home and for the past 71 years he’s had to go to the bathroom.

Skeptics, please hold your judgment. I was once, and largely remain, a person of your kind: someone who is deeply suspicious of the existence of supernatural phenomena.

So when I walked into Trump’s childhood home last week with a ragtag team of amateur queer ghost hunters, I was prepared to keep my expectations low and my blood alcohol level high.
The Haunting of Donald J. Trump


Celebrities are just weird. Can we all agree on that? The pressures and pleasures that come with living in the public eye can do a number on anyone’s psyche. Just look at Michael Jackson. Pepsi over Coke? Yuck. For whatever reason, more and more celebrities have been coming out in recent months with stories of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other Fortean fodder. From Kurt Russell’s claims of witnessing the Phoenix lights firsthand to Rob Lowe’s desperate publicity plea in the form of an alleged Bigfoot sighting, it’s clear that the paranormal is in vogue.
Katy Perry, The Illuminati, and the Death of JonBenet Ramsey



Witches’ marks – ritual protection symbols or apotropaic marks – can be found carved into the fabric of many historic places, from medieval churches and houses, to barns, caves and even the Tower of London but they have never been fully recorded.
Public Asked to Help Hunt for Witches’ Marks (Please be aware that submissions have now closed, thank you for your interest.)

Ah well, perhaps you will be interested:


LITTLE rocker taken off the BROKEN HOME “life” ALBUM ..released on ANGEL AIR:


The first ever UK conference focusing on the Reptilian agenda. In this 3 hour video, Ellis Taylor talks for 90 minutes followed by James Bartley for a further 90 minutes. Raw video was huge so forgive the slight compression for youtube.


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