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Wishing you all a very happy Lughnasadh. It is Lughnasadh climax today. The sun reached 15 Leo at 07:40 GMT (UT) and coincides with a lunar eclipse, which in Britain is partial, and viewable at maximum around 20:47. It is also a 17-17. 16 and 7-date.


Spectacular sight of the northern lights over Pembrokeshire…..
The Parting Glass at Peadar O’Donnell’s Bar, Derry City…..
Fort Built by Mysterious Ancient ‘Painted People’ Unearthed…..
Faeries on Film…..
The Faeries and Death…..
Truly Bizarre Accounts of Spontaneously Vanishing Bigfoot…..
Rock Stars and Mysterious Curses…..
Australian teenager in hospital after sea bug attack…..
Who Is Doing This?! Global Wave of Animal Mutilations Defies Explanation…..


These were the spectacular sights over the Preseli hills last night as the northern lights put on a fantastic show.

Photographer Gareth Davies, who runs the Hidden Pembrokeshire page on Facebook, captured a series of beautiful images on a clear, cold night.

A solar storm contributed to a display of the Aurora Borealis that reached into unexpected latitudes of both the northern and southern hemispheres.
Spectacular sight of the northern lights over Pembrokeshire


Choir singers from University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire Women’s Concert Chorale surprised locals of Peadar O’Donnell’s bar in Derry with their beautiful rendition of The Parting Glass. Thanks to J., for this link.


Archaeologists from the University of Aberdeen have unearthed an ancient fort once used by the Picts, a mysterious tribal society in Iron-Age Scotland. The fort lies on a peninsula near the town of Lossiemouth on Scotland’s northeastern shores and is believed to have been a major seat of power for the Pictish people who likely used it as a stronghold sometime between 500 and 1000 A.D
Fort Built by Mysterious Ancient ‘Painted People’ Unearthed


Faeries are difficult to portray through the medium of film and documentary. They are too amorphous and difficult to pin down – a bit like in real life. They’re happier living in the consciousness of humans than being captured on celluloid. But some have tried, and so whilst not pretending to be an exhaustive list of filmic faeries, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favourites, both dramatic and documentary. I hope you might find something new here, with all links embedded…
Faeries on Film


In the 1997 film Photographing Fairies, the faeries were portrayed as small, amorphous humanoids, only rendered visible after the consumption of a white-petalled flower, which brings about the altered state of consciousness necessary to interact with them. The whole film is concerned with death, at many levels, and the faeries role is clearly as arbiters between the material world and transcendence. In the words of Arthur Conan Doyle (who makes an appearance in the film) they are the handmaidens of the eternal.
The Faeries and Death

Subscribers to my Song of Ffraed Dragon tracing blog might recall that whilst on these journeys I’ve had at least two encounters with the Fae, which I’ve written about. One of them was with what does seem likely to be a Fae woman who had experienced an incarnation as a human. The other was with, it seems likely, Gwyn ap Nudd himself. There have been more but I’ve not written on them yet. – Ellis


The Bigfoot phenomenon is already quite strange enough as it is, and has long been ground zero for all manner of sightings of people seeing something large, ape-like, and decidedly not human prowling the forests of North America. The main theory behind these encounters is that we are possibly dealing with some undiscovered bipedal primate, perhaps even an ancestral species of human, either way a flesh and blood creature. However, there has been much speculation over the years that this may not be the case at all, and that these beings could be something far weirder than that. Among these are reports of Bigfoot that have seemingly phased out of reality, gone invisible, or otherwise vanishing right before witnesses’ eyes.
Truly Bizarre Accounts of Spontaneously Vanishing Bigfoot


Among the many musicians of the world, rock bands and rock stars seem to have drawn to themselves an extraordinarily impressive number of strange stories and odd legends. There seems to be no end to the amount of bizarreness surrounding them and their often rather eccentric, decadent lifestyles. Among the many, myriad tales of rock star madness and weirdness are those bands and musicians who seem to have been cursed by some evil, dark force that haunted them and clung to them to bring about misery, tragedy, and dire misfortune.
Rock Stars and Mysterious Curses


An Australian teenager is recovering in hospital after being bitten by multiple “mite-sized sea critters”.

Sam Kanizay, 16, found his feet and ankles covered in blood after soaking his legs in Melbourne’s Brighton Beach on Saturday evening.

Jarrod Kanizay said his son arrived home with what “looked like a war injury” and that his legs would not stop bleeding.
Australian teenager in hospital after sea bug attack


Who or what is mutilating animals the world over? Declassified files show the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has investigated thousands of instances of cattle disfigurement across the American Midwest since the 1970s, to no avail. A leading expert in the field isn’t sure either – but he has told Sputnik the explanation certainly isn’t humdrum.
Who Is Doing This?! Global Wave of Animal Mutilations Defies Explanation


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    • Thanks for commenting Di. It’s a fascinating world we’re in, brimming with wonders and mysteries to be aware of, acknowledged, explored, and investigated


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