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A Mysterious Island and a Deadly Lost Tribe…..
Down’s Syndrome Termination Agenda…..
Missing 411,” 2017 Missing People Update with David Paulides…..
July issue of the Free Phenomena Magazine is now available for download…..
Joseph Farrell: Antarctica Atlantis! Edgar Cayce Poseidan Fire Crystal – Dark Journalist…..
Facebook shuts down robots after they invent their own language …..
Paranormal Pterodactyls In The U.K.?…..
More About Those Mysterious Pterodactyls…..
Witness says cloaking ‘UFO’ had USAF insignia…..
Close Encounters of the Puritan Kind…..
Half of the Milky Way is From Somewhere Else…..
Tasmanian tiger tooth find: New clue to mainland thylacine extinction…..
Dark Synchronicity and Strange Deaths…..
Hidden Beliefs Covered by the Church? Resurrection and Reincarnation in Early Christianity
The U-turn That Never Was…..
Stranger things

We live in a world that is in a sense getting smaller and smaller. We have instantaneous communication and access to knowledge, we can travel quickly and efficiently, and our unquenchable thirst for exploration and relentless drive to tame our planet has slowly diminished the uncharted, wild places of our planet. There are few places that have gone untouched or unscathed by human hands, few unexplored realms left to be conquered. Yet even in the midst of this inexorable spread of technology and civilization there are still, amazingly, places that have somehow managed to remain not only hidden, but seemingly completely detached from the rest of the world, with none of the conveniences we take for granted and indeed inhabitants with no awareness that anything exists beyond their world at all. One such place is a small island near India, which has for tens of thousands of years harbored a mysterious, misunderstood tribe of uncontacted people, who fiercely seem to want no part of the wider world. This is the real Skull Island, of King Kong fame, and represents one of the last totally unexplored places and least understood, most aggressive people on the planet.
A Mysterious Island and a Deadly Lost Tribe


When I was a hospital porter I sometimes took a bus home after my early shift and I often ended up sitting next to a man called Martin I knew at the hospital who worked as a canteen server in Catering. He was a short and stocky man with a slightly hunched back. His eyes were slanted and close together and he had protruding lips and an oversized tongue which impaired his speech somewhat. Although he was a grown man he was clearly retarded and childlike; yet we used to have some great conversations. Like a child, he often had extraordinary insights that might escape somebody with higher intelligence who is more conditioned by conformity. He only worked part-time, but was a diligent employee. The other catering staff spoke highly of him. He lived with his mother and father who loved him dearly. Martin had Down’s syndrome, a condition which affects some sixty thousand people in Britain. It is caused by an extra chromosome being produced in the genome at conception. Babies born with Down’s syndrome suffer numerous mental and physical handicaps such as deformed hands and feet, problems with their heart, lungs and digestive system, and vision or hearing difficulties. The condition is incurable and there is no way to prevent it. It is not hereditary, in other words it doesn’t run in families. It emerges in the same proportions across all racial and cultural groups. It strikes randomly and the only risk factor appears to be the age of the parents, especially the mother. A mother who bears a child at the end of her reproductive life, her late forties or early fifties, has a three percent chance of the baby being Down’s; yet with a twenty year old mother that statistic is only 0.05%. Down’s syndrome people have always existed and they always will. Despite their health problems, with the right care, people with Down’s syndrome can have a good quality of life. They usually live until late middle age.
Down’s Syndrome Termination Agenda


Linda Moulton-Howe interviews David Paulides

“Something strange is going on because we should be able to determine
the cause of death in almost every instance, but we can’t.”
– Coroners in interviews with investigator David Paulides
In two parts
Missing 411,” 2017 Missing People Update with David Paulides


It comes around more quickly every month and here we are again. This edition brings you a truly remarkable item, a real scoop in fact, concerning the recently discovered Nazca mummies and it involves none other than the CEO of Phenomena magazine, Steve Mera, ably assisted by Barry Fitzgerald, both of whom were asked to visit Peru and evaluate the situation. I was delighted to be asked to write this piece and hope this will be the first in a series of articles about this astonishing find. Then we have a fascinating piece by Dr. Bret Cohen PhD on the bizarre similarity between an electrical circuit and consciousness and from Dan D. Farcaş PhD comes an item on the seldom explored area of ‘hyper-civilisations’ out there in the universe. Back with the paranormal, Dan Heiblertells of a ghostly soldier (probably one of many) reputed to haunt the site of the Little Big Horn National Battlefield and still with the paranormal, Tracie Austin shares an interview with Nick Redfern and David Weatherly about the eerie and unsettling subject of the ‘Black Eyed Children’. Newcomer Thomas Warrington gives his opinion on what constitutes an apparition and, treading a path between the paranormal and Ufology, Alyson Lawrence gives us part two of her thoughts on the beginnings of the human race. Finally Richard Ritchie opens up the doors of the conspiracy citadel to reveal the rather worrying prospect that we really are being programmed to accept official versions of what is real and what is not. Yes, all this plus the usual news, views and reviews.
July issue of the Free Phenomena Magazine is now available for download




Facebook shut down a pair of its artificial intelligence robots after they invented their own, creepy language.

Researchers at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research built a chatbot earlier this year that was meant to learn how to negotiate by mimicking human trading and bartering.

But when the social network paired two of the programs, nicknamed Alice and Bob, to trade against each other, they started to learn their own bizarre form of communication.

The chatbot conversation “led to divergence from human language as the agents developed their own language for negotiating,” the researchers said.
Facebook shuts down robots after they invent their own language 


Imagine driving, late at night, across the foggy moors of England and coming across what looks like nothing less than a living, breathing pterodactyl! From 1982 to 1983, a wave of sightings of such a creature – presumed extinct for million of years – occurred in an area called the Pennines, also known as the “backbone of England.” It’s a story that, in much lengthier fashion, can collectively be found in Jenny Randles’ excellent 2002 book, Supernatural Pennines and in issue 9 of UFO Brigantia, a much-missed magazine of the 1980s and 1990s and which was edited and published by Andy Roberts.
Paranormal Pterodactyls In The U.K.?


A California witness at Moorpark reported watching an odd object with cloaking abilities with the words “USAF 003” on its tail stabilizer, according to testimony in Case 84601 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
Witness says cloaking ‘UFO’ had USAF insignia


We know that 17th Century New England Puritans got all hot and bothered about witchcraft, culminating with the frenzy of witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts from 1692-1693.  Curiously, they didn’t seem overly phased about unidentified flying objects.  The notion that we occasionally see weird stuff in the sky isn’t in and of itself all that controversial.  In fact, throughout recorded history, the literary set has been busy noting the strange things that pop up overhead, and only ascribing significance to them if it came in the form of some sort of divine apparition, or messed up a particularly important battle.  I really don’t need to see fiery chariots in the sky over Jerusalem before I sack the city.  It makes me seem passé and perhaps a little redundant.   Just like the puzzling aerial battles over Nuremburg in 1561 simply detracted from all that messy Catholic vs. Protestant violence afoot in Germany at the time.  And it may be heartwarming to think that spectral bowmen from Agincourt were watching over British troops at the Battle of Mons, but it does seem a little convenient.  I’m not saying these sterling examples of early aerial apparitions never happened, simply that it’s easy to ascribe a certain cultural compulsion and interpretation to them.  It’s all about burning celestial symbols, Marian apparitions, and some sort of sign that you have the moral high ground as you blast away at your enemies, crush their bones, and salt the earth.  You know, like your average Saturday.
Close Encounters of the Puritan Kind


As a follow-up to my recent article on the strange (very strange…) saga of the alleged pterodactyl seen in the skies of northern England in the 1982-1983 period, I thought I would continue with a few more examples of such alleged beasts in our midst.
More About Those Mysterious Pterodactyls


If your doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with you, don’t blame them … blame the universe. A new study found that half of your body, not to mention half of everything around you, comes from a galaxy other than the Milky Way. No wonder we have so many half-assed half-wits pushing half-baked theories full of half-truths and half-cocked schemes. Blame it on the halves from Andromeda.
Half of the Milky Way is From Somewhere Else


The recent discovery of a Tasmanian tiger’s tooth in central Queensland could mean the animal survived on mainland Australia longer than previously thought.

Palaeontologist Rochelle Lawrence, from the Capricorn Caves, said it was the second thylacine tooth to be found at the Capricorn Caves near Rockhampton, with the most recent discovery taking place last year.

She said the tooth was yet to be dated, but the find was a coup for her and fellow Queensland Museum palaeontologist Scott Hocknull.
Tasmanian tiger tooth find: New clue to mainland thylacine extinction


Coincidences can be a weird thing. Disparate things can display connections which one might have never even thought possible, and it can force us to question just what this reality of ours is trying to say, or if it is all pure randomness. Within the world of strangely connected events, which is often referred to as synchronicity, there can also be darker aspects, wherein death and suffering can hold odd and seemingly improbable connections. What is the meaning behind these macabre connections, and does it have any significance or is it just meaningless chance? It is hard to say, but here we will look at some particular cases of such phenomena.
Dark Synchronicity and Strange Deaths


Is it possible that early Christians believed in reincarnation? Although some may find this idea unbelievable, several Christian sources (including the Bible) suggest that many centuries ago, it was common to believe that one does not come to Earth just once, but various times.

In 1945, researchers discovered some early Judeo-Christian writings. Two years later, the world heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls, the discovery which changed biblical history.  The early Christians and Jews followed the teachings of Jesus – including the concept of resurrection. There are several examples of this found in ancient resources.
Hidden Beliefs Covered by the Church? Resurrection and Reincarnation in Early Christianity



In the comments section of my recent post “A Close Shavian,” Steve Hume recommended a turn-of-the-century investigation by magician and debunker David P. Abbott, who found himself at least somewhat at a loss to explain a direct-voice medium of his acquaintance. Happily, Abbott’s book on the subject is sold by Amazon. The book is The History of a Strange Case, published by the Open Court Publishing Company in 1908.
Stranger things

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