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House of the Dead Found Between Stonehenge and Avebury…..
Quest for the Invisibles…..
Bigfoot UK – Elusive Teaser – Andy Mcgrath…..
Dragons in Our Midst: The Enduring Mystery of Sea Serpents and Other Maritime Monsters…..
Mysterious Dark Highways and Roving Packs of Skinwalkers?


Bases 69 The Killing of Tiffany Jenks Part One

Archeologists used aerial photography and geophysical imaging to scan a farmer’s field halfway between Stonehenge and Avebury and found what appears to be a House of the Dead – an ancient burial structure or long barrow covered by a dirt mound that is believed to date back to 3,600 BCE.
House of the Dead Found Between Stonehenge and Avebury


A ‘House of the Dead’ has been discovered in Wiltshire dating back 5,000 years by University of Reading archaeologists and students, and could contain the ancestors of those who lived around Stonehenge and Avebury.

As part of the University’s final Archaeology Field School in the Pewsey Vale, students and staff, with the support of volunteers from the area, have investigated the site of a Neolithic long barrow burial mound in a place known as Cat’s Brain – the first to be fully investigated in Wiltshire in half a century.

The monument, which predates nearby Marden Henge by over 1,000 years, may contain human remains buried there in around 3,600 BC. The monument was first spotted by aerial photography and followed up by geophysical survey imagery.

An Open Day will be held at Marden henge on Saturday 15 July to allow members of the public to see the excavation happening live, as the team searches for human remains and other artefacts.
Ancestors of Stonehenge people could be buried inside uncovered ‘house of the dead’

On the Megalithic Portal


There exists an entire world around us that cannot be seen. It is said that the human eye sees only about 2.5% of the electromagnetic spectrum, so over the years many people have questioned what is hidden from us. One of these people was Trevor James Constable, a pioneer who first began his work in the Californian desert in the 1950s, photographing what he considered to be UFO-type objects and strange biological life-forms traversing the skies in the infrared part of the spectrum. Although many of the invisible UFOs he photographed were disc or saucer-like in appearance, Constable discovered that these were in fact living beings, as opposed to being of a mechanical nature, and he held that when these objects became visible they were mutually confused with spacecraft. A quarter of a century later, teams of engineers and technicians from Italy and Romania, unaware of Constable’s 1958 discoveries, obtained virtually identical infrared photographs of invisible UFOs and other aerial phenomena that were published in Italy in 1980.  Despite this, the so called “UFO experts” have consistently failed to recognise the importance of these findings, preferring instead to perpetuate the myth that all UFO manifestations must be interplanetary spaceships and nothing else, a myth which has sadly become the mainstay of modern-day ufology.
Quest for the Invisibles



Nik Hayes’ book:

Quest for the Invisibles – The debut book by UK based UFO researcher and photographer Nik Hayes, and covering his first five years of work exploring the infrared and ultraviolet parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Influenced by the earlier work of Trevor James Constable, Hayes set out on his own quest to capture footage of invisible UFOs, experimenting with various attraction, detection and photographic techniques along the way. The book contains dozens of photographs of invisible biological UFOs and other strange objects, captured in the skies above his research area near Oxford, as well as tips and hints explaining how you too could take your own footage of invisible UFOs using readily available photographic equipment. Quest for the Invisibles also references the pioneering work of Trevor James Constable, as well as Luciano Boccone and the Italian UFO research group GRCU.

The book is available everywhere. This link is to Wordery which has a discounted price and free delivery in the UK at the moment (Just a deal I came across):
Quest for the Invisibles: The Discovery of Unseen Craft and Beings That Reside in the Invisible World All Around Us


– Also known as the Tasmanian Tiger or Wolf (because that is where the last one in captivity died)


They are still out there.

An amateur photographer has filmed what he believes was a Tasmanian tiger running across a field in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.
…Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia founder Neil Waters said the animal captured in the video bears all the hallmarks of the carnivore, the last living specimen of which is believed to have died in the Hobart Zoo in 1936.
Teacher films ‘Tasmanian tiger’ galloping across South Australian field


Recent Tasmania tiger “sightings” have prompted new scientific search for the species thought to be extinct.
It’s been more than 80 years since thylacine, commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger, was last seen alive after the last one was believed to have died in a Hobart zoo in 1936,
New search for the Tasmanian tiger

Thylacine on Wikipedia



On August 7, 1999, London Police supposedly received a number of reports of a large, snakelike creature writhing its way along through the River Thames. One frightened onlooker was said to have reported later that day that thing was nearly 200 feet long, and at least several yards in diameter.

With a mass sighting of something so unusual in a populated area, one would think that photos would have emerged. Well, at least one did, which showed a faint, s-shaped wisp of color seen from an aerial view, taken by a photographer that allegedly hadn’t even noticed the beast at the time the photo was taken; the image was quickly shown to have been an ordinary aerial image of London’s famous river, with the whitish serpent creature photoshopped in later, and perhaps not-so-skillfully.
Dragons in Our Midst: The Enduring Mystery of Sea Serpents and Other Maritime Monsters


Not too long ago here on Mysterious Universe I came forward with my own tales of brushes with the decidedly unexplained and seemingly paranormal. My article was put out with the intent of not only getting these troubling experiences off of my chest but also in the attempt to get some answers. One tale that I related generated a particular amount of interest, comments, and personal mails, and that is a case of my encounter with a group of people, beings, entities, whatever you want to call them, which confronted me out on a dark, lonely highway in a vast, sprawling expanse of highway passing through nothing but scrub, wastelands, and endless blackness. It is a case that has confounded me, but with some new leads and advice from readers I have been coming to get possible new insights into what it was that I brushed against out on that road. For any of those who did not read my original article, I will reprint this account here:
Mysterious Dark Highways and Roving Packs of Skinwalkers?


There are many correspondences in these articles that I can relate to but they’ve reminded me of something. I nearly forgot about this, though it happened only last night:

I downloaded and watched Richard D. Hall’s latest show last night. In this four part programme Richard and Andrew Johnson  were discussing Julian Assange (I reckon that is Assange too). Just after Andrew mentioned how Assange had attended 37 schools – which of course struck me because of that number’s occult significance – a large tabby cat almost materialised about 5 foot away from me, between the screen and where I was sitting, but slightly to my right. It was in motion and stealthily approaching me out of my direct view. I called to Merlin and sent the creature away with the sex and travel command. It fled, and I continued watching the episode, at this point talking about the creepy Anne Hamilton- Byrne and the vile cult she operated in Victoria. A few minutes after the cat had been dispatched, at 16:11, a photo of Hamilton- Byrne holding either the very same cat, or one that was looking at me in the same way, was shown. I recognised even before the spirit ‘cat’ appeared that she was a formidable dark witch, and still is an undead one. That she is still around and shape-shifting. Her power and apparent invisibility and teflon character was through dark adroitness, chronic and summoned supernatural associations and compelling influences. If the CIA or Naval Intelligence or ASIO, or any of those sorts of agencies were involved in protecting her it was because she, among the blackest of witches, got into their heads and machinery, and commanded them to.

I’ve recognised dark forces shadowing me while tracing this Dragon current on this healing journey, on a number of occasions. I don’t expect many people to understand what a threat the Darkness sees this project as but fortunately my ‘protection’ and those who understand how these things operate do, and they help to keep me safe and continuing. The Darkness is banished from Y Ddraig’s realms as my footsteps ground the flowing healing conveyed and harmonised through the actions of my otherworld companions. I’m just walking the line. But outside the line and in front of me they gather and attempt to menace, to put me off. Yesterday I was forewarned about this cat incident, I now realise. I was out on my way to pick up the Dragon current on a footpath when up ahead of me I saw a black cat, a straggly feral looking thing. It was playing with something it had caught and made no attempt to run off, until I was right beside it. It had caught a mole. I walked on, found the Dragon, and followed it to where I’d met the cat. It was back, but this time several yards off the Y Ddraig’s course. It stared at me with glaring eyes, picked up its unfortunate victim and ran off. So, this was my third encounter with menacing cats. The first one was in the woods in  the Gwaun Valley, at least I’m pretty sure it was a cat of some sort. – Ellis


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