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2017 Contact in the Desert UFO Conference Mike Bara…..
Jungle Creature Who Eluded Scientists For Decades Is Finally Caught On Film…..
A Sieve, a Fairy, a Midwife and a Mystery…..
Prince Charles in Romania collecting his second Honorary Doctorate, on 29th May from the UBB (Cluj University)…..
Some Very Strange Information on the Bizarre Vanishing of Dennis Martin…..
Mysterious Vanishings With Bizarre Phone Calls…..

There are some animals that hold a special place in our hearts. From tigers to horses, we know about them from a young age and appreciate their majesty.

But there are other animals, however, that are so rare and magnificent that few have been lucky enough to know about them, much less see them. That’s certainly the case with the bay cats of Borneo who are so elusive, most have never even known of their existence…until now.
Jungle Creature Who Eluded Scientists For Decades Is Finally Caught On Film


So here is a fairy mystery… In Romeo and Juliet Mercutio tells us that Queen Mab is ‘the fairies’ midwife’: a mysterious phrase that has never been explained. Most guides link it unconvincingly to a previous comment of Romeo’s. A much more interesting point of reference is  a fairy poem of Ben Jonson. Beach has run the relative lines together, they are sung by a Satyr who is constantly interrupted by a series of fairies. The poem is very simple at the beginning. Everything in the next ten lines is explicable in terms of English fairy-lore.
A Sieve, a Fairy, a Midwife and a Mystery



Many mysterious disappearance cases are constantly evolving as new information comes in, facts and rumors are reassessed, and debate transpires and rages. These new tidbits do not always shed full light upon these cases or completely dispel the shadows hanging about them, but they can certainly stir up further speculation and intrigue. Awhile ago I wrote here on Mysterious Universe as part of an article on vanished people in the Great Smoky Mountains about what is probably one of the strangest vanishings there is, the totally baffling disappearance of a 6-year-old boy named Dennis Martin. It is a case that, fueled by mention in the books of famed author on mysterious disappearances, David Paulides, in his Missing 411 books, has propelled itself into a nearly legendary status. Yet there is frequent information that trickles in that just goes to continue to make it all spiral to get into weirder and weirder territory, and one such piece of information was directly e-mailed to me recently by a Mysterious Universe reader and UFO blogger named James Dowell. In order to understand the whole background of Dennis Martin’s truly odd case, in case you don’t know, I will reprint some of my own writings on it at Mysterious Universe here to get you up to speed:
Some Very Strange Information on the Bizarre Vanishing of Dennis Martin


Unsolved vanishings are quite frequently orbited by strange clues, enigmatic leads, and baffling evidence, and some of the most intriguing of these are mysterious phone calls made either by the vanished themselves or other unknown parties. These calls often give us fleeting glimpses into the circumstances of the vanishings, providing potential clues that more often than not remain frustratingly cryptic and further propel the cases into bizarreness. Whether the calls are made by the victim just before, or even as they are vanishing, or are placed by other unidentified individuals, these sinister calls are compelling stabs of light into the darkness cloaking these unsolved disappearances, and continue to incite deep speculation.
Mysterious Vanishings With Bizarre Phone Calls


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