‘The people’, everywhere, are not the ones that constructed the powerful spells concealed in language, the insidious programmes that motivate and control every aspect of humankind’s lives unnoticed; intentionally and successfully beguiling many to carry out endless crimes against their fellows and companions in this world.

To see what is behind this vile torment we must look behind the curtains of history to who it was that first propagated enchanted written words.

In all likelihood, humans, being the wonderfully perceptive and gifted creative beings that they innately are, discovered the original unblemished art for themselves; in small communities with languages specific to them.¹ It would have begun with signs, using pieces of wood or stone (for example), in predetermined and agreed patterns. Their positioning would have been important. As individual groups from communities went their own way and still needed to communicate with each other, a more transportable means of conveying messages was necessary. Devices such as tattoos, dress, scrapings on stones and wood carving for example, were conceived. Each part of a pattern meant something. Today we call these ‘parts’, syllables.

We need to look at syllables.

As an example, as it is current, we’ll examine briefly, the names of the two apparently jousting political parties of the latest wheel-em-in and wheel-em-out masquerade performance for the Darkness‘ delight:


Syllables: Con·serv·a·tive

Con“Persuade (someone) to do or believe something by lying to them.”
Ref: Oxford Dictionary

serv is ‘serve’

a-tive: “denoting a characteristic or propensity.”
Oxford Dictionary

So Conservative means, ‘a propensity towards serving up deceptions’.

The word ‘conservative’:

Historically, the term is derived from Roman and French influences. The ‘traditional values’ that the political title, ‘Conservative’, is claimed to describe, and don’t half sound good to many, are not the native values of the Britons and this land (nor the indigenous people of any others). The Conservative philosophies of the private ownership of land, resources, and people came with alien invaders who, with their armies of inhabited and drilled humans, stole these lands, and tyrannised, enslaved, ravaged, and murdered Her people. These are their traditional values not ours. In the deeds and actions of the ‘Conservatives’ enthusiasts since they started up – and before as the original ‘Tories’ (the predaTories’) – we can see how they have certainly held to the oppressive traditions their ancestors brought with them 2000 and 1000 years ago.

You might notice that Theresa May is being attacked from within her party for being truthful about what their vile intentions were, instead of hiding them.



Syllables: La-bour

La: the. Phonetically though ‘lay’.

bour: This term may have ‘our’ in its last syllable but, even though the suggestion programme relates the name, by its presence, to the idea of ‘us’, the people, it doesn’t mean that at all. Bour is a Norman French word that means ‘bastard’.

So Labour means, ‘lay bastard’

Ask yourself what this is indicating to elitist minds…and saying to your subconscious and your view of yourself.

The word ‘labour’:

The term ‘labour’ fell upon the original inhabitants of this land through the same means as ‘conservative’ – the policies and dictates of the Darkness -driven Roman and Norman (notice how they are almost anagrams of each other) elites and god-botherers. Ever since the Roman and the +N carriers (their elites) there have been courageous people working towards improving the lot of their down-trodden and disenfranchised fellows but it wasn’t for a thousand years that human beings got together in enough strength to challenge the tyranny of the kleptomaniacal and greedy Empire. Almost immediately though, the movement was cunningly infiltrated by such powerful groups as the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, Fabians. It was they that put forward the name, and the people, uneducated in such Machiavellian artifice, thought it sounded good and applied to them. It didn’t. The Empire strolls on no matter which aspiring priest to the temple or party mush the hoi poloi (their term) are herded into further dividing themselves with.


Ellis Taylor
10th June 2017




Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were born with Norman names (May’s name was ‘Brasier’). Genetic foundations give access to more programmes (besides the alphabets) and lifestyle commands that are keyed into DNA, and their influences can be triggered in every one of us, no matter where our soup of origins derive from. Everything works on unconscious and un-noticed levels.



1: In response to their native (psychic) senses being purposely interrupted, jammed and impeded.




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