Fourth June 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

Protect Wales’ National Parks…..
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Sick of TMay.. Vote in your millions on Thursday vote for Jeremy Corbyn…..
The Mirror and The Noise

Greed, avarice, plundering, destruction and clearances are coming again for this beautiful, less-ravaged Welsh countryside that dragons have rolled through since the beginning of time; where the legacies of our Ancestors have stood defiant in the face of their hordes and weapons.

Please sign this petition:

The Welsh Assembly and the Welsh government are considering plans to change how national parks are looked after. But the plans are missing crucial protections that would safeguard Wales’ natural beauty for future generations.

Wales is full of breathtaking natural parks, places such as Snowdonia which we all cherish. That’s why we want the Sandford principle retained as an ultimate safeguard so that, when there is an unresolvable conflict of purposes, conservation has the higher priority. We need to insist on full public consultation for any proposed changes to the purposes of National Parks.For more information, feel free to visit the Snowdonia Society and Save National Parks websites.

Protect Wales’ National Parks


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The Other Land of the Gods: Promotional Information (Romania)
Fear The Reaper: By Gavin Mulroney
The Dog-Awful Truth behind ‘Cryptid Creatures from Dark Domains’
Mystic or Madman – A short Biography of Aleister Crowley
Facts, Fiction and Fake News
Extraterrestrial Life on the Sun
UFO Landing in Israel & UFO Photographed over West Sussex
George Hunt Williamson – From the Saucers to the Holy Grail:
and much more
Phenomena Magazine


There’s matters I agree with regarding Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas and some I don’t. I’m also very aware that the Darkness plays both sides… but he is a genuine human being with a heart intact and, in my view, under the system we have forced upon us, a better bet for humanity’s and our companions’ healing and survival than any of the alternatives to the disastrous predaTories.


In the groundwork of understanding psychology and the understanding of others and ourselves, there is basic rule. That very basic rule is: What you see is always your own reflection in the mirror. So, if you experience something in this world that calls for the warrior in you – it is because you are that thing – and what you are opposing is your own reflection.

Quiet of a bit narcissistic argument – Everything is about you!

No, it is not, it is noise.

If we engage in a journey, which many of us obviously are, there comes a breaking point. That breaking point is when we stop identifying ourselves with this world and its manifestations. We go outside the world of programming, both psychologically and physically, and an entity steps in.

That entity has many names: The Observer, The Silent Witness and more.
The Mirror and The Noise

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