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A new article on the Song of Ffraed…..
Annwn – Eternity…..
The Human “Aura” Observed Through Digital Metadata…..
Shrews are nesting at the holy well…..
EWIAN – Love…..
The UFO / ET Contact Experience…..
Pre-Maori faces created from skulls, says Northland historian…..
Grave Robbers with Far-Right Links Could Be Stealing Ancestral Māori Skulls…..

A new article on the Song of Ffraed:

Dragon lines are natural, nurturing, and sinuous Earth currents that were understood by our ancient forebears, who notated, and scored them (like music) with stones, wood, wells, ponds, and earth works, to preserve and enhance their environments.

Loving the Dragon



Lately there has been an enormous flux of research recently, attempting to expand on the uncharted relationship that man has with electrical technology. With the streamline of the internet in modern culture, humans have found themselves immersed in the dimensions of raw data at a rate of which has never been conceivable before. As if one were traveling to other places nearly instantly, the internet can be philosophically considered a new dimension — and even scientifically, this is not a stretch in definition.

So, with this integration of the internet (for better or worse) it is interesting to try and understand not only the way that humans react to digital information, but also the way digital information reacts to humans as well. For example, a recent study done demonstrates that when humans use digital communication regularly, it becomes a “digital circadian rhythm” of pattern that persists with time. What this really reveals, however, are the dimensions of the human “aura” through its digital metadata footprint.

The human body is naturally capable of communication through means outside the common senses. Modern science shows us that extra-sensory perceptions are common activity to certain organs in our body such as the intestines and the heart, for example.
The Human “Aura” Observed Through Digital Metadata






A Northland historian has released what he says are forensic reconstructions of pre-Maori Northlanders that support his theory that Chinese and European seafarers came to New Zealand centuries before Polynesians.

Kaipara based historian Noel Hilliam says a forensic expert from Edinburgh University has reconstructed features using skulls retrieved from heaps of ancient human bones that were once piled in caves at several sites around the Kaipara.

The faces depict a blond woman with Celtic characteristics common in Wales and a man of Mediterranean appearance.
Pre-Maori faces created from skulls, says Northland historian


A group of fringe “archaeologists” and self-proclaimed historians have been highjacking New Zealand’s media with tales of a pre-Māori European race. VICE has found at least one of them has been raiding what could be sacred Māori grave sites and removing skulls. So who is the group, what are their far-right connections, and how do they keep getting airtime in New Zealand media?
Grave Robbers with Far-Right Links Could Be Stealing Ancestral Māori Skulls…..



One thought on “22nd May 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. And then that Happened. Yes 22 and and then 5 plus 17 = 22. 22.5.17. The bombers age 22 the number killed 22. The other bombers age 23 and singers age 23. And time of blast is 22.30 they say approx. You have 22 and 23 there. Maybe maje the official time 22.33 Attacker killed so now number dead is 23. Average age of victims 22 or 23. This im making up now. Im.not a numerologist so i cant do the names of the attackers but they probably will be 22s or 23s. For half the world the official date of attack where they are was 23rd. I know 11 22 n 33 n 88 are big in freemasonry. I mean i dont even bother with the official story cause it just annoys me. But these numbers just jumped out so blatantly i felt ellis would have some insight. Well he wrote his howl at the moon before the attack and then … but this could all ve a big 22 23 coincidence. Chances of these all coinciding assuming 30 days in month 12 months in year 24 hours in a day 60 minutes in an hour and average age of a suicide bomber from 11 to 33 lets say (just for fun) and average age of singer from 11 to 88 (these are rough figures) then this coincidence is over a 1 in (30x12x24x60x22x77) or statistically zero chance of all coinciding. And remember there are no coincidences its just all these numbers coinciding. Into 22 and 23. I sont know significance of 23 but legendary sporting stars have displayed this number. Is this 2 becoming 3. Osiris and isis reuniting just one last time to give birth to their begotten son horus. The hours were right for moon that night. Stadiums are symbolic of eyes i believe. Horus magic eye. I wonder if the bell tower on perth was glowing white at the top at 530 in the morning on the 23rd perth time. And then there is the new stadium in perth to be open. Plus trumps at the vatican and i think my heads going to explode. Before it does ill blow up my tv instead. Oh and ashes between england and its begottun son (the land down under) is to be premiered to coincide with the unvieling of the new perth magic eye complete with closing eye lids. This is the musings of a guy that hasn’t slept well so you can take it with a generous grain of salt but also a healthy dose of reality.


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