My talk in Swansea on 25th April 2017

This is Part 1 of a talk I gave to the Swansea UFO Network on 25th April. Smashing bunch of people. If you are in the area and they have a meeting on then please go along and say hi. you’ll be made very welcome.


Part 2:


Thanks, in particular, to Laurence, Mike, Emlyn and Ellis.

6 thoughts on “My talk in Swansea on 25th April 2017

  1. Almost finished watching the first part of your Swansea talk. Very interesting. It may have been a blessing that Dean had not spoken further to you about what he intended to – otherwise you may have not have been around either ! I remember those Murdoch days too. Thanks for sharing


    • Who knows, Jewels, it was very sinister. There’s often been spooks in the audience there. I think I touched on some of the ‘attempts’, and/or ‘warnings’, during the talk. There have been many.
      We were lucky to have something like that in Perth, eh Jewels?
      Glad you found the talk of interest.


  2. Hi Ellis, I was intrigued by Part One of your Swansea talk, and mean to watch Part Two, soon. My physical otherworldly contacts began in April of 1996. Your Swansea talk was very enlightening. Thank you very much for posting it. Best wishes, Christina


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