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New posts on The Song of Ffraed…..
Loreena McKennitt – Dante’s Prayer…..
The Welsh Triangle Broadhaven 40th anniversary conference videos…..
Hidden Solstice Symbols Found in Royal “Peter Pan” Gardens…..
Iranian Sandstorm Uncovers Ancient Lost City…..
Neil Armstrong and the Men in Black?…..
Brain tumour linked to excessive mobile phone use in ‘landmark’ court case
The Devil Inside: Bizarre Cases of Multiple Personalities That Went Bad…..
Project Monarch Mind Control Mania…..
Paranormal Phenomena As Divine Revelation…..
A Different Perspective with Kevin Randle – EP 0036 – Guest: John Burroughs – Bentwaters/Rendlesham…..
Spike Milligan & Harry Secombe Interview…..
New link…..


New posts on The Song of Ffraed:

You may have noticed in the previous post that a wire fence is now present around the well. It was erected while I was away, to keep a flock of sheep out – they were there to have their lambs.
Looks like She’s weaving wonders together


A very short video on who the Goddess is, and what She does






This was kindly sent to me by a reader. A very beautiful song:



In February Swansea UFO Network ran a conference in Broadhaven to mark the 40th anniversary of the famous sightings at Broad Haven Primary school on 4th of February 1977. Here are the videos – more to come it appears, so please bookmark the page.

The Broad Haven conference

I will be giving a talk at Swansea UFO Network on 25th April (Tuesday, next week), beginning 8.15pm.


Centuries-old architectural symbols which seem to be designed to track the summer and winter solstices have been discovered hiding in plain sight in one of Britain’s main royal tourist attractions The symbols were found in Kensington Gardens, which lie in front of Kensington Palace, the lavish London home of Prince William and his family, Prince Harry, and a few other royal family B-listers.

Hidden Solstice Symbols Found in Royal “Peter Pan” Gardens


Here’s some news out of Iran that has to do with winds that aren’t the winds of war. A strong dust and sand storm in late March uncovered ruins and relics from an ancient lost city in the remote Fahraj Rural District in Kerman Province in southeastern Iran. The relics include pottery and bones and the area is now under police and military protection until their significance can be determined.

Iranian Sandstorm Uncovers Ancient Lost City


Although Neil Armstrong’s FBI file is not overflowing with mystery, it’s still well worth noting it, and for several intriguing reasons. The file – on the first man to step on the surface of our nearest neighbor, the Moon – is certainly not a long one, as I quickly found out when I secured a copy. The FBI states, in a covering note: “This release consists of 18 pages of FBI file references to Armstrong ranging from 1969 to 1985 relating primarily to requests for FBI name checks in consideration of executive appointment; no derogatory personnel information was found. Redactions were made primarily to protect the privacy of living persons.”
Neil Armstrong and the Men in Black?


A court has ruled that excessive mobile phone usage is to blame for a man developing a brain tumour, in what could become a landmark case.

The court in Ivrea, Italy, has awarded 57-year-old Roberto Romeo a state-funded pension, after he claimed that using a mobile phone for work caused him to develop a brain tumour.

Romeo said his work duties obliged him to use his mobile for three to four hours of each working day for 15 years. The tumour was diagnosed in 2010, after he complained that his right ear was feeling blocked all the time.
Brain tumour linked to excessive mobile phone use in ‘landmark’ court case


It seems very apparent that within each and every one of us there resides some malicious fragment of ourselves, which has evil thoughts that flicker unbidden across our waking hours and malicious intents that we usually manage to push down into the dark depths of our psyche where they belong. But is it possible that these apparitions upon our subconscious have the ability to congeal and rise up to the surface, possessing us as surely as any mystical demon? There are cases out there that seem to point to this possibility, and to show that we may not totally be who we think we are, and that there are at times nefarious elements of our mind that have the ability to push up from the murk and to the front to carry out a variety of atrocities without our consent.

One psychological disorder that has become of interest in recent times is that of Multiple Personality Disorder, or also called Dissociative Identity Disorder.
The Devil Inside: Bizarre Cases of Multiple Personalities That Went Bad


In this thrilling installment, we take a look into Project Monarch – Mind Control Mania. So what was it? How did it work? How did they do it… All questions we attempt to answer as we take a plunge down the rabbit hole.
This episode is a grand trip into Mind Control Mania. Be warned there are sections of this episode which might be graphic or intense and may not be suitable for listeners under 18 years old.
Project Monarch Mind Control Mania (Starts around 10 mins)


Some vast number of people across the world contemplate the nature of God within organized religions—commonly these are inherited traditions—perhaps without ever realizing that ‘paranormal’ case studies offer another way of expanding one’s spiritual awareness of life.

Paranormal Phenomena As Divine Revelation


This interview is in stark contrast to those provided by Charles Halt. And there are still questions about what had happened, but the real story here might be the reaction of the authorities to the events rather than the events themselves. Kevin Randle interviews John Burroughs about Rendlesham – Bentwaters:


Terry Wogan interviews Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe about The Goons:


New link (thanks to K):
Fascinating and generally informative website on lots of items of interest to readers – mystical, historical, esoteric:
Ashley Cowie


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  1. Some wonderful, different content Ellis. I particularly enjoyed The Goddess and the Goons. Two of my favourite things. Loving and respecting nature and mad humour. Thank you


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