May-ed to measure

So, after relentlessly priming the British public to accept that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn is a shambling, witless no-mark; and mobilising the bought-and-paid-for gabbles of the face-less ones’ pervasive propaganda machinery to do it, the gangle they’ve imposed, Theresa May (Theresa Mary May, née Brasier; born 1 October 1956), she of the crocodilian Tories, has announced a ‘SNAP’ general election, on 8th June:

“I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion but now I have concluded it is the only way to guarantee certainty for the years ahead”, she lied, as she asked the British public to trust in her.


Kaa-Mai, or Kali-Mai. Take your pick, or both.

The faceless-ones chose one of their most favoured peak death and destruction dates, ‘the EsTa’ to make it happen, the 19th April (the cusp of Aries and Taurus). Perfect timing for the lurching effigy of Death and Destruction, and Mother figure to favoured sycophants “to give the country the strong and STABLE leadership IT demands.”

Elections are always magical affairs conjuring esoteric artifices. Astrological and Numerosymbological workings, because of their ability to read natural energetic patterns and behaviour – and Numerosymbology’s, to a greater extent, usefulness in casting the requisite ‘spells’. They are key to deciding election timings. One can see this in action without looking too hard. The ‘stable’ (zodiac) and It ‘the Darkness Invisible’ have been called up; so too have fire (Aries and Brasier) and earth (May), Taurus, representing a bull (John Bull and/or see later) on the altar, and Gemini, air (June), and 3 again, the spell-casting number (it’s the 3rd sign of the Zodiac). The cauldron has been lit, the ritual begins.

We have the (know-it-all but nevertheless beguiled) High Priestess (what else is a female Prime Minister?), M.P. for Maidenhead (Maiden-head) rite-named for the magical May tree, the Hawthorn, Theresa May (Trees-are-May), May Pole, born on 1st October (Intensified Number [repeated number], 11), full date, 1/10/1956 gives 11111, Numerosymbologically; and clearly named after, Thérèse of Lisieux the 33rd Doctor of the Church. Theresa gives the Intensified numeric, 777; Mary is 11, and May boils down to 11, also.

As far as this election farce goes, the Intensified Numbers don’t end there. She cast the spell (election announcement) on 18th April, a 22-date (18+4), full date gives 22-37, a statement that there was strong magic being unleashed. 37 is the factor for triple Intensified Numbers (e.g. 37×3 = 111, 37×6 = 222, 37×9 = 333 etc).

On the 19th April (peak Esta), 13 days prior to the Darkness‘ false Beltane (1st May), and 17 days before the real date (5th May) the shoe-in was, of course, ratified, for the unwitting public’s consumption; a 23 in 17 date and conjuring (see the “23/17 Phenomenon“); and Numerologically, a 33-full date. The election date, 8+6, gives 5, and Theresa May’s Numerosymbological names and birth date turn up major position 23s and 5s.

The number 13, as well as its other well-known associations, emphasised that Moon’s phases were being wheeled in to the May-den heady mix. 19th April was the Crone Moon (last quarter). The ‘result‘ will be announced on the full moon, 9th June – St. Columba’s Day.

In 1976, May and her husband, Philip, were introduced to each other, in Oxford (Ox-Taurus), by the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007. They married on 6th September 1980 (33), when they were both 23.

Interestingly the election takes place on the anniversary of the death of Muhammad, which may well cause some issues.

Soon after the May’s were married her father, Rev. Hubert Brasier, was killed in a car crash near Oxford, on 12th October (22), 1981 (full date 23) and a few months later her Mum, Zaidee, passed away.
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Hand-in-hand, yet underneath all these shenanigans, is another cryptic, one that is giving us a surreptitious heads-up to an agenda for a different May Queen coming to the ultimate fore (in the eyes of the public) through a bestowal of (conjured false) legitimacy, like Queen Elizabeth, who is an unnoticed May Queen. She was born in Mayfair (17 Bruton Street) on 21st April in 1926, a Taurus.


20th April 2017

3 thoughts on “May-ed to measure

  1. It’s not just the election farce, Ellis. This realm is a farce and the prophecy about Christ being conceived this year, the Year One, is the greatest farce of all. The truth is we have been lied to and have picked up on this movie script like so many fimmakers. There is nothing but evil. Goodness is accidental. The Israelis are waiting for the arrival of the Messiah with police preparations even. Maybe they meant Emmanuel-Jesus Macron because no one else is coming. So many so-called sacred texts were written on the farce that the salvation of mankind is. No one is coming to save us. It was all a lie and a false prophecy.


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