Anyway…for that…

Well, something’s happening to stir up the dark side’s focus on silencing me again. Once more it’s to do with my car, and me driving, though they have tried other ways without success too. I’ve written in the past about some of it but it isn’t anything I dwell on, and I’m far from alone with being targeted. I can’t speak for others obviously but I can indicate a little of what I contend with…and much of it can be verified, because other people were with me or witnessed what happened. So, please don’t misconstrue what follows as anything but what it is – honesty.


Often I do wonder why the Darkness and its agents bother, it’s not like my work reaches many and few of my fellow truth-warriors take much, if any, public notice of it either. I’m not special and I have no ambitions for myself. I don’t chase publicity or acceptance, I don’t promote myself at all, to anyone; in fact I couldn’t care less if I was never interviewed again or had another speaking engagement. Mostly I just write…from experience, from what I’ve learned, what I see. What I see, what I have personally felt and witnessed, and learned through my this world and otherworld experiences, I don’t parrot, I don’t pretend. I don’t embellish anything, in fact I know that I do the opposite, though that is unintentional. I write and talk about what I can consciously remember I don’t offer other people’s information and call it my own. I’m nobody’s echo. Nevertheless from lies and threats to poisoning, to fire, to attempted intimidation by the possessed; to demons, called-up cars, reptilians, shadow entities, manifestations and holograms, various tampering, psychic, psychotronic, and sonic assaults, and numerous others, the attempts continue. I’m not looking for attention but it’s ironic what so often does give it to me.


This massive fire raced towards my home and neighbours but ‘unaccountably’ (according to the firemen) suddenly changed direction, on a date that I’d forewarned readers about .

It’s most likely that I’m saying things, and/or I know things not yet voiced, that the Darkness does not want said. I’ve come close to death many times but I’m still here. I have been well looked after and will be at least till I’ve done what it is I have to accomplish this time. My environment is a fortress constantly probed for weaknesses. It has attempted to come at me through, or by attacking, my friends and those close to me, mostly it fails that way too. I have made my conditions clear. Mostly I’m left alone, on my own; it’s safer that way…and yes, Darkness, I have noticed the not-so-subtle clues (to me) with your strikes on me, my friends – and upon others outside my circle that you have left.

The latest attempt on my well-being happened yesterday as I was driving down a steep incline quite near the turning to the well. A massive thump on the side of the car sent it into the middle of the road. I missed the car coming the other way and straightened up; my car was ok. There was nothing there that could have hit it, and there was no dent or trace of anything colliding with the car either.

I’m sure you’ll be coming again very soon, you and your minions are such inveterate and unoriginal repeaters; but anyway, for this latest one Darkness, I will answer you by asking everyone to amplify their loving attention for the next three days into this world. The 3rd day will be the 29th December. It is a date with vast energetic potential. The dark side will very likely be aiming at that date with fervency. We must do the same from our perspective too.

It is a pivotal day that broadcasts the frequencies of huge emotion and emotional experience – 29. Please make every deed and statement loving, about what love is, and instill it, thoroughly, pervasively. Turn every malignant thought and reaction into generosity, compassion, and healing. Be aware, smile, brighten the world everywhere you and your thoughts go.

The designated ever-present in this past year’s frequency, 16, the number of shock and take-downs, and transcendent communication, is still in action. 29s concentration,11, makes all of the frequencies magnified and multiple; as does the combined energies’ total, 77. It’s ack-ack, it’s secret, clandestine, out of regular view, beneath the surface and can be air-born too. Great changes (7+7 = 14 = 5) are afoot, secret agendas about to be unleashed, that which is hidden revealed.

In Numerosymbology, 29 is capital letter’C’, the moon with child and going into confinement. In nature, the 29th December 2016 is the New Moon, the child being birthed. All the more reason for the dark side to activate on this date and for us to outdo it with love.

Two days afterwards is the Darkness‘s new year’s eve; it’s energy is aligned to 16. We can give it a shock it didn’t expect.

Its new year’s day, 1st January 2017, vibrates to the most powerful of frequential combinations – 22-8 – in this manifest world. They have plans, huge ones.

Whatever you can do to pour love over these 3 days (27/28/29 December), please do it, and don’t forget. If you can connect with the life-streams of Gaia, in and on the holy places, it will amplify what you do. If you can, share your gifts, your wealth, with others that are less fortunate, or less aware. Inspire them. This planet, this beautiful Creation, our children, our companions in every form they take, need you.

Love to you all,

13 thoughts on “Anyway…for that…

  1. I’ve been sent an email in response to this article from a long-time friend and fellow target, who wishes to remain anonymous. I asked him if I could post it here as a comment. This is it:

    Hi Ellis,

    I identify with everything you have said in your latest post and am glad someone else understands how dark energy (evil) works.

    When I was 19 and just out of school I trained the hardest I ever had through that winter of 1967/68 and had the chance of becoming an international sprinter in front of me. Walking from the west end office where I worked to Green Park tube station along a back alley I was suddenly hurled by some great ‘hand’ into the doorway of a building next to me, smashed into it and fell to the ground.
    The man I had been walking behind heard the crash and came back to help me.
    Within a week I had collapsed with an unknown fever that lasted six months and ended up in hospital in a semi-coma, where the fever broke. My mother and sister used to sit on me to keep me in the bed so violent were the rigours (shaking) over those months. I lost half a stone from being such a fit athlete and had to be carried everywhere as I had lost my sense of balance.
    My athletics career was over although I did run 10.8 for 100 metres again at the age of 24, I had been running that time at 17.

    This is just one of multiple instances where things similar to this have happened to me.

    I know what that was that hurled me against that doorway, it was dark energy, which has hit me time and again whenever I have approached anything remotely resembling success at whatever I have been doing.

    It has to keep people like you and me (and countless others) down, otherwise we might open the eyes of the slumbering masses as to evil’s ways and intent and that it could never allow.

    We are close to armageddon of a kind, be it world financial collapse or WWIII and the masses live in complete ignorance of the danger and are prime fodder.

    And dark energy will feed off the energy of pain and anguish of the millions as their lives are extinguished (again).

    First rule of engagement – know your enemy – you and I are lucky we do.

    I’m glad that prang you had did not succeed in damaging you and wish you long life and good health.

    Much love and strength to you Ellis,

    J. Mills (a pseudonym)

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