Bad God


As to who runs this world? I’m with the Cathars. They referred to it as the Bad God. I call it the Darkness Invisible. They are both one and the same, a force with Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) masquerading, put forth, and believed for millennia by bullied and beguiled humans to be the Infinite Creator.

Much of Cathar doctrine is making more and more sense today as humanity’s understanding of Nature, of Consciousness, is improving, through the revelations of Quantum Science and the testimonies of otherworld experiencers.

Everything is composed of energy, the same energy…and ‘empty‘ space, and energy is consciousness. Energy once formulated into being (manifested) is still consciousness, so it has feelings. We have got that far with equations but not with instruments…and that won’t happen until apparatus that are capable of adequate interdimensional intercommunication are developed. Of course Nature already provides these but the Darkness has persuaded humans otherwise. Those instruments are every form of Consciousness, everything, including rocks, trees, plants, animals, and water…and of course, that includes human beings.

The Cathars taught that vegetarianism was the least objectionable food choice, but did believe that eating fish was ok, because they thought fish reproduced without bodily contact of the parents, like plants do. Notice that I said, ‘least objectionable’; they would have clearly, if they believed it possible, counselled eating nothing at all; instead they partook in fasts, often long 40-day fasts, up to three times, each year. They didn’t object either if someone chose to starve themselves to death. The body, they said, was a prison for the spirit made by the Bad God (the creator identity of the Darkness Invisible) and so death by natural causes was a release and a welcome opportunity for freedom from the Bad God’s tortures and incarceration. They embraced reincarnation as an inevitable process in the cycles of Creation and learning. More evidence of their understanding of Consciousness, including, what slowly, humans of today are coming to comprehend, that fundamentally there is no difference between killing an animal and killing a plant.


Cathar Parfait © Neil Hague

They knew perfectly well though that they still had to live themselves, for they had commitments to Creation, the Good God, and unfortunately that meant taking life to sustain their lives, but only for that.  They took very seriously the Ten Commandments (which includes the 6th, ‘Thou shalt not kill’), while the Roman Church obviously had no problem with twisting and ignoring them – setting an example and giving permit for it and other worshippers of dark gods to rampage through lives ever since.

They engaged with the material world and its illusionary baubles and credentials as little as possible. They despised self-glorification and ego-based materialism and clamour; and vociferously refuted the idolatry and elitist practices of the Roman Church, and its contrived dogmas.


I see possible Cathar influences in some of the songs and music of Yes, and their members and projects. The language spoken by the Cathars of the Languedoc was Occitan, the Langue d’oc.  Their word Oc, means ‘Yes’.

Here’s another, and this time with another possibly reincarnated Cathar:


Love, Ellis
13th December 2016


Cathars and Cathar Beliefs in the Languedoc
The Ten Commandments
New Year’s Eve Without Arthur Guirdham
Visionary Artist, Neil Hague’s eloquent art including Cathar-related images.


One thought on “Bad God

  1. Hi Ellis,

    It seems to me that there is no hope for Mankind in this realm. The Age of Aquarius should have been here since the year 2000. We have been betrayed and we keep being trampled upon. If there is a Good God, what on earth is he doing? We were promised a Saviour, who never came. We were told by your late friend Lewis of the Thirteenth Stone that examples such as Yazidi little girls who get raped daily, and recently the two Nigerian little girls who were used as bombs are sacrificial lambs that were meant to be destroyed anyway for humanity to evolve. I don’t think there is a Good God, or if he exists, he is incredibly generous with the Bad God, throwing us to him to be massacred and tortured again and again. When does this farce stop? I am totally discouraged, and it doesn’t help that some evil and stupid people really make you wonder if humanity is worth saving at all. Maybe good people just find their way out of here when they die, never to come back to this realm of lies. I am sick of evil and really disheartened. The “good” Creator is either very incompetent, or just as bad as the evil one as far as I am concerned. Evil keeps prospering while we hope for a Golden Age that will never come.

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