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Samhain and East Coker
More photos from the Dragon’s journey
Elusive – the teaser. Chris Turner’s quest to find elusive creatures  like Bigfoot and Dogman.
Abductee Describes Dog-Like Humanoids
Seance with the amazing Kreskin
Brexit means Brexit
This is a List of Labour MP’s that voted to continue to murder children in Yemen

Lovely article here. Thanks to Eileen for letting me know about it.

raven-moon-300x225In my beginning is my end

Yes, that is it for me, for samhain. Every samhain. Every one of the sixty-eight samhain’s I’ve travelled through so far in this incarnation. Strangely each one is better than the last. Sometimes, somehow, I don’t know why I should feel strange; but then I do, I do know why. Strangeness is a beautiful feeling, a feeling of new, undiscovered, not known before, and samhain is about that.

Every year, since I was fifteen and my English teacher introduced me to Mr Eliot, I’ve read East Coker at this season. The beginning-words of the poem say it all – in my beginning is my end – as do the ending-words. And in between are all the colours and shades of Life, the Universe and Everything.

The cycles of life. How the Lady and the Lord weave life. Life-in-Death as Coleridge shows us in the Ancient Mariner. We cannot live life without death, if only the death of the body-skin-cells each day that we later vacuum up as dust, dust to dust indeed! When the cycle goes wrong we have cancer, cells that refuse and/or forget how to die and so become great tumours that kill us wholly. We have to learn how to die, how to know that death is a vital part of life. Without it we cannot live.
Samhain and East Coker





Most recently I experienced being on a ship once more. I was lead through a corridor by a hybrid scientist, he was mostly human in appearance but with wrinkled, thick grey skin and wearing a lab coat. We passed beside a small group of dark skinned humanoid, dog-like, Bigfoot like people. I feel bad calling them that. They have a name, I just can’t remember it.
Abductee Describes Dog-Like Humanoids



I’ve taken part in something similar to this ‘seance’, when I was 15 or 16. It was during a sunny summer afternoon carnival on the estate I grew up on, and in front of several hundred people. There was a barn door laying on the grass and everyone was wondering what it was doing there until later an announcement came over the tannoy that a demonstration was about to take place. Everyone crowded around, a man climbed on to the stage and asked for volunteers. Several people came forward and he asked them to stand around the door. I was standing in the front with friends and wondering what was going to happen. The man then called over to me and asked me to join the people around the door. He got us all to kneel down on the grass and put both our hands on the door (just like the people did in the video). We did that, and then he told us that the door would start to move and then rise into the air, and that we must not take our hands off. From the stage he called out, “Table rise…table rise…” I remember him saying ‘table’ and not door’ and wondered why he was saying that. Anyway, immediately the door wobbled a little bit and then, with the audience gasping, the door began to rise off the grass, swaying only slightly, till I was on my tip-toes trying to keep my hands on the top of the door. The man then instructed ‘the door’ to return to the ground, which it did very gently. I’ve never forgotten it.


I tried to alert Arsebook users with this post, on 29th October (and of course I’ve been saying similar for years, on my sites):

For those who like to celebrate a festival called Halloween on 31st October you’re in luck, you haven’t missed it, because the Empire fiddled about with the unnatural calendar it invented and changed the date for you to pour energy into its machine. If this was still 1751 and you were a subject in that time instead of this one it would have been and gone 11 days ago, on 18th October. Phew! Now everyone can obey the papal dictate and mangle our atunement with natural flows and know that they really are calling up and empowering demons with their dissonance.

For those who prefer to kick them into where they belong Samhain climax occurs at 23:42 on 7th November (using the false clock and calendar) when the sun is at 15° Scorpio.

It got 37 likes but sadly, viewing posts today, the charms of Darkness and demons were too attractive (for some at least), and their alluring dissonance and distractions were voted in again. More mayhem is inevitable but hopefully I’ve given cause for thought.


Brexit…not a Dog’s Brexfast! (sorry dogs):





This is a List of Labour MP’s that voted to continue to murder children in Yemen

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