Wongi My Bardip: Telling our story our way….Powerful

Thank you so much to Julie for sending me this.

One of the most powerful speeches you will ever hear. None but a dead heart can fail to be moved to be better by it.

An extraordinarily truthful and powerful indictment of the vicious and insane invaders and rapists that fell upon a beautiful land and its people who had tended it for 60,000 years and more. In 200 years this superficial imposed society with its disassociation from human obligations and its self-centred lust for immediate satisfactions has cast a false glamour over this great southern continent to conceal what it has already turned into a sick and riddled wasteland.

This Youtube video was published on 28th April 2014. It has had a paltry 171 views. Right there you can see the disconnect of Australians and their refusal to look at their attitudes and the reality and consequences of their dust-bound lifestyles.

Robert Eggington is a Nyungar from the Dumbartung Aboriginal Centre in Perth Western Australia.



Well  worth visiting is the website of The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation:

“We of the people”
The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation strives to empower the healing of our people’s lives and communities through cultural initiatives that strengthen the spiritual identity and creates a sense of belonging it is within this belief that merged the power of the  Kyana gatherings on the foreshore of the Derbarl Yerrigan during 1991-1993.
Dumbartung Aboriginal Centre


2 thoughts on “Wongi My Bardip: Telling our story our way….Powerful

  1. https://penguin.com.au/books/oranges-and-sunshine-9780552163354

    Not just the original people/children were abused. this book later to be made into a movie starring david whenam,hugo weaving called oranges and sunshine is a tragic story of children being abused under the power of the church and the govt sent from the uk as orphans to be abused in australia. it reminds me of the movie ‘the leaving of liverpool’ which reduces me to tears. why do we still allow these entities to abuse children? as a cancerian mother i will constantly struggle with this issue. it makes me cry and i dont understand why i constantly find myself researching this issue that tears my heart apart. I feel totally helpless to stop this abuse but find comfort in the fact that i feel safe in expressing my feelings on your site ellis. i thank you for this. i have just read this post before pressing the send button and it sounds so depressing. sorry ell i understand if you just dismiss. i would mate.

    cheers ellis

    julie x


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