AMATTROC: The World Trade Centre and Pentagon Atrocities

Tears on Terra

Tears on Terra

(This is an article I’ve reposted for today. It was written and posted on my website, Looking Into the Dark Places, on 18th September 2001.)



I have been house-sitting for a friend whilst he has been on holiday. A lot has happened since he left on 2nd September.

Regular readers will be aware that although this site makes brief sorties into the world of espionage and the New World Order conspiracies its main focus is upon investigating crimes that appear to have an occult connection. The difficulty is that what is occurring in the world is so interlinked that it is impossible to confine one’s search to just this one area.

I have no doubt at all that something evil has grasped control of this world. Something so awful that human decency struggles to comprehend that such atrocities that have befallen our world throughout history could possibly be the work of the people we admire or have been taught to respect all of our lives. Monarchs, politicians, entertainment, media and business personalities, ecclesiastics, members of the military, police, judiciary, banking, the list is as long as a cable-tow. This ‘human innocence’ is the weapon that has been turned against us every time. The ruthless slaughter of innocent aircraft personnel and passengers, children, office workers, emergency service personnel, shoppers and tourists is the work of such insane brutality that it defies sufficient description. Our minds cannot accept that the so many of those who kiss our babies, support charities and denounce barbarity could possibly be the authors, perpetrators and cohorts of the terrors that are carpet bombing our senses. Yet they are. I have no doubt at all. Time and again all roads lead back to the same people, the same bloodlines throughout history. Always they and their descendants benefit from the monstrous events that beset this planet.

As I write this the world has for 9 days been saturated with talk of war, more terror to come, more anti-freedom legislation, and inflammatory media attacks on Islam and Islamic peoples, all of it calculated to increase fear and to generate hostility.
But war? Who against? Who is the enemy here? If it comes expect initial actions on Friday and Saturday of this week (21st September 2001 and 22nd September 2001).

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the New World Order. Contrary to smug media remarks you can now see that it is not a fable.

I know that we are being persuaded to believe that the aeroplanes that dived into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania had been hijacked by Moslem terrorists but I have grave concerns that this is all a fabrication. At this point the evidence presented to us by mainstream (Illuminati) media seems to overwhelmingly support their statements but that does not mean that the thicket’s (Bush etc) conclusions are a fact.

If we accept their line that aeroplanes can casually fly over restricted and aggressively guarded airspace and that they can be lost to radar for an hour we are living in La-La land.

If we believe that less than a handful of terrorists could hijack an aeroplane in the way that has been described we certainly are the weakest links – Goodbye. For a start the alleged terrorists (because that is all that they are, don’t forget) were reportedly only armed with whittling knives; the passengers who are reported to have known their fate could very easily have overpowered them by protecting themselves with cushions and blankets. Hey, if you knew you were going to die then what the hell, you’d go for it surely. No terrorist is going to hijack a plane armed with weaponry like that and then tell everybody they are going to die and ask them whether they would like to make a telephone call. It’s preposterous. The risk of failure would be far too high. Terrorists are not imbeciles. The authorities are telling us on one hand that this was a meticulously planned, co-ordinated and executed terrorist attack. Forgive me, but if this is the case then how come they came armed with box-knives. I am told that these days guns can be and are made from undetectable plastic. Something smells. In fact it stinks.

We are told that the terrorists allowed doomed passengers to make last minute mobile-phone calls from the planes to their loved ones. Yeah right. Mass murderers with a heart and didn’t they know that it is dangerous to use mobile phones on an aeroplane?

And apart from the ‘it’s a fair cop, guv. You’ve got me bang to rights,’ literature and such, conveniently found in taxis and other places how can they say that they know who the so called suicide pilots were. It seems that if you have an Arab name, a black face and you are a Moslem then you must be a suicidal fanatic. No matter that you have a young family, a good job and future plans. If these people were the monsters that they are being painted then how were they able to live, work and study in America let alone board aeroplanes, especially in the company of other ‘known’ terrorists? And then we are expected to believe that these devilish people who were under frequent surveillance were taking flying lessons and learning how to pilot airliners without arousing the slightest suspicion. Duuh yeah, all right then.

Have you seen the pictures of the docile handcuffed suspects being led out from their homes by FBI agents and such?
Every single one of them staring blank-faced into the television cameras. (How come they are there? Don’t bother we know the answer to that one.) If you were in their place and you were innocent wouldn’t you be exclaiming your innocence? If you were a guilty and fervid terrorist wouldn’t you be ranting your fanatical message? No doubt. You would have quite an audience.

What are we looking at here? Is it mind control? Were the suicide pilots mind controlled? Were the arrested suspects mind controlled or even drugged? Were the passengers of the doomed Boeing aircraft mind controlled or drugged?
Were the aircrew mind controlled or drugged?

Does the scenario presented to us by the Illuminati nose-ringed media seem at all feasible when you really think over the story? To me it doesn’t.



For a few days I purposely abstained from coming to any conclusions regarding the atrocities of 11th September 2001. Whilst the world appeared to be careering around like a chicken with its head cut off, while Bush appeared to high-tail it to Nebraska, whilst Moslems in general and Bin Laden in particular were instantly and unceasingly being portrayed as the worst mass murderers of all time I waited. I watched the needle-stuck news, I listened to the ranting and blatantly UKUSA-partial Talk Radio programmes and like most independent thinking people got heartily sick of the constant bombardment of propaganda. Everybody’s conversation parroted the official line until you bunged in a gem or two that you had extracted from the excellent website. (What a superb job they are doing).

I needed to withdraw from the madness. To get away from the mass brain-washing and thumping fear programming. For quite a while because of other commitments I had neglected a vital part of me, my spirit. Such had been my work that I had been consumed with technology (this website), my mind (Reading, thinking, researching, listening) and my physical responsibilities (paid work, family, bills etc). For a long time I had been working 18 and 19 hour days. My friend’s request to look after his house I feel was something more than that. It was a call from spirit, an opportunity to reconnect.

As I sat in my friends lounge I kept thinking I must find the time to meditate. I felt something brush the back of my hair and I closed my eyes. A brilliant turquoise light about the size of a pea pulsed in front of my eyelids and grew steadily larger. A sense of loving calm washed over and through me. Then came the eyes, intense, white and wise. When I am about to get a vision I always get the eyes. I was inside an aircraft. Although it was daylight all of the passengers were asleep, every one. No one was moving. I could hear the low hum of the aircraft. I noticed some Arab faces. One was late 30’s/early 40’s sharp, with a large pointed nose; another was more round faced, about early 20’s, both were clean shaven and dark skinned and both were unconscious…And then it went. That is all I saw. This was about 14th September- I immediately emailed a few close contacts and to alert them that there was another possibility to the rampant suicide bombers media stories together with my initial feelings:

Of course this could be any plane, almost anywhere but I was prodded to look. Why? What does this say?

Well in all the times that I have travelled by air I have never seen all of the passengers asleep in a light-drenched cabin. I have never experienced everybody on the plane asleep at the same time. And I have never been in an aeroplane where there is complete silence except for the drone of the engines. Always there is fidgeting.

Afterwards when I thought about this I could only think of one reason that this situation could exist. All of the passengers were dead. An aeroplane flying through the skies with a lifeless human cargo. It’s macarbre. Were the pilots also dead? I don’t know but it brings up serious possibilities about what happened on that fateful Tuesday of September 11th 2001.

Suppose the Arabs were on a terrorist mission (or even an entirely innocent journey for that matter) and some shadowy group wanted to cause the mayhem that we are now witnessing. Suppose that the ‘shadows’ .knew for whatever reason that these people would be on the plane. (They may even have bought their tickets for all I know). Now we have the patsies. Then suppose we had pre-recorded a few messages (easy to imitate other peoples voices) to transmit (purportely) to their loved ones. Once the passengers were airborne either the air is switched off or more likely they are gassed (the passengers faces looked normal). The same thing happens to the flight crew and the plane is taken over by remote control. Impossible? Then look at this item I just found yesterday (17th September 2001) in London’s Observer newspaper:,4273,4258213,00.html


18th September 2001



And look at this I found on the net on 9th October 2001:  (Can’t find this anymore. but site still on net.)

and  (Joe Vialls)

The information regarding my ‘vision’ was sent to the David Icke site (and to others) previous to the 16th.


cathy-freeman-olympic-ceremony-480x330These attacks that have enabled the obliteration of lives and freedoms on this planet occurred 361 days after the sacrifice of ‘Free Man’ rite (and forewarning) at the Sydney Olympics, on 15th September 2000. In the ancient settled Earth 360-day calendar 911 happened on the magickal Year and A Day (360+1) afterwards.dem911

107 days (17 = Q – insemination), New Year’s Eve, a magickal fire & air rite took place in Perth, Australia. Approximately 9 months later, 254 days (adds to 11) hell on Earth was unleashed, and with it, through the opened doors, demons unbound.

726 years ago (66 x 11) two other towers were destroyed on 11th September. Just as the New York towers were intricately linked to the flow of energy (for them money), these two ancient towers transmitted and controlled the flow of energy in their own way. They were ancient centres intrinsically linked to each other and at that time had been usurped by the materialist outlook of the Christian ethos. Whereas the New York citadels were destroyed through the masculine powers of air and fire the more ancient pair succumbed to the angry goddess energy of an earthquake. These two towers were St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall and Glastonbury Tor in Somerset.


FROM OTHER REALMS (Posted 23rd September 2001).

I have been sent this account by a psychic who I have a great deal of respect for. What she has to say may be comforting for those who have lost dear ones in the American tragedy. It also contains information on a possible future target and because of this I wanted to put this information into the public domain. The date is 23rd September 2001.

I went to the WTC and did retrievals…it was interesting.
As i closed my eyes…this cloud of hazy light came in thro’ the window…already to go! Hadn’t had THAT before!
Found myself in the middle of the first tower…was doing my thing when a beautiful, Angelic? face with hands clasped in prayer flashed across my vision for a split second.
Thought it could’ve been a person…but got a “No!”
Carried on….and suddenly there was a wave of people leaving of their own accord…have seen this before. For some reason i visually went into the path they were on and they were met by a deep blue, sparkling colour…it seemed animated…so kept looking. This colour/light was now pale blue and swaying back and forth, like feathers..looking closer…….Angels? Cripes!
I got to “take note” of this….that there was a “change”…something was!
I had to “come back” as i got overwhelmed by a physical sick feeling. It was overpowering! Tried to go again the next night, but as soon as i closed my eyes…the sick feeling came back. Then it dawned on me, that i’d been affected by the acrid/toxic fumes….in the physical, i’m allergic to petrol fumes! Cripes!
For the next week, every time i closed my eyes, night or day, i could “see” a dome. Like St. Pauls, the Vatican or The White house….could be a future target or one that was supposed to have been executed the same day?? So overall…i got to “understand” that something has changed…things are different now….to take note….be on stand by? Hope we’re not doing a re-run of the past here!


Reposted by Ellis from LDP on 11th September 2016


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