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Thank you, I love you

Mountain moments
Heysham Head
Metta World Peace and Brother Polight Interview With The Breakfast Club (8-3-16)
Why You Should Beware of the High-Voltage Electricity Pylons
Archive Reeve: AR-Action Newsletter
WiFi, Smart Phones: The Killing Fields
2016, UFOs, ET Contact, Archons, AI, Peter Maxwell Slattery Live in the USA
The National New Ufology Conference

Such a gorgeous stone but some clown 🙂 went and spoiled it by standing between it and the sun. I’ve been back to retake the photo a couple of times but along with other wonders on the mountain I can’t find it again.

Anyway, I wanted to say:

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to maintain this site in any and every way over the past 16 years.

I love you.


An Arsebook photo album of some curiosities on the mountain:

Mountain moments



Another album of Heysham Head

heyshamheadgravescropped2 for pp


Please don’t go past this.

This clip from: 17:34 – 25:39,  it is fantastic. It begins on time but you’ll need to watch the clock to catch the section.

The link to the full video is below (I’ve not watched the rest myself yet, but what Brother Polight says in this clip, 17:34 – 25:39, is just right on the money.


Full video: Metta World Peace and Brother Polight Interview With The Breakfast Club (8-3-16)


Pylons are designed to manifest and transmit more than electricity. Read on.

pylons_image (1)1) There’s hardly any detailed official documentation published about their early history, even from their keeper, the National Grid, an organisation that is also evasive in other possibly relevant matters, e.g. they state that “the very first [National Grid] annual report published in 1926” is on their website, but it isn’t.

2) They look like overbearing stick-people guarding a magic force, and/or the giant steel skeletons of laser-skinned robots after an apocalyptic interplanetary war, and/or terrible trojan-horse-like wicker men filled with nothing but the ominous buzzing of the Old Ones.

3) If you’re drunk, stoned or otherwise altered enough you can see pentagrams in them (some actually have pentagrams built in their framework).
Why You Should Beware of the High-Voltage Electricity Pylons

Read more of Mark Reeve’s work and others, in his latest Newsletter:

Archives Reeve publishes occult, conspiracy and related research works by Mark Reeve and others. To stay informed of past, current and future Archives Reeve free downloads and commercial releases, read the Archives Reeve electronic newsletter, AR-Action, the latest issue of which (Number 9, Aug 2016) can be read and/or downloaded through here. (693kb PDF). Lots of fascinating info to read, listen and watch.


wifiWhy do so many people continue to use smart phones as if there was no reason to be concerned? Why are so many people completely unaware of the seemingly oblivious biological damage being done to their body from microwave radiation coming off their smart phone or WiFi router?
WiFi, Smart Phones: The Killing Fields



Nigel Mortimer, a well-known activist in the U.K.’s Ufology scene, is setting up a conference that seeks to investigate the much-ignored facets of the subject that the scientific (sic) method has for too long steered clear of.

Here is Nigel’s website for the conference:




Explaining what the National New Ufology Conference is all about and why it is needed at this time.


4 thoughts on “2nd September 16 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. That clip of Brother Polight is deeply intriguing! I was previously unfamiliar with him and look forward to exploring further. I had a revelation of sorts whilst listening to that clip, as to perhaps why I’m so right-brained dominant. To the point of having a great deal of difficulty retaining information, facts and data and instead resolve to absorbing and retaining the ‘essence’ of the information. Some of the points he made also made me think of the Rife frequency machine, which has always made me a little nervous for some reason … as in, there must be a more organic method (ie: grounding/earthing). I’m just not drawn to manmade ‘gadgets’.

    A perfect and relevant example, is regarding the power grid pylons topic. I read a book YEARS ago that fascinated me with the detailed and somewhat obscure history of the power grid as pertaining to the PTB (GE Westinghouse, etc) not unlike the rest of our controlled society from the Federal Reserve to Big Pharma and the AMA (here in the States, of course). I wanted to share the title &/or link to the book, but it is packed up amongst 40+ boxed of books atm! I tried to look it up and jog my memory as to title/author …. there are so many similar books! * A good example as to times when the sleepy left-brain issue is so frustrating!

    I have close to a dozen of your recent posts to catch up on ASAP 🙂 . I ran across something interesting last night which made me think of you, I will email it to you later today. xo, Sandy


    • Thanks Sandy. Snap, had thee same thoughts cross my mind. He makes a number of great points, including what he said about the English language (and the difficulty of learning other languages for those for who it is a native tongue) There’s some fascinating material in today’s Howlin’ at the Moon. Mark’s newsletter has tons of stuff.

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