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Dicken and Mr Big: Goose-step.
Mark Reeve: Bloodsessions & an eerie synchronicity
A Compendium of Demons
RSPCA: Badger cull
People have been requesting I comment on the Zen Gardner issue
Steve Seymour: A reply to Max Igan – re: his post on ZenGardner.com
Max Igan: The Betrayal of Ken O’Keefe
ICANN and the 7 Keys to the Internet
GetUp exposed: George Soros’ tentacles reach into Australia

A song for today, recorded in 1978. From my mega-talented friend, Dicken:

MR BIG song 1978 Goose-step taken from the album SEPPUKU ..PRODUCED by IAN HUNTER (MOTT THE HOOPLE) released on ANGEL AIR. angelair.co.uk




A photo I posted on Howlin’ 22nd July 2016 that is relevant to Mark’s article.

BUT AREN’T THEY all? The preservation and improvement of the Holy Bloodlines (and the connected quest for the Holy Grail, a real and physical object that grants supernatural power) continues to lure. I think it predates the accepted Davidic Line, and reaches far back into prehistory, with an off-planet or more likely otherdimensional origin via ‘human’-‘alien’ crossbreeding. The ancient Sumerian and other religious texts are news reports, not fiction.
I also assert that the hegemonic conspiracy of such hybrid lineages to rule the world is the real reason behind “what’s really going on”, above all the lesser going ons. It’s the original “Pyramid Scheme”, with the crown royals at the top and the underling aristocracy, Presidents, Prime Ministers, celebrities and middle-classes, etc., beneath, who
keep the show on the road and smoothly in line for their masters in return for money, fame, honours and other baubles, the whole caboodle being ultimately overseen by the Alien Single-Eye.
Many, if not all, of the power-hungry groupings that want to take over the planet are heavily into blood—and other—lineages: the Royals especially, of course, but also the Aristocracy, Jews, Nazis, Mormons, Catholics (Apostolic Succession), and the ‘aliens’ are said to abduct people down family lines, that are also targeted by ‘demons’ (if there’s
any difference). The privileged classes have been seriously breeding dogs, horses and themselves for centuries, so it must be a worthwhile pursuit, beyond economics (they have enough money already). If diseases, intelligence and proclivities can be passed down the bloodline from parent(s) to child, then so too can magical—and other—abilities.
Here one sees the connexion between the ancient intertwined double-serpent (wisdom) staff with wings Caduceus emblem, the intertwined dual Yin/Yang currents that mysteriously follow certain British leys or “corridors of incidence”, and the intertwined double-helix structure of DNA, all of which can be accessed and utilised or altered in the consciously-willed magical-alchemical transmutation of human being, a process metaphoricalised
in esoteric lore as “Obtaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”.
Bloodsessions & an eerie synchronicity (pdf to download)


Since the dawn of human civilization, mankind has attempted to rationalize its primeval fear of the unknown by creating order out of chaos and by categorizing its understanding of the concept of death.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the continuum of civilization collectively described as western.

With its earliest roots in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Arabia, Mesopotamia and Assyria, the idea of good versus evil was progressively quantified and refined by assigning names to positive characteristics such as happiness, inspiration and good fortune, and to negative characteristics such as sloth and greed, but also to ailments of the body and the mind such as depression, epilepsy, blindness and headache.

During the time of the ancient Greeks a word was found to describe this entire class of characteristics defined as spirits: daimon, later to become daemon or demon.

Almost simultaneously, popular Hebrew mythology encompassed by the Semitic tribes of the Middle East began to ascribe to the daimons a certain independence of will, at first both positive and negative, but then with increasingly malicious intention.
A Compendium of Demons


GAAV_UrgentThere has been no evidence to show that the last three years of badger culls have succeeded in reducing bovine TB. Yet the UK Government has announced that they have licensed culls in a further SEVEN new areas in England.
Badger culls extended to seven new areas in England





crowhousePeople have been requesting I comment on the Zen Gardner issue, so OK, here goes….

While I most certainly have questions, and am in no way defending him, without proof of guilt I will not be jumping on the bandwagon to defame someone, nor will I be participating in any kind of trial by media, and nor will I automatically assume guilt by association. I have on occasion met other ex COG members who were in no way involved in pedophilia. I would like to see zen have a chance to publicly address the issue in an open manner without all the sensationalistic claims, rampant speculation and mass hysteria. To witness the witch hunt that has descended upon him and the trial by media that has ensued has quite frankly been appalling and also very sobering, as it show just how quickly people are prepared to thrust all logic and reason aside and simply degrade to the mentality of a lynch mob.

People that I have spoken to that have been associated with the COG have told me they were never sexually molested, the abuse came more in the form of slave labor as many were forced to work very hard, losing most of their teenage years and that the sexual abuse though promoted by the leader was mostly isolated and not the main focus of the cult. Naturally it is what the MSM latched onto and blew up as the main focus as is their way but that is another thing that disturbs me inasmuch as, all of the independent/alternative media people know full well that the MSM lies and distorts everything and yet in this case they are so willing to accept every word a face value. What is that about?

So looking at Don/Zens case… There are 2 distinct possibilities with Don/Zen’s involvement with the Children of God.
People have been requesting I comment on the Zen Gardner issue


philstoneI don’t know any of you copied in on this email, but you are all welcome to my reply.
Does Max know the healer in question?
Does he know the relationship they had?
Does he know that Zen helped this healer in sessions?
Does he know my relationship with Zen?
Has he any idea how difficult a decision it was to call Zen out on this?
Does Max know anything other than what Zen has told him?
A reply to Max Igan – re: his post on ZenGardner.com


crowhouseI post this article with a very heavy heart. I have sat on this information for some months now, not really knowing how to deal with it, perhaps not wanting it to be true. I know there are many who will take offence to this article and also not wish it to be true, and many others who will likely feel as betrayed and disillusioned as I did once the reality of things sank in. I know there will also very likely be many who will attack me me for taking the position I am taking. I will however say to such people, that I do not post this with any malicious intent, indeed writing it and making this information public is probably one of the most uncomforable tasks I have ever had to perform however I choose do so now because I am an honest man and I feel that what I have written here needs to be brought out into the open for people to be able to decide for themsleves.

This will be my first and final word on this issue.
The Betrayal of Ken O’Keefe


It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. The reality is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix
ICANN and the 7 Keys to the Internet


Entry into Queensland ALP Politics Has began !
Dangerous period ahead for Queensland with the arrival of American Communist Billionare George Soros

The left-wingl activist group, GetUp claims it is “an independent grass-roots community advocacy organisation.”

GetUp’s founders David Madden and Jeremey Heimans are heavily involved in a number of similar US and global left-wing activist groups, each of which is tied to the shadowy billionaire, George Soros.

GetUp was inspired by, and modelled on similar US groups, such as MoveOn.org and Win Back Respect. Madden and Heniman were co-founders of Win Back Respect.
According to public records published on CampaignDonations.com, when they were drawing expenses from the group in 2004, the major donor that year, with a contribution of $150,000 was George Soros.
Madden and Heimans are also involved with another Soros-financed left-wing activist group, MoveOn.org. Public records reveal that between January 2003 and December 2004, Soros contributed $2,500,999 to MoveOn.org.
Madden and Heimans are co-founders of the global activist group, Avaaz.org, an organization that the Canadian Minister John Baird in 2008 labelled as “shadowy foreign organization tied to billionaire activist George Soros.”

Madden and Heimans can hardly claim that GetUp is non-partisan when its original board members included Australian Workers Union secretary Bill Shorten, Australian Fabian Society secretary Evan Thornley, green activist Cate Faehrmann, and left-wing trade union researcher and “community organiser” Amanda Tattersall.
GetUp exposed: George Soros’ tentacles reach into Australia

2 thoughts on “31st August 16 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. A most powerful speech by Nyoongah Robert Eggington from the Dumbartung Aboriginal Centre in Perth Western Australia. He also features in John Pilgers documentary UTOPIA.
    I would imagine a very difficult speech to stomach for most white Australlians.
    Cheers Ellis
    Julie x


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