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Merlin’s cave…..
These are words I hold to be true – sacred sites…..

George Carlin on how politicians talk without saying anything at all!!! …..
Dead Languages: 10 of History’s Most Mysterious Undeciphered Ancient Script…..
Roswell Rising, a new novel from Ben Emlyn-Jones…..
“Have You Seen My Brother?”…..
This Is The Devastation That ‘Zen’ Gardner Left Behind! Reloaded…..
The Zen Gardner Deception…..
An Open Letter to Don Fergerson – aka Zen Gardner…..
‘Zen’ Gardner & Concepts Of Spiritual Warfare…..
Spiritual Con-Artistry and Chicanery…..
Never give up hope…..

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These are words I hold to be true – sacred sites:

Todays visitors are fascinated by the concept of places of power.
When in reality these are places where people should be very cautious in both their thoughts and their actions.
We’re trying to explain, this is not a game, it is a serious relationship with place and the spirits of this place.

– Altai shaman

Repcon DVD now available to purchase:
repcon dvds




dead-languages-468x372According to anthropologists and other scholars from around the world, we humans have only been recording our language for about the last 13,000 years or so. Since that time we have had many lost languages that are no longer used. Most of which have been deciphered using codexes or rosetta stones we’ve found. However, not all of them are so easy to figure out.
Dead Languages: 10 of History’s Most Mysterious Undeciphered Ancient Scripts




Ben Emlyn-Jones is delighted to announce the publication of his new novel, ‘Roswell Rising’.

Roswell Rising by Ben Emlyn-Jones


s-whitehead1The story of Sarah Whitehead, the Black Nun of Threadneedle Street, began in 1811. Philip Whitehead was employed at the cashiers office of the Bank of England on Threadneedle Street, London. Unfortunately for Mr Whitehead he was charged with forgery, a crime that carried the death penalty. Whitehead faced trial on the charges, found guilty and sentenced to death. Justice was swift and Philip Whitehead was executed in early 1812. Before his death Whitehead arranged for his beloved sister Sarah Whitehead to be taken to Wine Office Court where she stayed with friends. Sarah Whitehead was never told of her brothers legal issues or his execution.
“Have You Seen My Brother?”


dawnDawn was in the Cult (Children Of God) in Brazil where Zen was a leader, when she was just a child.
Forced Into Having Sex As A 6 Year Old.
This Is The Devastation That ‘Zen’ Gardner Left Behind! Reloaded




pretenderAs you certainly may have noticed, I have as the first ‘major’ site chosen to publish the Zen Gardner revelations.

Steve, who blew this lid open, is someone I have known for many years.

In my book, and in others who know Steve, also Zen, Steve stands for truth. He cannot be bought or silenced.  Steve is a rock standing out in an ocean of doubt for many people (including Zen).
The Zen Gardner Deception


comfortingliesWe had a friendly internet camaraderie, it was only when I found out about your 27 year dance with an evil pedophilia cult that I had to stand up and say something – or I would be complicit in the cover-up, a cover-up that you played a big part in. You seriously scared our mutual friend with your confession and she was physically upset that she could have been so mislead by you over the time you had known each other.

You were a leader Zen – a leader in the Pedophile cult with a doctrine of separating children from their parents and teaching them to “service” their surrogate “nanny”.

There are so many accounts detailing the abuses suffered by children, teens and adults – all during the time when you were a leader, spokesperson, publicist and responsible for damage limitation when child abuse accusations started to damage the cult.

This post by Lynn – about dealing with the guilt – she was in the cult at the same time you were – perhaps you know her ?
An Open Letter to Don Fergerson – aka Zen Gardner


I’ve discovered, sadly, that the scene portrayed in the image above is as accurate in the so-called ‘alternative’ or ‘truth’ media as it is in the generally condescended rest of the population that relies on the more openly corporate sponsored media.

(There is no media outlet or content producer anywhere that is not enabled by corporate facilitation…and yes, let’s get real, their consent. The whole world, it is surely true, is captivated by an insidious and virulent dissociation,  Stockholm Syndrome, on acid.)…but back to the subject…

I’m not by inclination a joiner so I have as little to do with the world of men and its greasy machines of control and impositions as is possible for me. Like everyone else I took the King’s Shilling when I was young… but I never did pocket or spend it. I held it for a while but not so long that it claimed me…and dropped it like a hell-fire coal when I was awoken by the azure embrace and sweet tones of the Lady.

It is the enchantment of worldly glitters that has bred this infernally corrupt and bankrupt world infested with darkness and its beguiled adherents; the good things people do soaked with atrocities of every description every day, every minute, every second. It is as cruelly unbalanced mentally as it is environmentally and socially.

Because of what I do, and in my meanderings around the net and the conference scene I see stuff, and I am told and hear all manner of things. There are lots of things I will never repeat, confidences I’ve been trusted with; but on occasion I am made aware of disturbing characters and situations that are potentially harmful to good people and their projects. Like Steve I feel it is incumbent upon me to alert those who are vulnerable to these perpetual serial liars and crooks. Like Steve, as well, I never make accusations without evidence.

Yet despite this there are still some people who are so besotted (and/or tangled and dependent – sometimes bought) with these charlatans that they take no notice, pretend they haven’t heard. I can’t do any more than regrettably just wait for these con men and women to hit their mark…while meanwhile having my credibility attacked with lies, distortions, unfounded criticisms and other made up shit from carpetbagging stalkers who know I’ve rumbled them – of course, being cowardly and duplicitous, they always use aliases and other sneaky tactics.

Like I said though, I have as little to do with greasy machines, like the court system, as I am able; so I have never implied, and will never be seeking any satisfaction that way. I don’t feel the need to. – Ellis


lion1Dear Reader,

As I wrote yesterday: ‘And no more on this’ regarding the ‘Zen’ Gardner Revelations, there will be no more on this site regarding that matter, since I will not give it any more attention and it is not the purpose of my Dharma or this site. Don (Zen) is simply not that interesting to me.
He is but a flea barking in the presence of lions.

To me, there is a difference between fighting for what’s right and being a ‘right fighter’.
‘Zen’ Gardner & Concepts Of Spiritual Warfare


walking awayLong-time readers of this blog will know already how much I despise fake gurus, fake spiritual teachers and phoney spiritual “celebrities”.

Well, it would seem that a certain internet-based New Age guru has been exposed in the past few days. It happened on Philosopher Stone’s blog and it quickly escalated to other sites across the internet, particularly in the alternative research community.

Quick background: Zen Gardner ran his own website , and was quickly gaining recognition in the alt research community, exposing the New World Order, paedophile cults, Satanic cults, secret societies, etc.

Then Steve Seymour dropped a bomb on his Philosopher’s Stone’s blog the other day. It turns out Zen Gardner, aka Don Ferguson was a 27 year member and leader in the Children of God cult from the ages of 22 to 49 and left the cult in 1999.
Spiritual Con-Artistry and Chicanery (Note: HIGHLY disturbing content and NSFW links and information)


The first and only communication I had with Zen Gardner was after reading an article he’d written and posted, which I didn’t agree with. It was originally on my former website, posted on 30th January 2015. I’ve also commented on the current situation.

‘Tis a funny old world. I’ve written a lot over the years and constantly I read other writers with many, many, more readers, that say the same things that I have done, regularly, and years ago. On occasion I’ve changed my ideas through understanding them better. Every idea is inspiration originating from elsewhere to ourselves and it’s our job to interpret them and put them into action.
Never give up hope

Speak to me softly

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