Royal succession

We hear all the time people expressing shock and disbelief at the behaviour of members of the royal family and their relatives. The brain-washing is so powerful.

Here we have a family that has used its subjected people for every dark deed imaginable and is so wealthy that it could wipe out poverty and homelessness at a stroke but chooses not to. A family that is behind voracious uncaring mega corporations that are laying waste the planet’s and people’s lives, yet cognitive dissonance to these facts are dangerously rife amongst the flag-waving, “God bless her”, human meal tickets.


Let’s get real about the Royals:

Since their ancestors first slaughtered your ancestors and stole their home-lands they have bred amongst each other. The nastiest, most ruthless, married each other, betrayed each other, murdered each other, traumatised, raped and massacred more of your ancestors, enslaved and starved them, killed each other until a concentration of the darkest, most pitiless proclivities rustled or reigned in every off-spring of each infested blood-line. They kept on marrying each other…breeding…and the darkness within began to surface in their without physically, mentally…until it came to pass that those with the most intensified darkness in their blood could no longer procreate. They looked to their lackeys who had always been ready to serve the darkest and most dangerous, the surviving few families of vanquished tyrants that had ever since jostled shamelessly to open their legs to court favours. Within them were cousins with the malign code written…and waiting, ladies-in-waiting…disposable if troublesome, and with healthier genetics. The dark succession is maintained, human misery is assured, its future existence is not.

Royal wedding 29th April 2011

Royal wedding 29th April 2011


Inside Wind-saur Castle (during Victoria’s encumbrance):

windsor castleqvpaprostrate


5th August 2016


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