29th July 16 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Today we continue our journey into reality distancing ourselves further from the luring charismas of spun false prophets and their snake oils of dodgy provenance. Your sures are about to be shaken, your passions stirred.

Raise your psychic armour for this one.

Douglas,Dietrich,Illuminati, Super Soldiers, Sacrifice’s, Satanism, Ritual Abuse, Global Grid
In easily one of the most profound, insightful and revealing interviews you will ever come across Douglas Dietrich holds forth on a dazzling array of topics that are essential to human awareness and survival.

This is a shaman in full flow, shapeshifting, projecting, and knocking technology all over the place.

Douglas is a Whistleblower that use to work for the DoD. He uncovers the dark side within the clandestine control of the beast.


Another fascinating and brilliant offering from Mark Reeve (See The Sheffield Keys, as well, if you haven’t already). This time it’s a pdf for you to download and read at your leisure, or read it on screen.

This pilot issue of my cultural erection has been issued as a free PDF, to give readers some idea of what they’re in for. It mostly contains my already published (sometimes revised and expanded) material dating back to 2013, along with a guest article sourced from Mr Nightlight that I have compiled and edited, plus two choice found items on effective spellcasting, Reassurance Therapy and the placebo phenomenon, etc. All future issues will solely consist of my new, previously unpublished work and shall be in the hardcopy format, available in exchange for cash.
The general theme of Reevism is “normal anomaly”, i.e. my longtime ongoing obsession with, and first hand experiences of, the occult, conspiracy, alien/UFO plus relevant related fields. When researching these I tend to go in-depth and use psychic methods to obtain information, hence the writing can get a bit out-there. It is what it is, and I now merge back into the shadows, to let my creations take over.

Please click on the link (Updated edition 3rd February 2016):


…and now for something different…my old friend Danny and his tribute band to Slade. He was approached to replace Noddy Holder when Slade were re-forming. He’s an amazing talent, can sing anything brilliantly. Feel the noiz:


Well, that oughta keep you busy for quite some time.

Remember: Your journey is like no others, your story is unique.  You are a star. Shine brightly and true.

Lotsa Love,


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